Empire vs Empire

The most powerful civilisations the world has ever seen face-off for the title of greatest empire of all time

The word ’empire’ can sometimes have negative connotations, conjuring up ideas of conquest, colonialism and oppression.

But from another perspective, empires can be seen as the engines that brought about modern civilisation. Since the dawn of the human race, people were looking beyond their own territory and conquering their neighbours.

As military technology and logistics progressed, empires emerged. No longer just a collection of local villages and fields, by the sixth century BCE empires could encompass vast areas of land.


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Quote a day or 28 August

"Belarus did not want to have on its territory a nuclear weapon — either the Russian or South American or other. It is the only country in the world that voluntarily, without any criterion not received a penny, withdrew from its territory a nuclear missile weapon" .Chairman of the International Committee of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Nikolai Cherginets, commenting on the statement of the Russian Ambassador in Minsk on the likely placement Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

In the Bialowieza Forest destroy old forest

According to the official version, every year the area where run plantations, increases significantly and it will allow the Bialowieza Forest preserve for posterity. But environmentalists are independent dispute the need for such measures. According to Freedom candidate bio sciences, past deputy director of the State Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Jora Kazulka, artificial plantations made in the protected forest areas, where the old primeval forest, which is always restores the natural method. In this there is a unique and valuable Pushcha forest because he never landed a man.According Kazulka, today’s state park management aims to information about artificial plantations classify scale

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Belarusians tighten control on the Lithuanian border

It will be held August 14-17 at the walls of the castle on the Lithuanian Norvilishskiy areas in close proximity to the border with Belarus.As said BelaPAN acting head of the press center of the Municipal Border Committee of Belarus Igor Schetinin, According to the agreement with the Lithuanian border administration will be tightened control on Fri at the border, reinforced regime activities in the border area and in particular in the border strip. Nationals illegally infiltrate this area, for example, to observe the festival with Belarusian side, will be detained by border guards Leeds squad and held administratively liable.

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Georgia leaves the CIS

"We just say goodbye to Russian Union and encourage Ukraine and other countries quit the union, which is headed by our homeland. We decided, in denunciation of the peacekeeping mission in Abkhazia, Russian troops occupying declare, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia as occupied territories. Until the last occupant withdraws from areas of Georgia, none of Georgians will not rest. "

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Scientists have invented a new MEPhI drone May beetle

Young engineers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPI created a unique unmanned aerial vehicle — quadrocopter "May-bug."

The main difference between "May Bug" from ordinary UAVs is that this quadrocopter made taking into account the principles of radiation-resistant hardware, which allows for work in the nuclear power plants in the aftermath of emergencies. To achieve this protection specialists MiFi had literally from scratch to design all the electronics, plumbing board, select material for the body and even wear "Beetle" on x-ray. Chips were exposed alternately to the active mode to a dose of 240 krad with

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Crimean Observatory scientists have discovered a new comet

In one of the first observatories in the Crimea from the territory of an independent Ukraine opened a new comet. The discovery has confirmed the Japanese, American, British and Italian astronomers.


"The new comet was designated C/2013 N4 (BORISOV) — this is the first comet discovered from the territory of independent Ukraine", — the "Ukrinform".

The author of the discovery was made by an employee of the Crimean Station of the Astronomical Institute. Sternberg MSU Gennady Borisov.

At the moment, the discovery of a comet, astronomers have confirmed Japan, the U.S.,

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Vintage 2011 was the biggest in the history of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Vintage 2011 was the biggest in the history of the Krasnoyarsk region, about 17 January, summing up the results for the year, said Governor of the Territory Lev Kuznetsov.

Total harvested in the province of 2 million 657.3 thousand tons of grain, which is higher than last year's result. In 2010, the farmers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory collected 2.4 million tons of grain. Through the use of modern technologies used in agriculture region, crop, harvested in 2011 was the largest in the history of the region, including its Soviet period. "For me it is not important that we

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Vienna instead of Minsk

"Bruch … Was not admitted to the border area of Belarus, because he belongs to the category of persons to unwanted areas of the country ", — explained the manager of the press service of the Municipal Border Committee Alexander Tishchenko."For whatever reason, the bishop is in this list, the border guards is not clear, we simply done their job," — said Tishchenko.October 16 border guards detained at the airport "Minsk-2" and is located in an insulator for deportees Bishop Benjamin Bruch.Bruch — citizen of Ukraine, the founder of the Belarusian community "The Church of Jesus Christ." He was her

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Sergei Darkin and Igor Shuvalov, first launched in the history of Vladivostok treatment plant

Pollution of the Amur Bay in Vladivostok from sewage will soon begin to decline. Put into operation the central treatment facilities planning area of the city.

By the beginning of the central wastewater treatment were prepared for two months. After having been built all waterworks, they gradually filled the most important component of treatment — bacteria that will purify water from household chemicals. The cost of treatment — 9,000,000,000 rubles, which has provided the government with the support of the party "United Russia", another 2 billion boundary money went into the construction of 90 kilometers of new drainage

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