The ensuing week in central Russia will be cold

Hold out the cold in the central regions of European Russia, at least until the weekend, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, the day before in the CFA was snow. In particular, in the Tver region fell to 14 millimeters of rain in Smolensk — up to 11 mm, in the Moscow region — up to 9 millimeters. In Moscow — 7-8 millimeters. "Supercooled and freezing precipitation, ice form, were observed in the south of the district — in Bryansk, Kursk, Orel, Lipetsk and Tambov regions", — the report says.

In Tuesday night the temperature drops to

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Analysis of the climate of the Northern Hemisphere in 2004




The average annual temperature of the northern hemisphere was 16.6 °, and up to 0.1 ° it is the same as in 1998, 2002 and 2003., Which is considered to be the warmest. The average annual air temperature of the Northern Hemisphere, reaching the absolute maximum in

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Rio dried away from heat

This hot weather South American city of Rio de Janeiro has seen for a long time. According to official data, the temperature warmed up to +43,2 ° C, at some points the thermometer showed up to +47 ° C. Some witnesses say that home thermometers near the stadium "Maracana" shows all +49 ° C.

In this heat would not work air conditioning, people can find salvation only on the beach near the water. The cooling system at the airport Santos Dumont worked intermittently, and had to resort to the help of professionals to the airport to continue working

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Heat wave coming back from Africa to southern Europe

Came from Africa wave of hot air last week to raise the temperature in southern Europe to nearly 40-degree mark, this week's African air will continue to "warm up" Europe soobschaetGidromettsentr Russia.

"A huge wave of hot African air grew up to great heights, and rose to the north and north-east, covering a southern European country and ensuring there is more hot weather than normal. Salvation could be found on the sea coasts, where the temperature background, thanks to the proximity water was still more gentle, "- said the weather service.

In the south of France the temperature rose to

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Weather forecasts come to an end!

The system has become unbalanced and unpredictable. Christina Rudnickaya, George Veremiychik of reversible and irreversible climate

According to scientists, global warming — an inevitable process. But in the last 20 years, it has accelerated — largely due to too vigorous activity Homo Sapiens, inhabiting the planet. The effect of human and other factors on the Earth's climate, and the fact that he expects the planet and, in particular, in the case of the Ukraine unwanted scenarios, the press center of "Observer" explained: Deputy Director of the Environmental Department of the Institute of Ecology and Energy Conservation George Veremiychik and Coordinator

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Poplar fluff. Heat. November!

November 11, Gurzuf, beaches many who want to swim in 16-degree sea waters.

In the late fall — to plus 29! Such in Ukraine was not more than 80 years. For a week all over the country kept warm. People got light jackets and shoes and enjoy the sun. And here at home people tend to visit less often — because of the heat to be there, to say the least, uncomfortable. But most of all the spring mood on the eve of winter imbued insects, animals and plants …

Crimea: the bathing season opened


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Kamyshlovsky Electrical Plant (Sverdlovsk region). Began development of new production

Kamyshlovsky electrical plant (branch of "United Electrical Works" (JSC "ELTEZA") launched a mass production line of LED lamps "Radeus." As they say in the materials KETZ, a patented new fixtures using the original method of heat used in space technology reducing the number of LEDs and metal products. 

Characteristics of lamps "Radeus":

Supply Voltage — 160-254 V; PF — close to 1; Lamp protection from the environment — IP 66; Operating Temperature — 40 ° C — +50 єS; life — 10 years and over (50 000 hrs.) Color Temperature — 5,000 K; CRI —

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Moscow held down the snow and sleet

Muscovites who hurry on the last working day in a hurry to leave the office, risk permanently stand in traffic jams as snow again covered himself capital, already paralyzed traffic on many thoroughfares of the city.

Road conditions seriously deteriorated earlier in the day after the puddles formed after yesterday evening downpour began to freeze. Afternoon temperature falls below zero, it began to snow again, and there was ice on the roads.

Serious congestion observed at many sites Ring, Third Ring Road. Worth the Garden Ring, Kutuzovsky Entuziastov, Ryazan prospectus. Average speed of not more than 30-40 km / h.

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Global warming can not be stopped




Predictions of climate change on the Earth due to industrial activities have become gloomier — according to the latest data, the process of heating the atmosphere can not be stopped, even if all of a sudden stop industrial emissions at all.


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Primary school pupils in Kyzyl not go to school because of the cold

Primary school pupils of all schools in Kyzyl again miss classes because of the cold — the temperature in the capital of Tuva in the morning fell to 40 degrees below zero, according to the city administration.

Severe frosts came after a two week break to the country on Tuesday. The temperature in the morning in Kyzyl was 40 degrees below zero.

"Today at 6:00 am in Kyzyl, according to the National Center Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, there have been 40 degrees below zero. According to the decision of the City Hall, in this temperature range the students do not

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