Global warming: melting not only ice, but animals

Global warming, as it turns out, affects not only the size of the ice cover in the Arctic, but animals with plants. According to a recent study, the gradual increase in the Earth's temperature will lead to the fact that even large predators over time much ground. But this is not the worst.

According to the Singapore scientists, many animals and plants are gradually reduced in size by global warming, according to Sky News. This is due to the fact that by increasing the temperature of the planet, the animals will have to spend more energy and this decrease,

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In Antarctica was colder — say U.S. scientists

In Antarctica, the last 35 years it has become much colder, and the temperature continues to fall, despite the global warming observed in the world, the conclusion made by U.S. researchers.

While the temperature of the rest of the continents increased over the last century, Antarctica is resisting the trend, although the reasons for this remain a mystery.

Over the last century the average temperature of the world's growing every ten years by 0.06 degrees Celsius. The exception was the period between 1979-1998 years, when the warming trend was more pronounced — 0.19 degrees Celsius.

Data from the meteorological

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Monthly heat records have increased fivefold

According to a study conducted by researchers from Spain and Germany, due to the global warming of the planet every month there are more and more new temperature records, and the frequency of their occurrence has increased five-fold. In many parts of Europe, Africa and South Asia, the incidence of temperature records has increased by 10 times.

That is the conclusion of scientists pushed data over the last 130 or so years of observation and analysis of monthly temperature on the planet. In this case, the control data were taken at 12 thousand points over the earth, which are

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Belarus has seen the most global warming in the Northern Hemisphere

Chief of the hydro-meteorological monitoring and fund data Republican Hydrometeorological Center Victor Miller said that the warming in Belarus has led to a shift in the agro-climatic regions of 80-120 km from south to north, reports ALE.BY.

The average annual temperature in the country has increased over the last 20 years by 1.1 degrees. In the northern hemisphere during the same period, the average temperature has increased by an average of 0.8 degrees, BelTA informs.

In general, steady warming observed in the republic since 1989. Among other features of climate change in Belarus representative Hydrometeocentre called the greatest temperature

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Climate change is a 5-fold increase in the number of record warm months

Global climate change is a five-fold increase in the number of record warm months — 80% of monthly temperature records would not have happened without human influence on climate, say the authors of an article published in the journal Climatic Change.

According to scientists the Potsdam Institute for Research on the effects of climate change (PIK) and the Complutense University of Madrid, the natural variability of the climate system can not fully explain the observed in the last 130 years, the growth of abnormally warm months in all regions of the world.

NASA scientists used data on monthly temperature of

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Symptoms of angina

Onset of the disease

The disease begins acutely, often with the rise of temperature and malaise, usually after hypothermia or contact with a carrier of infection, which is transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and through everyday objects — cups, spoons, toys.

In children streptococcal angina may start with a sharp rise in temperature without any pain in the throat and redness of the tonsils, which appear on the following day. Supercooling there may be absent.

The main symptoms

The main symptom of tonsillitis is any pain in the throat, worse when swallowing. Other symptoms depend largely on

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Suffer from the heat, and the people and the economy

Society Hot weather in Belarus does not retreat. According to forecasters, the air temperature in the near future will reach 34-37 degrees Celsius.

The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services recommends that organizations change the schedule of construction and repair work due to the hot weather. The roads are limited to heavy truck traffic.

For housing and communal services of summer — hot time in the broadest sense. It was in the summer runs the vast majority of construction and repair work. And they do not stop in the heat, says Deputy Minister Nicholas Lipen:

before starting, or work

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Sea off Antarctica warmed up to the bottom

During the expedition for seven months, scientists have studied the changes in the Southern Ocean. The main conclusion drawn by the oceanographers — poslenie for 26 years in the Weddell Sea deep water warmed even, not just superficial.

May 20 scientific research vessel "Polarstern" Institute for Polar Marine Research Alfred Wegener returned to the port of Bremerhaven (Germany) from an expedition to the Weddell Sea (it is in the Southern Ocean off the coast of West Antarctica). The expedition lasted for seven months, and in the studies involved 200 scientists from 15 countries. Members of the

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Unprecedented heat in England

The scorching sun in most areas of the UK in the last few days has forced health officials to warn of extreme heat and remind safety rules that must be followed in this weather. The country seems to come abrupt climate change, the day the temperature rises to 33 ° C, it is even higher than in Miami and Barbados, and experts believe that the hot summer weather may persist for at least another five years.

Meanwhile, thermometers such hotspots Caribbean such as Miami and Florida, show only 29 ° C. But meteorologists also predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms in

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The temperature in Belarus will be 6-14 degrees below normal

Over the weekend weatherman predicts that the cold weather, the average per night temperature will be 6-14 degrees below normal. Such low temperatures in Belarus was not since the beginning of winter. Over the next three days the weather will not change significantly in most of the country will act Scandinavian anticyclone.

That is the reason for this cyclone of cold Arctic air and only on February 18 in the south-western regions of Belarus atmospheric fronts come from the Western Ukraine, reports Belgidromettsentr.

It is expected that on Wednesday, February 16, there will be rain, sometimes there will be a

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