Noreaster — unrelenting snow storm

Residents of the northeastern United States is still reeling from the blow, "Sandy" as on Wednesday received a new knock-out. Blasting mix of wet snow, high winds and sub-zero temperatures brought to the altar of the new elements of the American blekaut and transport paralysis.

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By 10 pm ET, about 10 mm of wet snow fell on the streets of New York, suffered greatly from the "Sandy" less than a week ago.

Soon after, Elizabeth Flagler, a spokeswoman

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Cold wave covered the countries of south-eastern Europe

In the south-east Europe in the rear of the cyclone went cold air. Last night in Romania, the air temperature drops at stations Grivita to? 16.2, Predeal (Southern Carpathians) — to £ 17, Buzau (Eastern Carpathians) — to £ 18.2 degrees.

Cold wave reaching as much as to Cyprus. In Nicosia, the temperature dropped to a small but negative. Unusually for such a phenomenon in the night from Friday to Saturday was the snow and rain. In the Troodos mountain range was even colder (to £ 6 degrees), and the height of the snow cover on the peak of

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Newspaper Storage Building — the last refuge for prints

It seems that the world began to remember that electronic media will soon supplant the paper completely, and that such a "gimmick" as a newspaper or magazine you only see in the photo, and then e. So meet: High-tech facility Newspaper Storage Building, that will contain about 750 million pages created over the past 300 years!

This is a collection of local, regional and national newspapers, including «The Press» and predecessor «The Yorkshire Evening Press»

Building height — 24 meters. These parameters were chosen to ensure good storage

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National Geographic. Bitter cold. Online

Earth. A warm and inviting for the past 11,000 years, but how long will it remain so? In the not to distant future temperatures can plummet. Ice floes on the River Thames in London, transport fails at -25. When falls 3 meters of snow, the roads become impassable to all but snowmobiles. Remaining in the street frozen death …

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NASA caught in a lie

NASA — The main U.S. space agency were caught in the rigging of meteorological data. How long does it — is not yet known, but they were doing everything to information about global warming to make more awesome …

The scandal called falsification of data on temperatures of the past. The space agency, which has an extensive archive of observations of temperature, time and again to provide their information to scientific organizations that have used data from studies in the field of climate change. How pishet meteovesti, «as a result

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By the end of the week the temperature in Moscow falls below normal

As reported, summer just started, but forecasters are already afraid frosts. Is it true that in the central part of Russia became much colder? This leading "Morning of Russia" asked a leading specialist of the Center Weather PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkova.

Freezing the central regions of the country will not get any assured forecaster. They occur in the north of European Russia, in the north of the Urals and Siberia. It is not an uncommon phenomenon, noted Zavodchenkov. Muscovites waiting for cooling without frost.

In the center of European Russia chill comes in the week. It is

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In Latvia, hotter than Africa

In recent days in Latvia reigns unusual for the month of heat. Tuesday, June 7, in Ventspils air warmed to 32 degrees, and the average daily temperature in Latvia was 10 degrees above normal. Meanwhile, across Europe very cool, writes

On Tuesday in Latvia have exceeded the maximum temperature records. The highest temperature was recorded in Ventspils, where the air is warmed up to 32 degrees in Pavilosta maximum temperature was 30.9 degrees, and the air is heated up in Liepaja 30.1 degrees. In addition, the impact will be even hotter — the air can warm up to 33

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February hit the mark!

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Last year was one of the warmest in the northern hemisphere

Last won in 2012, according to preliminary data, the sixth warmest year in the Northern Hemisphere on record, told RIA Novosti the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

"These data will be more refined, but at the moment we can say that 2012 was between 1998 and 2003, that is in sixth place among the warmest years in the Northern Hemisphere on record — in 1891," — said the interlocutor agency.

The warmest in this rating is 2010, followed by 2005, 2007, 2006, 1998. 2011 in this list is the tenth, but now he was on the 11th.

According to meteorologists, the

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In Yakutsk warmer than in Moscow, and a lot!

Yesterday in Yakutsk set a new record temperature — just 8,0 °. Immediately to 2,8 ° overlapped past achievements (5,2 °), belonging to 1975. In Moscow alone just once this spring, on March 14, the temperature rose to 7,7 °, and yesterday and did was -0,4 °. Polar vortex, the center of which moved in recent days to Taimyr, managed to shake the planetary waves and contributed to the emergence of major anomalies. One manifestation of this was the contrast and daytime temperatures in the two cities of Yakutsk hit the crest of the wave, and Moscow

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