This beautifully designed cabana is the perfect place to relax after a game of tennis or a swim.

A Total Concept Landscape Architects was commissioned to design the extensive external entertaining areas of this Brisbane acreage property integrating a cabana, swimming pool and tennis court for relaxing and socialising. The location of the tennis court was set on level areas of the property running east-west, which suggested the location of the cabana and swimming pool. Positioning the pool to take advantage of level changes from the court to the home enabled A Total Concept Landscape Architects to utilise the outside

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None of the athletes does not rule in his sport so completely as Serena Williams in women’s tennis. She does not stop even a split personality, with only afford a couple of cinnamon rolls

Who in today’s sports chief? Lebron James? Michael Phelps? I beg you. Forget about this weakling. Serena Williams. That it runs in women’s tennis, Kim Jong-un North Korea: ruthlessly, sometimes comical, a little lazy and occasionally suffering from a split personality.

Some facts. Serena — the number one tennis player in the world. Maria Sharapova — tennis number two. Sharapova — high white blonde, so

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Specialists — Belarusians about the chances at the Olympics

V.Barabanshchykava "Chinese as programmed bots"In 2000 in Sydney Olga Barabanschikova paired with Natalia Zveravay made their way to the semifinals of tennis tournaments and finished 4-bubbled. This year, says Olga Barabanschikova, medalevyya Belarusian tennis odds are very high. Unlike guys:"We must hope for the best. Pity that we have not developed a pair of Peace — top. I think the couple would be more likely. Well, in the midst of the ladies are very good performance of our two couples as" loner "- Azarenka. I know that Govortsova vs. Williams plays first wheel, so that’s not the best toss. tennis

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Sharapova won the French Open Tennis

Maria Sharapova for the first time in the history of Russian tennis career she won the "Grand Slam" by winning today at the French Open.

PARIS, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova for the first time in his career was the winner of the French Open, beaten in the final of an Italian Sara Errani.

Saturday's game ended with the score 6:3, 6:2 in favor of the Russians, who next week will once again be a top tennis player.

Up to this point, Sharapova celebrated success at Wimbledon (2004), U.S. Open Championship (2006) and

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Tennis courts in the Botanical Garden: keeping pace with the ideology

In the Botanical Garden of the applicable information on the construction of tennis courts categorically znyapravdili:"There is still nothing. Neither the plans are not approved, no means no. Nothing nobody builds."Karespadentka: "So, everything that is written on the web about the tennis courts in the garden, right?""I think it’s one of ours wrote …"Tennis will do — it becomes easier "to be called people"But specifically about "our" Tipo fussing management of the Botanical Garden, says Deputy Director for Science and Vladimir Ageets innovatorskoy work. Tennis courts are built for the employees of the garden, he says:"Of course, only for their

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Hail the size of a tennis ball injured residents in Serbia

June 23, 2013. On the Serbian town of Indjija for ten minutes twice dropped hail the size of a tennis ball, from which 30 people were injured, reports "Today."

Many people who were at the time of the element on the street, were injured. According to doctors, the majority of recorded minor head injuries and limb — bruises, lacerations, abrasions, but three patients suspected fractures.

Extreme weather conditions have also brought the city in property damage. So, after a hail damaged numerous cars and roofs of buildings, shattered windows, damaged crops and livestock.

Source: Details


Hail the

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Giant hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit Germany

July 28, 2013. "Heavy artillery" — large hail caused extensive damage to the inhabitants of a German village Wassel Sehnte on Saturday night.

Eyewitnesses describe the size of hail, argue that it was the size of tennis balls.

The video shows the damaged roofs, broken windows, a broken garden furniture and riddled vehicles.


45 tennis matches in the last 5 years are considered as contractual

45 tennis matches in the last 5 years are considered contractual Tennis May 20, 2008, 15:05 An independent commission has identified 45 tennis matches in the last five years for which will be further investigation of the involvement of the treaty games, the AP reported. The Commission submitted a 66-page report, which, in addition mention of the 45 matches, selected from 73 "suspicious" fights, written recommendations to world tennis authorities. [Cut] «We have no doubt that criminal elements may be involved in attempts to corrupt tennis, may attempt to establish clandestine communication with the players. It is possible that in

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In Tyumen, has opened a new tennis center


Center houses the four courts (a total area of three thousand square meters), a fitness room for individual strength training with modern equipment and the latest in sports equipment, locker room with showers, coaching, sauna. In tennis center will be training students of the department of tennis sports school № 1 of Tyumen, as well as classes for tennis fans. The throughput capacity of the facility — 50 people per shift.

Today in Tyumen a dozen indoor tennis courts, and all of them — private, This center will be the municipal, that is, classes are free.

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Table tennis

1 — 2 February g.Slavyansk-on-Kuban was a traditional one round of the Open Championship of the Southern Federal District of table tennis.

The competition was attended by athletes born in 1995-93 born in 1998 and and under. The bronze medal competition was a graduate Tselinskii Youth Anton Kotov.

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