The terrorist №1

Two liner were sent to the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. World Trade Center is a complex of seven high-rise buildings, opened in 1973. Its dominant were the two 110-story towers — North, height 417 meters, and South — 415 meters. The first «Boeing» rammed the North Tower at 8:46 am between the 94th and 98th floors. It collapsed after a fire that lasted 102 minutes. Second liner hit the South Tower at 9:02, and 56 minutes it too collapsed. In the evening it collapsed another building complex. A third plane crashed into the

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Belarusians kidnapping in Nigeria due to the oil interests?

As reported, citing sources in the local police Nigerian journalists, the terrorists had a telephone conversation with a former spouse of Ira, the owner of Legacy medical practice physician Ekpo-Conditional. They sought the return of Ladies 1.2 million bucks and threatened that they can use for ritual purposes Il during the celebration of the memory of days Adak Bora May 16.According to professionals, the followers of Nigerian revolutionary Adak Bora are participants’ Liberation Movement of the Niger Delta. " This is largely ethnic Iža warriors seeking to control their own Nigerian fuel and usually seize foreign oil workers hostage. Whenever

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Do employees of chemical departments collect fingerprints paltsev7.07.2008 

Torture for their beliefs? 8.07.2008The apartments activists seek out vzryvchatku8.07.2008In the case of the explosion has already arrested four cheloveka9.07.2008 Detainees more. Or seek out terrorists there? 10.07.2008 

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FSB: In 2012, Russia was stopped work 34 181 employees and agents of foreign intelligence services

In 2012, the FSB has prevented six terrorist attacks thwarted the activities of 34 staff employees and 181 agents of foreign intelligence services, said Thursday President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the expanded board of the FSB.

According to him, these figures suggest a rather complicated and stressful operational environment.

"Today's terrorist attack in the Caucasus proof. Therefore, all anti-terror forces must be in the highest degree of concentration and mobilization readiness ", — Putin.

"Any direct or indirect interference in our internal affairs, any form

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The terrorist attack in Boston revealed the secret of great political provocation

April 15, 2013 in the U.S. city of Boston's oldest marathon took place, which is considered one of the most prestigious races in the world of athletics. Unfortunately, not all participants in the race crossed the finish line. Three hours later, after the first athletes made it to the finish line, a bomb exploded in a few seconds — the second.


 The moment of explosion was captured in this photo.


After the sad date September 11, 2001, as a result of the terrorist attack in New York City were destroyed building, skyscrapers of

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Hostage: A Guide to Survival

Despite the long history of hostage-taking, to find sensible instructions on how to behave in the thrall of the terrorists was not easy. However, such regulations exist in both English and in Russian.

In Russia it were specialists "Institute of Risk and Safety", which is a division of the Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS. It's called "How to behave in the abduction and becoming hostage to the terrorists."

A careful study of the document found its similarity (and in some places — almost a literal match) from the U.S. manual for the hostages, written by Alan Bell,

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Protective speech at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague on February 13, 2002

Part 3 The most serious crimes committed by Albanian terrorists in the favorable attitude of KFOR and the UN mission. So to this day, almost no performers identified the most serious criminal offenses against the Serbs and non-Albanian ethnic groups. In some cases, such as in Uglyarah, KFOR months in hiding the mutilated bodies of Serbs, thereby souchastvuya of crimes. Or he committed criminal acts, such as the destruction of the translator to Wet Mountain. All crimes committed after June 10, in the presence of UN forces. Where is the accountability? These include the idea that they knew. Needed

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Last Exam

The Institute of Aleppo began midyear, and on January 15 was her first day. Many men and maidens put off the exam so well known and understood a mixture of excitement, and hope that they will win the mental battle … Students believed that they pass exams, and were encouraged by their current plans, but did not know that their battle will not mental. Did not know that for some of them this will be the last exam in their young lives that their textbooks and notes soaked with blood, that many of their friends who are lucky enough to

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Ðóíåò exposes Boston Performance

Ðóíåò exposes Boston "Performance"

The tragedy in the United States in the context of information warfare  




April 15 during the Boston Marathon two explosions that killed three and injured more than 180 people. The loss of life — it's always a tragedy and pain, especially for family and friends. Particularly strong pain of loss when the incident is not blind chance, but someone's evil intent, as in this case, in Boston.



The fact that the

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Getting ready for the August 7

Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of "Muslim" terrorist attacks in the U.S. Embassies in Africa.

August 7, 1998, there were simultaneous acts of terrorism committed in Nairobi (capital of Kenya) and Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania’s capital at the time), the objects of which were the U.S. Embassy in their countries.

According to official reports, 300 people were killed and 4,000 wounded. We have that almost no one remembers, because a week later they themselves took a terrible financial terrorist attack, and the U.S., these explosions have caused a great resonance, increased funding for defense and intelligence agencies,

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