Hot weather on distant planets


With the power of the Space Telescope "Spitzer" scientists were able to determine the weather conditions on a distant extrasolar planet. HD 189733b belongs to a class of gas giants, but differs, for example, Jupiter in that the temperature on this planet reaches 926 degrees C! How did astronomers were able to determine the temperature with an accuracy? Within 33 hours of observation, they have received more than 250,000 measurements of the brightness of the planet. Then, these data have been processed, and received the overall temperature from which to accurately calculate the

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The temperature at the Fukushima reactors stabilized

TOKYO, Aug. 5 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka.For the first time after the March accident temperature in the third reactor nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" has dropped below 100 degrees Celsius, the company said the operator station Thurso.

On September 1, Petersen applied for reactor cooling system further spraying water on the principle of the soul and believes that it was the most effective.

In the first reactor was possible to reduce the temperature to 90 degrees. However, for the full stop of the reactor need for analysis and calculation of possible radiation leaks, so Petersen said the decision premature.


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The first days of July, in the heart of Russia will be rainy — Weather Center

Showers and thunderstorms are expected in the center of the European part of Russia in the first half of the week, the weekend weather is stable, but there may be intermittent rain, said the meteorologist Russia.

According to forecasters, Atlantic cyclone involves in the north-western half of the center of European Russia humid subtropical air, rain is expected with thunderstorms and gusty winds. The maximum day temperature in the area early in the week will be 22-28 degrees Celsius on Wednesday in most parts of the CFD is expected plus 23-29 degrees, in the Tver region — not higher than

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Night frosts return to Belarus


In Belarus the following week at night frost is expected to minus 10 degrees, BelTA learned from the National Weather Service senior forecaster Olga Fedotova. Happy March sun will continue to indulge the spring warmth. Contrasting alternation of night and day temperatures are characteristic of the first month of spring, explained the expert.

Under the influence of an anticyclone weather patterns March 18 did not significantly change. In most of the country is expected to weather without precipitation. Only here in the Brest and Grodno regions, where most full impact effects of atmospheric fronts, shifts from

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In Yakutia came 50-degree frosts

Yakutsk, Dec. 1 — RIA Novosti. The air temperature in the north-eastern Yakutia on Wednesday night dropped to pyatidesyatigradusnoy mark, told RIA Novosti the national Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

According to the source, in the north-east of the country — in cities Oymyakon, which is considered one of the two poles of cold countries, as well as in towns and Yurts Seguin-Kyuel air temperature dropped to 50.2 degrees Celsius.

Although cold spells are common to several areas of Yakutia in late November and early December, but still a low thermal background, set in the present period, below the

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Temperature records hold positions

In early summer, forecasters urged Russians is that last year's nightmare does not happen again, but their predictions, unfortunately, not true. For the fifth day of the climate norm in the capital of more than 7 degrees. As a result, Moscow zadyhaetsya smog. It is even more intolerable in the subway, where the air temperature warmed to 30 degrees, which is also bad ventiliruyutsya.

According Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow region, the intense heat will continue for at least a few days. Meanwhile, the temperature of the water in the lakes of the capital of the region came to the

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Spring weather in Warsaw

In Warsaw in mid-January came the sudden warming. Dropped out before the snow has melted, and the air is warmed so that the urban lawns blooming daisies.

Anticyclone brought warm weather arrived in the Polish capital from Romania. But forecasters warn hurry rejoiced early spring citizens that the winter will be back: the heat will last only a day, and on Wednesday at 3 colder? C and rains begin. On Thursday, the snow is expected, but below zero the thermometer falls on a Friday.

Until the end of the month the temperature will continue to fall. Forecasters predict a

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Warm ocean free from carbon dioxide faster than previously thought

Warming oceans could lead to a rapid release of dissolved therein carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect.

The oceans absorb about 30% of anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, slowing global warming. Climate data from the end of the last ice age show that the growth temperature change trend reversal. Previous studies have shown that it takes between 400 and 1300 years. New analysis gave a very different time.

"We believe that the delay is not more than two hundred years — maybe even less," — said Tes van Ommen from the Australian Antarctic Division. The

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Russian military base in Tajikistan is preparing for severe winter

Projected Meteocentrum Tajikistan, the country this winter expect severe cold. This IA REGNUMNovember 18 informed the head Meteocentrum Jamila Baydulloeva.

She reported that, together with the Russian experts were predicted for the coming winter months. "It is expected that the temperature background in November and December will be lower than previous years. For example, if in previous years in January the average temperature ranged from 0 to 2, then in the coming January, the average temperature is between 0 and -3.5. Also We expect that the level of rain and snow will considerably exceed the long-term rates, "- said Baydulloeva.

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Rostov airport operates on the actual weather conditions due to fog

Airport in Rostov-on-Don translated into operation on the actual weather conditions due to fog, told RIA Novosti the airport.

"Visibility on the runway is 150 meters (350 feet required), so work on the actual weather," — said the source. He added that while there is no delay the flight.

Fog can form when temperature drops. Yesterday in Rostov air temperature was below zero, now — plus 4 degrees.

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