Earths climate: not bad, and very bad




The process of global warming are far more rapidly than scientists believed until recently. According to a report released by the International Council of the UN Climate Change (IPCC), by the end of this century, the average global temperature will rise by 5.8 degrees — nearly twice as much as anticipated even five

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The new temperature record. In Vasilevichy — 39.2

Society Heat waves this summer in Belarus has caused economic losses in a number of industries in the country. Experts now count the losses and plan to regulate labor in accordance with the climatic changes. Meanwhile, forecasters Belarusian hydrometeorological report that Belarus is approaching a new wave of heat from Russia.

Belarus has broken all-time record maximum temperature: in Vasilevichi Rechitskoye district recorded 39.2 degrees Celsius. Previous highest figure was recorded here in 1946 and was 38 degrees. Of thunderstorms and squally winds and hail that accompany heat, killed one person. Abnormal temperature this summer has damaged a number of

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Intense heat will subside next week

About the Company This was announced reporters, the chief of the National hydrometeorological forecasts Dmitry Ryabov.

Heat, by He said, will slowly fade from 18-19 August. Mr. Ryabov said that daytime temperatures decrease to 23-29 degrees, 10-17 degrees at night is expected.

In the third week of August the weather will be set for the autumn mood. Expected short rains. The maximum temperature will be 18-25 degrees during the day, but especially hot days of August it is possible its rise in some places up to 30 degrees.

Frog, which makes for itself the water

Korallovopalaya litoriya living in Australian savannas in the dry season drinking dew own making. Creeping out into the cold night air, and returning to a warm shelter, amphibian condenses the moisture on the skin surface, which absorbs and.

Frog korallovopalaya litoriya (Litoria caerulea) is living in a relatively arid Australian savannas, where, apparently, amphibians is not the place. The rainy season in these parts are replaced drought and frogs before there is a problem, as it did not really dry. Researchers from the University of Melbourne report that korallovopalaya litoriya found quite ingenious way out: she makes the water using

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130 years of temperature change on Earth


How did the temperature of the earth's surface? To answer this question, researchers gathered information about the temperature for 130 years from 1000 weather stations in different parts of the world and combined them with modern satellite data.

The result was an impressive video. In the mini-movie shows the temperature change on a global scale relative to the local average temperature of the mid-1900s. Red indicates warming, blue — cooling. According to the findings of scientists over the last 130 years the earth's temperature has risen nearly 1 degree Celsius. Many of the

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Gomel — the hottest city in Belarus

Society The highest temperature recorded this summer on August 8 in Gomel. The mercury rose to 38.9 degrees is heat. This information provides the Gomel Regional Center gidrametearalogii and radiation control. A similar anomalous temperature was observed in all the previous decades meteorologists summary observations.

Close to the current temperature — 38 degrees plus — recorded in the summer of 1946. Then in Vasilevichy temperature reached to 37.9 degrees Celsius.

8 August and it was hot in Zhlobin — plus 37.8. In this day, except Zhitkovichi and Vasilevich, the absolute temperature maxima recorded at all weather stations Gomel.

Abnormally high

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Intense heat will return to Belarus

Society Day on August 13 forecasters predicting 29 to 34 degrees above zero. In the east, Belarus expect plus 35-37 degrees, BelTA informs.

At the weekend daytime temperatures again reach a record high values — plus 30-36 degrees to the east — to plus 37-39 degrees.

According to experts, the first ten days of August was unusually hot: such a high temperature was not in Belarus in the history meteanazirannyav.

New models of thermostats Teplolux

GC "Special systems and technologies" is the new model for underfloor heating thermostats TR 510 and TR 520.

Model TR 510 is a highly reliable and easy to operate instrument. This thermostat is ideal for managing a warm floor in cases that do not require programming. The ergonomic body design and convenient temperature control dial to make the process function of switch controls the comfort of an easy and enjoyable.

Programmable digital thermostat TR 520 is equipped with a graphic display with built-in lighting. Contrasting and well-read numbers and icons are intuitive for

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In Kashmir intensified attacks colds

In the area of Kashmir under the control of India, greatly increased and strengthened the cold frost. Icy winds blowing from the north, led to a decrease in temperature to zero and below. Record night temperature in Srinagar was -4,9 ° C in Leh air cooled to -14,2 ° C, and in Kargil was colder still at 2.2 degrees. Weather will remain so dry and cold for about two days.

In the town of Drass, recognized as the second coldest populated place in the world, the temperature dropped to -27 ° C. All the rivers and lakes of the

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New temperature records in Bragin and Chechersk

Society August 4 Bragin observed temperature is the highest for the entire summer in the Gomel region — plus 37.9 degrees.

This figure is also the highest on record in the district center, which have been conducted since 1944. The previous temperature record was recorded in Bragin in 1946 — 36.8 degrees.

As BelaPAN learned Gomeloblgidromete, temperature record was broken yesterday and in Chechersk, where the mercury rose to 36.8 degrees. Thus was a broken record 2008 — 35.8 degrees.

The air temperature in Gomel on August 4 was 36.9 degrees, which was also a record for that

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