The further progress is being made, the higher our requirements for cosmetics and to himself. Today, we want to have a perfect complexion — and thus the illusion of a clean skin. And thanks to polymer technology such incredible demands do not seem excessive. So, make-up artists are well aware that it is impossible to fix an unhealthy complexion, causing a thick layer of foundation. For such purposes in professional lines a long time ago, there are colored primers — light transparent base, neutralizing unhealthy shade. For example, the primer neutralizes yellowish red, pink helps to «revive» the dull

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White-red-white flag in honor Semivolume Bodunova

To flag a note attached saying, "Glory and honor courageous political dyayachtsy Belarusian People’s Republic Bodunova floor: specifically she signed the 2nd and 3rd charters BNR. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Lives forever! Myron. "It said opposition politician Boris Khamaida.Khamaida explained that he understood the contents of the note from reliable sources.

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Intervyu Oleg Vasilyevich Dolmatova on the eve of his birthday!

We all know (it is with regard to the old guard), among us there are people in the profession "wizards pen" that is, journalists, and are very good. So that’s our modesty Komrad Sergei Feklyunina — among us, he just SF-18, does not know borders. Has been granted to him and his wife, Kate thank you so much for the great contribution to the organization of the acquisition of our form, so here’s another one of his deed deserves great attention … in brief .. I mean meal on Saturday with a workout in the subway, I look man reads

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Yet something is happening! Wishes you a Happy New Year 2012!

Dear visitors! We congratulate you on the coming year 2012! Next year, we want to wish all of you success and good health … Let 2012 bring us a lot of colorful, memorable experiences that we were December 22 and laughed out loud! So you never have seen what has happened this year in Japan, Thailand, etc. Reject all vague memories far back! That was the year, surprisingly quickly, we want to thank everyone who came to the site, to communicate.We would like to thank:OKO-PLANETALL not justOUR PLANETFinalNEWS:: [2012] :: facts, hypotheses, VIEWS Cataclysm, anomalies and natural disasters Goes the old

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Our site year.

 May 21 — the official launch date of our site … A year has passed, it happened not enough, we want to thank everyone who visits it. Especially want to thank: EcoWars — for the great informationAll for a reason! — For excellent translations and valuable informationOko-Planet — for the amount of information availableas well as: FinalNEWS want to show the most viewed materials for the year:1) Will Mars as close to Earth on August 27? Views: 9142 So many people are out of nothing :)2) Jupiter and the Moon in the sky ..Views: 2336 3) Flooding in Thailand. Video.

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The power of push-ups — the power of man to watch

"The power of Push — Fat Man "- is an explosive and dynamic fitness videos. Recognized and pochetaemy to the world expert on fitness of HIT Calisthenics Kingz made a good, memorable and educational video. Although push-ups is one of the first exercises recognizable person, HIT, due to its good physical data indicates species Push, that many hitherto unknown. With all this, it looks very natural and it seems that each exercise — a piece of art. HIT also knows about the advantages of push-ups and provides educational materials to meet the extraordinary kinds of push-ups, due to which

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The struggle for survival — Endearing giants watch online

In the clear waters of the Hawaiian twelve- humpbacked whale playing with a plunger salochki. These whales is also called "flying", because of their manner to slide in the back on his own tremendous fins like wings, or "singing" with the ability to publish the mysterious sounds of the water. No doubt humpbacked whale — one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Once upon hundreds of thousands "of humpback whales," inhabited the oceans and everywhere singing their songs. Now there are only a few thousand.

Fight for survival — a series of programs

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Mikhail Zadornov: Thank you and thank

Mikhail Zadornov. Thank you for this word is encoded on slavery. I have always had an ambiguous relationship to the word "thank you", the most popular in communication between people, but the ratio was previously more on the level of feelings, than consciousness. But recently it and realize that the word is the word of the parasite, which is included in our language with a purpose.

The word parasite — a word with a double meaning. The first point — this is the meaning which we have accustomed as correct. The second meaning — the meaning is

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What should the world of Russian Soldier-Liberator

At the current time is an angry attack on our memory of stateliness Russian war. Perhaps only in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, and partly in Ukraine remained true awareness majestically War and our victory. There are not so quite a few years, when the last participants of these events live can pass their memoirs young generations.

At the sight of our latest design reality: even the phrase "The Great Russian war"Substitute" the Soviet-German war. " In 2010, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution which equalized the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the outbreak of the second

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Hugo Chavez: Venezuela To the shores of the ships arrived with the latest batch Russian guns

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's President, announced the arrival of the latest batch of Russian manufacture guns in this American country. Chavez Tuesday, speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Henri Rangel Silva to the post of defense minister, said the arrival of the ships that brought to Venezuela T-72 tanks, missiles and missile defense systems.

"Venezuela due to Russian arms received combat power, which did not have the last 150 years — said Hugo Chavez. — But this tool we do not need to attack. We — a peaceful government, we do not want war, we want the war to end

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