In Britain declared flood warnings

Britain is preparing to moving from the Atlantic the September showers that can cause flooding dozens of moderate severity in the country. Over the next two days on the island, especially in the south-east and north of England, Scotland, will fall to 80 mm of rain, accompanied by winds of 96 km / h

Flood warning is sounded in several counties, some places are expected flooding. Population is recommended to observe the precaution to protect your property, to be ready for a cold snap and the weather changes from summer to autumn. Notably, nearly all of September in the

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Astronomical spring comes with good weather

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on 21 March, but night frosts are reminded of last winter.

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on March 21 at 1.21. As director of the observatory said BSU Algirdas Grasshopper sun moving along the ecliptic, will move from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. Earth will take a position in relation to it, that the rays will fall steeply to the equator. On the vernal equinox, the sun rises due east and sets exactly in the west. At this time in the southern hemisphere occurs astronomical autumn.

"On this

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Heat in Yakutia

May 27. In the east Yakutia and Magadan region the weather is influenced by the anticyclone. Previous cyclone brought warm air into the region, hot in Mongolia. And the current anticyclone and active spring sun do not give air to cool. As a result of this past day in the central districts of Yakutia thermometer rose 22 … 23 degrees. In the north-east of the country and continental regions Magadan air temperature reached 25 degrees, and occasionally higher. The maximum temperature recorded in the village Seimchan to $ 26. The new record temperature set on the Arctic coast of Yakutia

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The number of victims of frost in Poland reached 82 people

The number of victims of the unusually cold weather in Poland for the last day was five, and at the end of January, when the country established a hard frost, killing more than 80, reported Friday the Ministry of Interior.

Most often, the cold killed homeless. Authorities have asked citizens to immediately inform the people who are forced to wait out the cold in the unheated rooms. For homeless people across the country are open shelters, which serves hot meals.

The mercury in most parts of Poland since the end of January is around minus 15 degrees mark. At night,

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It works fine, even a little better than expected

Space Radio Telescope Interferometer "Spektr-R" ("Radioastron"), put into high-elliptical orbit on July 18, spent the first test observations of the space object. This object has become one of the most powerful sources of galactic radio — the remnants of supernova Cassiopeia A (Cas A). On board the observatory are four highly sensitive radiometer for astronomical observations in the radio waves from 92 cm to 1 cm

First space test of the four radiometers have confirmed their reliable operation in normal mode. Measured the total system noise temperature of the radio telescope, showing the proximity of the

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Kamchatka volcanoes are fighting global warming

Volcano Kizimen

In Kronotsky Reserve continues erupting volcano Kizimen. WWF and volcanologists tell, can it be a powerful and prolonged eruption "cool" atmosphere. In Kamchatka, about 30 active volcanoes, three of them — Shiveluch Karymsky and Kizimen — now under the special supervision of volcanologists. The Institute of Volcanology and Seismology previously noted increase in the overall activity of the Kamchatka volcanoes in the past five years, explaining the natural change of the periods of rest and activity. Confirmation of this was Kizimov eruption, which began in November last year. Volcano and today we get down on their

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World whirling in the vortex of weather anomalies




Some scholars argue that the time would have come and the ice age, others do not stop harping about global warming. Apparently, they both have a point — in the world in recent times coexist disparate weather anomalies. We can only wait resignedly, in what way did the same climatic pendulum will

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Poor environment would kill a million people each year

Economic losses due to climate change, will grow from $ 63 billion a year to $ 157 billion (in current dollars). The burden of the cost, not surprisingly, come from the developed countries (the U.S., Germany and Japan), and most of all have to suffer in the poorest countries of the world.

These figures were published in a joint report by the Spanish NGO Forum DARA and the countries most vulnerable to climate change (Climate Vulnerable Forum).

The study assessed the extent to which 184 countries will be over 20 years of ill health, natural disasters, loss of natural habitat

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Climate recognized the inevitable apocalypse

Most scientists attribute the increasing trend in recent years, natural disasters in the world with the effect of global warming. It is believed that a significant contribution to the increase in global temperature brings humanity. However, there are also scientists, ready to disprove the popular theory of the effects of human activities on the global climate. American researchers, representing the State Museum at the University of Nebraska, said that the Earth is currently experiencing the impact of a natural rhythm. Warming goes on, and the person next to nothing can oppose the reasons that the global temperature is increasing

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A selection of recent weather events and incidents

Do not hit the planet over-year natural disasters: Australia storm winds reversed Falls on France in July hit a snowstorm, and in Canada through the city scored geysers.

In France, in the Alps has been simmering day unexpected snowstorm in July. Because of the snow under the big question is the next stage of the Tour de France.

Meanwhile, neighboring Spain is suffering from the heat, hundreds of employees of emergency services fighting forest fires, broken rail, "Vesti".

In Poland — squally winds and storms that left thousands of Poles without electricity, writes Rosbalt. In neighboring Latvia

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