What unites the floods in Europe, the heat in the Murmansk and snow in Kemerovo?

June 3, 2013. Floods in Central Europe, threatening to become a flood of the century, unusual heat in the Murmansk region and in the north of Siberia, the rains in the south of the ETP, Belarus and Ukraine, the cold weather in the south of Siberia and even Snow in the Kemerovo region, high rain floods in the south of the Far East — the most notable weather events of the last days in the territory of Eurasia.

But so are the waves in the middle troposphere. West-east transport in the troposphere over the continent broken — it was

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In Kemerovo held June snowfall

June 2, 2013. Because of the cold wave in the summer of Kemerovo started with snowfall. Unaccustomed to June 2, precipitation walked a few minutes.

The beginning of summer in the Kemerovo region has stood quite unusual: in the region of snow fell, according to ITAR-TASS. Anomaly surprised kemerovchan, which are divided into social networks photos and videos with the June snow.

According to witnesses, the snow was literally a few minutes and quickly melted. "The trees are white, as in the winter, very cold. Interesting times have come with us, "- wrote one of the residents of

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Murmansk 24, Marseille — 17

May 29, 2013. Cold predlete in Europe has become a byword. The media are full of ironic messages on "autumn" rains in Provence and the "summer" snowfall in Bavaria. Plus 20 in Madrid, usually in mid-April, and then on the nose in June!

Cold mistral wind has once again postponed the beginning of the summer season on the Cote d'Azur in France. Because of them in sub-tropical Marseille temperature does not rise above 17 degrees.

But in the arctic Murmansk warm winds from southern latitudes and almost on the eve of the summer solstice set a temperature record (24.0). The

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Heat waves came to the southern part of the United States

June 12, 2013. A wave of hot air has covered the southern plains of the state, according to AccuWeather. Temperatures in the region rose again to 37.8 ° C (100 F), and in some places close to 43.3 ° C (110 F).

This year, for the first time covered the area of heat and now the temperature is almost 20 degrees above normal.

The main attack will cause the heat in Texas, Oklahoma and western Kansas, as well as in Eastern Colorado. However, the heat will move to the east and in and out of the Mississippi River. Denver

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It's hot in the south, it's hot in Yakutia …

June 16, 2013. The atmosphere of tropical origin, seized the southern European Russia, on Saturday helped to increase the heat to +33 … +38 ° and, as a consequence, the establishment in the region of a number of temperature records. Above all, the thermometer rose in Kalmykia (Yashkul +38,4 °, Justus +38,7 °), but that is where the heat of Records recorded and was not, in 2010, June 15, in the territory of the Republic of the steppe air temperature reached 40 ° C and above.

It should be noted that Yakutia slightly behind the Southern region. At the weather

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Glaciers in southwest China have a strong influence of climate change

Glaciers in southwest China have a strong influence of climate change weather and climate

Glaciers, as part of thousands of ecosystems, act out an important role in maintaining the population. Significant annual increase in temperature has a devastating impact on mountain glaciers in south-west China. The study, published October 25, 2011 in Environmental Research Letters, the temperature change of the data from 111 weather stations for the period 1961-2008. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found three characteristic phenomena caused by rising temperature: glacier retreat, reduced their weight, an increase of glacial lakes. To identify more precisely the relationship

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Heat decimated hundreds of people

July 18, 2013. This week in the UK and Northern Ireland established a record hot weather. In some places, the thermometer rose to the level of +30 ° C. Residents of Albion, who are accustomed to the cold and rainy summer season is very hard to bear the tropical heat. The victims of weather anomalies were several hundred people, according to BBC. "With the coming nine days ago in the tropical heat, only in England to seven people died," — said at the London School of Hygiene.

Anomalous temperature established and overseas. In New York and Washington red-hot air to

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Climate scientists argue about the tree rings

February 5, 2013. Climatic reconstructions based on tree rings, has been actively litigated. For example, in 1998, a climatologist Michael Mann had the misfortune publish graph of temperature changes in the Northern Hemisphere, known as the "hockey stick" because of the sudden warming in the XX century. Since then, the scientist became favorite target for critics of the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change.

The noise of the blogosphere is difficult to discern a genuine scientific debate on the subject, but it is, and our hero has recently joined her too.

Last year, Michael Mann, Jose Fuentes and Scott

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Heat in Las Vegas, USA

The maximum temperature, 29 June — 1 July 2013 © Gismeteo

July 2, 2013. The intense heat, which lasts for a few days remain until the middle of the week, warns the National Weather Service. Over the past days in many cities were updated daily temperature maxima.

At the airport in Las Vegas on Saturday passenger received a fatal heat stroke after the temperature exceeded +46,1 ° C. As noted by meteorologists, such a high temperature that day was observed for the first time since 1994.

The field of atmospheric pressure in the middle troposphere, July

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Every summer on the planet is getting hotter

September 16. New York. This summer, the temperature beat the record. People fled in a public pool and complained to each other that the heat is just unbearable.

However, climate researcher at Stanford University in California, said that every year the summer on the planet is getting hotter.

Today, climate models — a sophisticated computer programs that are based on historical data to predict the future. They show how much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will appear in the coming years and how it will affect the temperature.

Noah Diffenbaugh, climate researcher: "We found that in large parts

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