On the sun began Heavy Duty Activity


As the spaceweather.com, sun spots on the eastern limb of the Sun explode powerful X-class solar flares.

Spot at number AR1748 announced itself in the early hours of 13th May X1.7-class eruption, and then quickly followed by an outbreak level X2.8 year and even more — X3.2, but on May 14. This is the most severe outbreaks this year, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity. NOAA forecasters estimate the probability of new X-flares during the next 24 hours in 40%.

All these outbreaks produced strong emission of extreme ultraviolet

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The new maximum temperature for Sept. 12 is set in St. Petersburg

Temperature for up to 12 September, which was held in 1972, shut down in Petersburg, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, chief forecaster of meteorologist Alexander Kolesov.

"Yesterday in St. Petersburg, was blocked by 0.1 degrees absolute maximum temperature for September 12," — said Kolesov.

According to him, the maximum temperature reached 25.5 degrees plus. The previous maximum was 25.4 degrees.

UAE tolerate the invasion of bed bugs

UAE undergo the "invasion" of bed bugs.

According to the pest companies, these insects are becoming more insensitive to the chemicals used to kill them.

"Bed bugs have settled almost anywhere," — says R. Dinesh, CTO Pestkontrol. — "They are in public transportation, in buses, in camps for workers, community housing, luxury limousines, villas. Today, they settled wherever possible. "

Dinesh believes that a limited selection of chemicals for companies means that bed bugs become more insensitive to disinfection. "We are changing the chemicals every three months to get the bugs can not develop resistance to them," — said Dinesh.

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El Niño slows the rotation of the Earth

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Britain this winter predicts death from cold to 35,000 of its citizens

Experts predict a dramatic increase in deaths related to cold, because one of the coldest winters of the century, when Britain dies every hour 12 people.

Britons face higher payment for energy, and this winter the number of deaths related to cold can grow up to 35 thousand people.

There are also fears that, because of frost-mail may not reach in time their target.

Forecasters say that on Christmas Day the temperature could drop to record levels, it would be risky for vulnerable people.

Charities warn that pensioners are suffering in "Dickensian" conditions, and are forced to travel on

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Clash of the planets has created a strange world

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Mexico recorded critical cold

In northern Mexico registered unusually cold weather.

Frisky temperature decrease was due to the arctic front, according to the National Weather Service. The city Siyudad Juarez today, February 3, the temperature dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius, according to BBC News.

A few days earlier the same cyclone hit the United States. In America have been canceled 6000 flights, many homes in Texas and Ohio were without electricity.

Note that because of snowfalls over an hour in traffic stood President Barack Obama.

Washington holds 40-degree heat


The United States continues to suffer from the unbearable heat, cover a large territory.

The heat does not abate. On Saturday in Washington was the highest recorded in the last '31 temperature. Thermometer for several weeks in a row holding above 40 degrees Celsius, or even coming to 50. Many people do not go out of their homes unnecessarily. He saved others as they can.

According to weather forecast, the hottest air waves soon gone, and the temperature returns to the familiar to the eastern regions of 30-35 degrees. But for how

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Unusual winter in Kharkov

In Kharkov, zero temperature and the rain was the Old New Year will replace snow and cold snap. Forecasters predict it. Meanwhile, the city began to swell buds on the lilac and apple trees

Primrose in the Crimea, swollen buds and rain almost all regions — such outstanding January this year in Ukraine. Internet users do not get tired display pictures of flowers that blossomed during the winter. Here are the photos that made the resident of Sebastopol on the streets, and put on LiveJournal. Geranium, marigold, roses and other plants are mixed seasons. After all there

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The world does not succeed in stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions by 2015

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