Muscovites waiting for warming up to plus 2 degrees at the weekend

Last weekend of 2010 will bring to Moscow completely non-winter weather — temperatures in the capital reached plus marks, according to "MK".

"Claus, which we predicted in the middle of the week, and did not come to Moscow to stay north of our area. During weather processes intervened inactive atmospheric front, which stood over a median strip of Russia and not let the temperature drop below minus 5-7 degrees," — told agentstva.Po companion to her, in the next day the Moscow region will remain under the influence of the front, but at night frosts will be able to press

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In the Kama came abnormally cold nights

PERM, August 3 — RIA Novosti.On Wednesday night in the Middle Urals in general and in the Perm region in particular was very cold because of the arctic air, the same weather forecast and on Thursday night, said on Wednesday the GIS center of Perm State University.

"The night of August 3, has stood out in the Middle Urals unusually cold in parts of the air temperature was only 0 … plus 3 degrees … In the Perm minimum temperature was 4.5 degrees plus. For the beginning of August is a very low value, close to the daily minimum

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Spring is in the Novosibirsk region warmer than usual

Spring of this year, in the Novosibirsk region as a whole will be slightly warmer than usual, told reporters Thursday the head of the West Siberian Hydrometeorological Lyudmila Voronina.

"It is expected that in March the average temperature will be one to two degrees above normal and was minus five to nine degrees in April, will continue a gradual increase in temperature with little fluctuation," — said Voronin.

In early April, as expected, the average temperature for seven to eight degrees Celsius, which is three to four degrees above normal. The norm is the average temperature of more than

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In the Himalayas, glaciers are melting

Abnormally high temperatures, in part associated with the general climate of the planet, are the cause of melting glaciers in the Chinese mountain ranges of Himalayas, carrying a threat to local residents, tourism and the economy — so says the report, published on 25 October. 77% of the 111 weather stations installed on the south-western China have recorded a significant increase in the average temperature over the last 50 years, the report, published in the British newspaper for Environmental Research — Environmental Research Letters.

At 14 monitoring stations, located at an altitude of 4 km, the growth temperature was 1.73

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Abnormally warm weather will come to southern Russia on Friday

Meteorologists warn of the coming of the unusually warm weather in the Southern Federal District.

"Starting from the eighth of February in the area will be abnormally high temperature. Specifically, in Krasnodar 9.7 of the maximum daily temperature can be from 16 to 19 degrees above zero", — said the head of the Situation Centre Roshydromet Yuri Varakin.

According to him, a strong positive anomaly in the region will continue until at least February 13.

In the Altai region is unprecedented for April heat

In the Altai region is unprecedented for a mid-April heat. "The air temperature above the average long-term values of 4 degrees, the temperature in some areas of the province today rose to plus 27", — has told Itar-Tass in the Altai weather center. According to the present summer weather prevails on the streets of Barnaul.

The region is completely melted snow, rivers were opened by ice. Back in early April in the Altai region in a severe snowfalls. According to forecasters, in some areas of the region in recent days fixed absolute temperature record. Thus, in the foothills near

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Over the weekend, again the heat

Society According to the forecasts of the National hydrometeorological, the day on August 14 is expected to air temperature of 33 degrees north-west, and 39 — on the south-east of the country. Mainly dry.

In Minsk on Saturday voblachnasts variable, no rain. Temperatures of 20-22 degrees at night, about thirty-fifth

In the following two days, August 15 and 16, in Belarus, the heat will continue. August 15 forecast a slight voblachnasts. In some areas of intermittent rain, thunderstorms. Wind east, southeast 4-9 m / s, with thunderstorms gusts up to 14 m / s. Temperatures of 18-25 degrees at

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Pollen can affect the climate

Substance on the surface of the pollen grains are washed with water and rise to the clouds, where the temperature is increased freezing. With increasing clouds of ice crystals is passed less sunlight — and thus on the ground and in the air under such a cloud gets colder.

weight is too heavy, so that any significant quantities climb so high and affect the chemistry of clouds. New data from researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (Austria), suggest plant pollen full climatic factor.

It is easy to imagine that the pollen, rising into the air, can serve as nucleation

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The weather in the last week of spring in central Russia will be unstable

Unstable weather with variations in temperature and precipitation are expected this week in the center of the European part of Russia, said the Russian meteorologist.

"The last days of May in the center of European Russia (CFD) will be characterized by unstable weather on the background of low atmospheric pressure — with rain and temperature fluctuations near normal. At the weekend the weather in most of the region is stabilized" — noted experts Ministry.

According to meteorologist, on Monday will rain in the center and north of the Central Federal District, in places are expected thunderstorm with strong winds, the

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A device for touching the weather

Its American adaptation Robb Godshou called "cryoscope." Unlike traditional weather Cryoscope allows literally touch tomorrow's temperature by hand.

Device is an aluminum cube. Its surface temperature ranges from -18 to +38 Celsius. Burn the hands of Cryoscope necessarily, because the indicator is the LED lights: blue — cold, red — hot.

Weather Forecast "cryoscope" takes the Internet and through the platform Arduino translates into "physical temperature" by using a Peltier cooler and fan.

"Touch — this is usually the best way to determine the temperature. Godshou device immediately makes clear idea about the weather for tomorrow in contrast to abstract

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