Defence Housing Pavlova: how it was

Every year the number of veterans, eyewitnesses second world war becomes smaller. And after a dozen years, and they will not survive. Because at the moment so important to find out the truth about these distant events to avoid future misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Uniformly held declassification of municipal archives, and military historians arises access to hidden documents, as follows, and clearly the facts that make it possible to find out the truth and dispel any speculation concerning certain moments of military history. The Battle of Stalingrad has a number of episodes that cause diverse assessment of both

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On housing dilemmas soldiers

On housing dilemmas military has long been clear. Of course, the government does almost everything in order to provide housing for military personnel, but housing question as before remains open for thousands of families. Many military families and the elderly to date seek out ads in newspapers to surrender the apartment because they do not have their own their own homes, laid them under the law. Some soldiers in the process carried out in the Russian army reform were laid off, and home so the military is given with great difficulty and with considerable delays.

Over the past few

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The new gun, killing electrician

Not so long ago, the U.S. Air Force identified a significant amount of BAE Systems for research on the effects of electrical engineering of the new microwave weapons. It is possible that America will soon go on this type of weapons that allow all to win the war in the initial stage, because the troops in what does not work, no electronic device can not wage war.

It's no secret that the world has long been underway to develop a new type of arms, briefly referred to as microwave microwave weapons. It is a special generators capable of emitting electrical

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Nepokorlivy Sevastopol

The heroic defense of Sevastopol became the main point of the whole of the Crimean War. But before we can consider itself a battle, you should understand the causes of this bloody clashes, its background and purpose. Some researchers believe incorrectly that the war played out in the middle of the nineteenth century, was initiated by France, eager for revenge for the defeat in the first quarter of the century. But If more detailed analysis of the historical background, it becomes clear that the most interested state still acted England, loudly announced their own unselfishness and desire to overcome a

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Take your time to START (The National Interest, U.S.)

Sen. John Kerry is absolutely right in saying that "even in these polarized times" responsible municipal worker "must know: the security of the United States is very critical, so treat it as a tool for demonstrative political posturing." But blaming his own Republican opponents, and especially Governor Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) in political games over a new contract START, Senator Kerry himself would do exactly the same. There are no excuses from the sphere of security efforts of Senator Kerry to accelerate the ratification process without harsh considering the fundamental questions posed by Senator John Keel (Jon Kyl) and his

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Secrets of Area 51 will be available to the public September 22, 2012!

Immersed in the extraterrestrial secrets of Area 51, a child of the Smithsonian Museum in Las Vegas has announced a one-day event featuring speakers from the American and British armies. Will feature authentic, according to the staff, alien artifacts, derived from a UFO crash site worldwide.

The National Museum of Nuclear testing event planned for September 22. There you will hear stories of people who encouraged them to write books and conduct their own investigations, both inside and outside the military.

At this meeting, you

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Why treat your teeth so expensive?

The more "expensive" dentistry is different from the "cheap"? Is it possible to save on dental services and is it worth? What are the components included in the cost of dental treatment? These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey created a network of dental clinics, "Dr. Martin," Honored Worker of Health in Moscow, PhD Martiros Sargsyan.


The imposition of unnecessary services — this is a common problem in dentistry? In a Moscow clinic, I was advised to put the seal on almost a dozen teeth. Did not object, but also the time to do it

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In Africa, the newcomers found

During the study, the jungle in Africa have found quite a mysterious graveyard. At first, Soviet scientists thought they had found the cemetery — the ancient settlers, but excavations have revealed that the creatures lying under the ground were quite extra-terrestrial origin.

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All the creatures were huge growth, and does not look like people. Anthropologists have

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When will the contamination watch online

In today's world do not subside armed conflict. That here and there, local wars break out. Countries and governments need resources, which no longer exists in its own territory. Many spices they say: not far off 3rd Global. What will it be? The creators of the film are afraid that we can expect the worst scenario of all possible — bio war.

They analyze the information that is publicly available: the words of sanitary doctors and military oligarchs and heads of state. Around the world, every year there are new, more insecure strains of viruses. They are

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Libya without Gaddafi: what next?

In September 1969, the Libyan officers in the set which was then a captain Gaddafi overthrew King Idris I and proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic. After a while Gaddafi began to build relations with other Arab states in the region about the association with Libya. Specifically, in 1973 the favorite Libyan revolution failed to agree with the then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat that Egypt and Libya will be a single state. Later this Federation (or Confederate) could join and Syria. During the reign of Gaddafi's Libya has left on one of the first places on the level of education

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