Scientists got a temperature below absolute zero


Scientists were able to accomplish something incredible: they were able to cool below the temperature of the substance, which is still considered the absolute minimum. In most modern textbooks on physics absolute zero on the Kelvin scale, or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius is considered the lowest possible temperature, since it even the lightest element — hydrogen — completely loses its mobility, that is, figuratively speaking, is frozen. Oddly enough, but one of the ways to study the negative temperature is infinitely strong heating of the substance. This unusual, bordering on fantasy, the approach

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Thermal explosion in the U.S.

The unusually warm weather was recorded in almost all U.S. states. Even in the North America, where the people were in doubt, replace snow shovel at a golf club.

Yesterday's icebreaking trawl Kennebec River in Maine, was the shortest in recent times, as the Coast Guard surprised not found on the river ice.

"It's like the fact that we missed the winter, and now with the increase in temperature can skip and spring, too," said Gino Izzi, a senior meteorologist National Weather Service office in Chicago. Weather forecasters predict that temperatures will remain at an extremely high level until

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