Куда их ставят

Для этого теста нам не пришлось собирать тестовый стенд, и мы воспользовались готовыми ноутбуками от именитых фирм: Alienware и MSI. Для теста мобильных платформ были выбраны Alienware М17х и MSI GX60. Сравнивать эти модели изначально не очень корректно, так как Alienware М17х оснащен двумя NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680М SLI и имеет диагональ монитора 17 дюймов, в то время как MSI GX6G имеет адаптер AMD Radeon HD 7970М и диагональ монитора составляет 15 дюймов. Первый откровенно производительнее, а второй заметно мобильнее и легче. Для того чтобы уровнять шансы, было принято решение проводить тестирование при едином разрешении и отключив

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WITH A WIDE-ANGLE LENS, your first thought is probably landscapes — and they’re certainly great for capturing broad, sweeping views. Another good time to grab a wide-angle is in tight spaces, particularly interiors when there just isn’t room to move back.

Wide-angles can also play to your creative side, making everyday subjects look excitingly dynamic with exaggerated perspective effects. This is not a characteristic of the lens itself, as perspective

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To do anything these days, society gives us a test. If you want to live in Australia, you must pass a test. If you want a driver’s licence, you must pass a test. If you want to get through high school, you must pass several hundred tests and still have no direction in life.

It wasn’t that long ago that MA introduced a stricter method for coaching and allowing riders, especially juniors, on the track. At the moment, riders must do a minimum of five hours’ coaching each year and on each bike as they progress. To my way of

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Test Pilot

Aviation Week Video/Aviation Week & Space Technology, Volume 3; number 2. Approximate running time 70 minutes, £12.99.

This is one of a series of videos produced by Aviation Week and is of a high technical standard with good, informative commentary and unobtrusive music. Unusually for an American production, it is not entirely about US aircraft and pilots. The worst feature for me was the inclusion of three advertisement slots, albeit brief and entirely related to aviation.

After the introductory footage of an F-14 Tomcat mission, with the appropriate music, the commentary leads easily into the historical view of test pilots.

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Strike Test Squadron — NAS Pax River

Located at naval Air station Patuxent River in Maryland, the Strike Test Squadron is responsible for the testing of all carrier-based combat aircraft in the US Naval inventory.

The unit is currently involved in flight testing all the systems on Grumman F-14s, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s and Grumman EA-6Bs. Before any new system can be incorporated into a fleet aircraft it is thoroughly tested by the unit. The unit is equipped with four F-14As, one ‘B’ and two ‘D’ model Tomcats, and some 12 F/A-18s are on hand varying from Lot 5 aircraft to the newest Lot 18 Hornet.

These were

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Suzuki’s GT550 confounded perceptions about two-stroke triples being classy and comfortable high-speed tourers. John Nutting tested three versions of the model in the 1970s.

While the top-of-the-range GT750 is rightly regarded these days as the epitome of the Hamamatsu factory’s stroker technology it wasn’t always that way.

Back when two-strokes ruled the roost at Suzuki a midrange model was snapping at the heels of the ‘Kettle’.

Suzuki’s range included three triples; the GT380, GT550 and the GT750, but the GT550 was my favourite. The two smaller models were air-cooled, and while the smallest was more nimble, the GT550 offered usefully


Puffs «Pears» with frangipani

Poached pears stuffed with almond franzhipana in the shell of puff pastry will eclipse any other treat on your desk. Crisp perfectly contrasts with the soft core of fruit and nut cream.


The confectionery business frangipani called almond cream with butter. His exquisite nutty flavor goes well with aromatic pears and turns pretty simple dessert and special holiday treat. Franzhipan this recipe can be prepared not only from almonds, roasted and ground hazelnuts, cashews or Brazil nuts. If desired, lemon zest, orange or lime, replace, or use ground spices — cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

How to wrap PEAR

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Getting started with test gear

IN an ideal world, it would not be necessary for electronic project builders to have any test equipment unless they decided to embark on some project development of their own. Every electronic component would work perfectly and would never become damaged, and every project would work first time. In the real world, dud electronics are few and far between but might be encountered from time to time, and components that start out as fully functioning devices can be physically damaged or zapped by static charges. Odd problems can occur, and even projects that are built while paying due care and

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Eurofighter progress

FOLLOWING FIRST FLIGHTS of the first two Eurofighter 2000 prototypes, test flying has proceeded remarkably smoothly. Original plans to transfer DAI to Warton for the remainder of the test flying programme after its initial flight testing have been dropped. After around 10-12 flights each, both DA1 and DA2 will be temporarily grounded for flight control system and avionics upgrades which are not expected to be completed until autumn. At the BAe Warton families’ day on May 20 DA2 made its eighth flight and was expected to make only two more before being laid-up.

Seven prototypes and five instrumented pre-production aircraft

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DiStar Camk Active


ЦЕНА: 597 руб.

DiStar — украинская компания, с производством в Полтаве. Свёрла на тест нам предоставили без индивидуальной упаковки, её фотографию пришлось запрашивать отдельно. Информативной её не назовёшь, более полезен каталог, в котором сказано, что данные свёрла предназначены для работы по граниту, габбро, лабрадориту и твёрдой керамике. Керамогранит не упомянут. Есть также информация, что свёрла предназначены и для стационарного, и для ручного сверления. То есть по этому критерию под условия теста вполне подходят.

Конструктивно они сильно отличаются от всех остальных — здесь не гальваника и не вакуумная пайка, а сегмент, состоящий из связки и алмазов. Цилиндрический хвостовик расточен

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