Foreign Ministry commented probable deprivation Belarus trade preferences

Official dealer of the Ministry of foreign Affairs commented on the problem of deprivation of Belarus trade preferences with the EU:"We have always stressed that we are not fortune-tellers, not predictors of the future.’s Very difficult to speculate about the intention of our European partners. Currently ball a hundred percent on their side. But if such a decision takes place, it will become an independent political step Euro Union.We believe this decision is completely unfounded, and completely counterproductive, dare I say it, completely anti-people in their own essence. Since such a decision (if it takes place) will be directly peel

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Belarusian-Russian border is becoming less transparent

The reason for the meeting in Smolensk professionals Customs Service of Russia and Belarus was the fact that the Belarusian-Russian border is becoming less clear. To This time open-ended question design customs cargo and vehicles, later from Russia to Kaliningrad region and from Belarus to Russia.Information about how the negotiations are almost none.The situation is commented Representative Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus Vladimir Behtserav "There level professionals (in other words, in Smolensk) — not the first person met. Because of read something advance. Going development positions. "Problem by carriers began amid general aggravation relations between the authorities of Belarus and

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Bundestag: Calm and stability without freedom — this cemetery

After the meeting Anatoly Lebedko said "Freedom":"For us it is fundamentally was done emphasis on neprymalnastsi several positions from the international society: the commercialization strategy of Europe on the Belarusian regime and non-sharing formula 3-5 seats in the House of Representatives for SLM at legitimizing the regime. It is completely impossible for us. And I think we have gained their own goals, because the head of the delegation of sovereign Gaiba end of the conversation said, we can not blind situation where 3-5 seats submenu free and fair elections. Very fundamentally and that Gaiba MP said: "Peace and stability without

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Passion in the park

"Im 30 years old! 30 years that tree! There were blue spruce, reddish maples, oaks! There were a lot of beautiful trees! Already destroyed it all!".There were quite constructive expression:Pensioner: "President, Why did not he come?"Lady: "He would never come. He has his own area spotless, lovely. "(Laughter from the crowd)

At the site were "paddy" and the bus with the commandos. Several young men dressed in dark shirts and pants tucked into boots, walking around the crowd. Reporters saw that a couple of times they came and sat in the car "Lada", driving which was policeman.

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The opposition wants to make the control of the executive branch

Co-Chair of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko sure: only public control over the executive branch does not allow her to impale people: "The main idea of the message — the people’s control, the control of society over the power of what we do not have 14 years. Authorities there itself for itself. She monopolized entirely in his own hands all. A Belarusian citizens almost turned into subservient, without rights, with only some obligations. Today no one holds power under control — no parliamentary control or law enforcement organizations. No and monitoring public side. These deficiencies must be corrected. " Political analyst

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All-consuming darkness

Published in July 1957 story that happened to 54-year-old resident of the city of Arles, shocked sparked surprise. Mireille's wife, being a qualified nurse for children, offers tranquility and a pleasant disposition. Therefore, the story of the incredible event that occurred to her, caused even greater surprise.

One summer day, Mireille's wife went to the house of the family Cotillion. Outside it was sunny. Babysitting, armed with a stroller and a good mood, naprvilas child together in the park. At such a time, around noon, the park was deserted. Having

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The ultimate weapon / Ultimate Weapons (6 films) watch online

"Absolute weapon"- 6 serial programm about the latest developments in the field of modern weapons. You will see the best sniper rifles, tanks, soldiers, robots, and the system of close combat. The program thoroughly knows about all kinds of weapons — from the terrible instruments of destruction, perfectly designed to suppress the enemy the most destructive ways, to autonomous and unobtrusive automatic "intelligent" systems that can cause sharp blows and hitting targets. No detail is left unattended. Along the way you will see the programs from which instrument is the most transcendent and receive the title of "winner".

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Hypotheses purpose of megaliths

Authors' burial and ritual "hypothesis for some reason do not mind the unfortunate fact that in the vast majority of megalithic circles, cromlechs, dolmens and other such facilities do not found any burials. They attribute this to the fact that the burial had been robbed in antiquity. But did the builders of megaliths were so naive that did not provide such an opportunity?

After all megalithic structures — completely open and accessible facilities where there is no hint of any attempt to take measures for their protection or impede access

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Aliens watch online

The series "Aliens" — a rather controversial Ukrainian documentary film, which right and interest the scares. In fact, the show can cause completely different reactions, because there is a people, who believe in the supernatural, and there are those who completely deny all. So the main idea of this movie is to show all sides of the mysterious events and perhaps shed some light on the age-old mystery of the presence on the ground representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Each episode is presented information about the various phenomena associated with the intruder, who both come from the mouth of witnesses,

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Fedorov: this is the right measure

Society The UN Security Council voted in favor of the introduction in the airspace of Libya free from fly zone. The text of the resolution on Libya, submitted by France and Great Britain, notes that allowed "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians from Muammar Gaddafi's air strikes.

Commenting on the situation around Libya, a political scientist Andrei Fedorov believes that any analogies with Belarus is not visible.

"There is still, thank God, do not kill, a fortiori on such a scale. Because comparisons are not appropriate in any way. As for Libya itself, I think this is the

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