The specifications of devices for digital audio, dazzled by numbers. What did not: and 32 and 44.1, and 48, and some even 384 kHz sampling frequency. I hope all your DAC accepts and understands, but from a good whether life arose this diversity? How these parameters are friendly with each other and who was your soundtrack in the original?

TEXT Jaroslav Godin

Nyquist theorem / Nyquist says that for more or less correct reconstruction of the analog signal after digitization requires the sampling frequency (ie sampling) twice as large as the original spectrum. Thus, the standard 44.1 kHz CD covers

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Human incompatibility

What unites the film such stories? Perhaps — well guessed the essence of the important features of our lives. After all subjects relating to virtually all the major «trend» of modern -deneg, sex and psychic abilities. Only they are presented with caustic adjusted to our reality.

WORLD KREPEZhA.Esche at the beginning of the last century, Maxim Gorky once said: «It is not always important, they say, but it is always important — as they say.» In this phrase, he foresaw the great one of the main technological methods of modern «salespeople» — no matter what you sell, as long as

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On September 12, Russian rolling out a feature film about two pilots «Formula 1», James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ​​who together made the racing season in 1976 one of the most memorable and controversial in history.

1976 for the «Formula 1» turned out to be rich before the intrigues that do not pass such a championship in reality, it would be necessary to invent for the action-movie. It had everything: a rare break between the leaders just one point; a phenomenal return to fight after a terrible accident; unpredictable Affairs favorites; great ambitions teams and drivers; the outcome uncertain until


PCB layout

1 Screenshot

The main elements of the window:

1.1 Menu bar containing the menus File, Edit, View, Project, Tools, Add and Help

1.2 Taskbar (just below the menu bar), illustrated with 8 buttons and 5 pull-down menus to set the units of measurement Units (mil or mm) intervals grid visibility Visible, the Placement and routing Routing, and bend angle Angle (in degrees).

1.3 List of the layers on the left side of the client area, with windows next to each layer, showing the color and visibility.

1.4 The choice of mask layers below the list, with fields to allow /

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A specter is haunting

An interesting phenomenon: fans of Age of Wonders, which, contrary to expectations, it was quite countless, do not want to hear about the similarity of the object of his adoration with HoMM. No, they say, no-guys-not-similar. And what on earth is it like? And even at all Master of Magic, are responsible. I do not know you, the fans, something completely strayed from the hands of …

If not for this modest way of life …

This, of course, live classics: Listen to the music, as if came to us from the transfer of «Visiting a fairy tale» of

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Request stop

How to learn to find a balance between their desires and that offers real life? Trying to answer this question, Nina takes a definitive position AVDYSHEVA

In the streets he walks so many unhappy people worldwide who need

Willpower to drag himself into another car

I was a beautician, obsessed with spiritual practices, exercises and other sectarian nonsense. She put a mask, plucking eyebrows, staring deep under my skin, says: «That look, you’re going to train, you look out the window. Past sweeps your life. If you look above, you will see that your place is at the end

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Ode minimalism

Before the construction of houses in Cesme (municipality in the province of Navarra, Spain) held a small competition among several architectural firms. His company won Alcolea + Tarrago Arquitectos, founded in 2005 in the capital of the autonomous region of Navarra — Pamplona. At the same time customers like not so much a project submitted to the competition, and the approach of architects — they were able to plan a comfortable house that would look good on a sloping site and did not exceed the estimated budget. In preparing the final draft experts from the Bureau of Alcolea +

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Heaven dominance

Frankly, Divinity: Dragon Commander caught me by surprise and plunged into confusion. Despite the fact that I do a weekly selection of games for review, to deal with the production company Larian Studios I had not had. Least of all, I expect that the company will manage without a special pump to release a spreading and multifaceted project. We can not say that the game appeared out of nowhere. Larian Studios develops Divinity universe for over a decade.

However, until now it was limited to a more or less standard RPG with a third person, not gained special popularity.

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At the edge of time

The history of humanity is inextricably linked to wars. For centuries, weapons (cold) has played a huge role in people’s lives. It gave an opportunity to defend against enemies, to produce food for hunting.

Since ancient times, respect for weapons was reflected in the custom of decorating it. Decorated weapon was of more ceremonial and symbolic character. Lavishly decorated swords, daggers always been the privilege of kings, priests and military leaders. It was a religious thing.

Nowadays, when the functional significance of bladed weapons largely lost its aesthetic, artistic content continues to excite people, forcing more closely to peer

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We E3

Electronic Entertainment Expo (EZ), June 19-21, Atlanta (Ga., USA), the Congress Center.

The world’s largest exhibition of achievements of the gaming sector, this time not without our presence …

On the one hand, to arrange an exhibition in Atlanta, but in June — pure disgusting. Firstly, a former center of slavery (see."gone With the Wind") And on the building of the Parliament have still flies the flag of the Confederacy (honest!). Secondly (but, seriously, in the first and the only one), there is wild, incredibly, indecent hot (and humid — see. Weather reports), and the entire population, except for

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