Central Russia is coming to a thirty-heat

In the central regions of Russia by the end of the week established summer weather — in some parts of the thermometer rise to plus 30 degrees. Monday night because of the cold atmospheric front temperature will be 2-4 degrees below normal in the northern regions and 1-2 degrees — in the central. Noticeably warmer in the center of the country will start from Tuesday. Meteorologists say here that these parameters are well within the limits of variability characteristic of May.

In Tuesday night in the north of the district seats will still be possible on the basis of weak

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Ural is heated

With slow drift hot anticyclone east ETP to the Urals, the temperature on both sides of the Ural mountain range will rise significantly, on Thursday has to +30 degrees in some places and more. In this case, the wind west and north-west compass points will go to the southern and south-westerly direction, and generally subside by Thursday, which is also on hand heat.

Only yesterday afternoon at the Middle and South Urals temperature did not rise above 20 .. 21 degrees.

Anticyclone over the Urals to the end of the work week will increase and will be traced to

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Russia has hit the 60-degree frosts

In the coming days in Yakutia could get even colder, wrote, "Today." Forecasters recorded the 60-degree frosts in the north and east of Yakutia in the Far East of Russia.

On the "cold pole" — Oymyakon — the air temperature on Friday reached the mark of 58.6 degrees Celsius. Approximately the same temperature was recorded in the east of the country. Such temperatures below normal 10-12 degrees.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the coming days in Yakutia could get even colder.

Meanwhile, in the European part of Russia are expected snowfall, but the temperature is only 9.4 degrees.

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Weather in Moscow will be variable

The next week the weather will be changeable: and the atmosphere will take turns to do that portion of the cold, then warm air. The difference between night and day temperatures increase. So, on Monday night in colder to -3 … -8 ° C, and in the afternoon on Monday, the temperature rises to +2 … +7 ° C.

Tuesday to the capital will be a new cyclone, the sky clouded over, will sleet and snow and rain, and the wind shifted to the south-west to north-west. Warmer at night to -2 … +3 ° C during the day will

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Heat in Germany almost broke the record in 2003

Last Sunday was the hottest day in Germany, the temperature fell short of one degree to a record in August 2003, said on Monday edition Suedwest Presse.

Near the town of Gelhaym the south-west of the country the temperature climbed to 39.2 degrees. According to the weather service Meteomedia, August 19 in Germany was the hottest day of the year. However, the temperature record heat in Germany this year has not yet beaten. The hottest day in the history of this country was recorded in August 2003, when the city of Freiburg in the air temperature was 40.2 degrees.

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Baghdad were heated to 51

The air temperature in Baghdad reached 51 degrees Celsius. Iraqis fleeing from the heat as it may … who

According to news channel 24, part of the inhabitants of Baghdad sit in the shade and pour cold water, others are selected to the local river Tigris.

The Ministry of Health warns people about the dangers of such a high temperature, and urges not to be long in the sun.

'' We spend a lot of time swimming in the river. As you know, today the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and we are here

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By the New Year in the North Caucasus flowered roses

Abnormally warm weather in the south of Russia upset maps nature. New Year's Eve in the North Caucasus bloomed dandelions, violets, calendula and rose. The average temperature in December in the region of 6-7 degrees above normal. Were several daily record heat. Vladikavkaz on December 26 the temperature rose to 21 °, and on December 5 set a new absolute maximum months (27,1 °). Snow cover is not even in the mountains!

Severe frosts are the Urals and Siberia

Siberia next week will be under the influence of the Arctic anticyclone. Pressing hard frost is expected. With calm weather and cloudless night air will vyholazhivatsya to -40 … -45 °, and the daily temperature exceeds -30 … -35 °. Sometimes possible freezing fog. At the culmination of the cold weather, which will be in the middle of the week, the average temperature will be at 13-18 ° below normal. Over the weekend, the Arctic anticyclone begins to move from the Kara Sea to the south-east. His first meet of the Urals region. In the northern districts, he "razomnetsya" 40-degree

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Russia is cracking from temperature contrasts

The intense heat wave with the July-September temperature continues to pace the ETP. With 12 hours in Krasnodar recorded 25.0 and thus blocked another temperature record, which previously stood at 20.0 and has held since 1952. In Voronezh, this midday temperature reached 15.4, which is only one-tenth less than the previous extremum of the day, set in 1927. Meanwhile, Archangel, barely climbed out of ice, lost in advection fog. Temperature increased to 2.0, and the visibility dropped to 500 meters. Naryan-Mar sculpts snow, and the case goes to a snowstorm. Zone of dense fog left Samara, but it came to

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Scientists have figured out why the north pole of the Earths frozen




Anthony Roselle (Antoni Rosell) of the Catalan Research Institute (Institucio Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avancats) and Gerald Haug (Gerald Haug) of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Potsdam Institut fur Klimafolgenforschung) have solved the riddle, the answer to that is not so obvious, as it

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