Sultry Bragin

Society In district of Gomel region Bragin 3 August registered a record temperature — 36.5 degrees plus. This is still the highest temperature this summer. Such information provides a regional center gidrametearalegii and radiation control.To still above the thermometer rises in Zhlobin — July 23 here shows a temperature of 36.2 degrees.

The hottest August in the Bragin region was observed in 1946. Then the mercury reached 36.8 degrees traits.

According to weather forecasters in the next two days, "Braginsky record" can be beaten. It is expected that on August 6 in the Gomel air temperature reaches 35-39 degrees Celsius.

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The core of the Earth affects the climate

Modern models of the climate, too simple, because it does not take into account a number of factors, which may include the costs and shift the Earth's axis after the earthquake. This goes to show a previously unknown relationship between the growth of average annual temperatures and the rotation of Earth's core, NASA scientists discovered and French meteorologists.

Critics of modern dynamic models, which are calculated on the basis of climate change back in time and forward, quite rightly criticized in the superficiality of their authors, moreover, in a literal sense. Even in the most complex scenarios of heat

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Earth begins to cool

Russian scientist claims that the Earth is not heated, but rather cools, after 7 years, the temperature reaches its minimum.

Global temperature reduction can begin on Earth after 7 years, said Head of the Laboratory for Space Research of the Main Astronomical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences Habibullo Abdusamatov, RIA "Novosti". Suspend deep cooling of thermal inertia of the oceans, so that the peak of global cooling scientists expect in the years 2055-2060.

"Based on in our laboratory studies, we have found that the temperature at the Earth from 2012-2015's slowly started to fall" — quoted Abdusamatova RIA

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New from the FTA: heater barrel BN-1000

The company "Special systems and technologies", Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical heating systems, starts selling a new product for industrial use — electric heater for drums BN-1000. Heater BN-1000 suitable for external heating of steel drums filled with a capacity of 200 to 230 liters for the purpose of heating, maintaining the temperature within the prescribed limits and to reduce the viscosity of the contents. The use of the BN-1000 allows you to solve an actual problem of the Russian climate — freezing the contents of metal drums. A typical example of BN-1000 in the industry —

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The child became ill, What you can not do

The child became ill. It is always stressful for parents. Moms tend to alleviate the suffering of the child in every way possible, aided by the universal availability of drugs. This often leads to disastrous consequences.


At high temperatures,:

Not worth wiping baby vinegar, alcohol or obkladyvat cold water bottles. Alcohol is very well absorbed through the skin and can cause poisoning the child's body. Do not let the temperature rise above 38°With a child with a history of febrile convulsions with severe birth trauma, epilepsy, increased intracranial pressure. Before the arrival of the doctor necessarily reduce the

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The baby had a cold: advice for parents

Baby cold? For it to be quickly recovered, you need to carefully carry out medical purposes, give his bitter medicine and perform many procedures, sometimes not very pleasant. Hopefully, these tips will fall by the way you, dear parents.

Measure the temperature of the

Children of all ages put armpit thermometer, so you can measure the temperature reliably and safely (for example, in the rectum temperature to 10C above, and it is likely to injure the lining of her). To a child it was nice to take a few seconds pogrom thermometer in your hand, wipe it off

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Meteorologists canceled after keeping 90 years record heat on Earth

Experts from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) officially recognized as invalid established 90 years ago in Libya's record of the highest temperatures in the world — 58 degrees Celsius, in the opinion of scientists, record temperature was measured with error.

"Now, the official status of the hottest places in the world belongs to the National Park" Death Valley "in California, U.S., which has the same importance to meteorologists, like Mount Everest for geographers," — said the WMO.

As previously thought, the historical maximum surface temperature was recorded exactly 90 years ago, September 13, 1922 in the Libyan town of Aziziyah,

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Climate change promotes the spread of infectious diseases

According to one study, global warming and other changes in the Earth's climate will significantly change the nature of human infections and the spread of diseases in animals. The change in temperature will greatly affect the biological response as a carrier, and themselves germs or viruses.

Scientists have managed to find an example of such changes. In Latin America, live frog species whose population began to decrease, as a species has become sensitive to the killing of frogs fungus. With climate change, immunity frogs stopped working in the usual way and missed the alien organism through their barriers. Algorithm

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Russian scientists have reported the end of global warming

Global warming ends: in the years to come decrease of temperature on a global scale, although its nature and will be sparing. This forecast was made, scientists from the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN).

Moreover, according to research conducted by the staff Dolgoprudny Research Station of the Institute, together with colleagues from the Central Aerological Observatory of Roshydromet and Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, the process of global cooling has already begun, ITAR-TASS reported.

After the peak in 2005, the year is the average temperature on Earth has decreased by 0.3 degrees, and returned

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Scientists: Wind farms have caused warming by 0.72 degrees in the U.S.

U.S. climate scientists have traced the changing climate in the vicinity of large "farms" of wind power plants in Texas and found that the appearance of such power has led to an increase in average temperatures, especially at night, by 0.72 degrees, ten years after their construction, according to the article published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Wind farms as a source of electric power generation is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and other industrialized countries. Windmills are cheap to produce and do not require special care, but they often interfere with their noise residents of nearby

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