Unforgettable weekend in Pskov: abstract for travelers

Pskov — old, beautiful city, in which retained a great number of mind-blowing monuments of Russian architecture XII-XIX centuries. At the moment it's growing tourist center: every year the Pskov region is visited by about 400 thousand tourists from Russia and other countries. Go to Pskov — it's informative, fun and cheap method to spend the weekend. Hotels Pskov Economy class offer guests cheap but comfortable and spotless rooms.

More comfortable, but not much more expensive hotels provide accommodation Pskov 3 stars. The most popular with the guests of the town including hotels Riga and Waterfront Gold: here you

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Do not chop off the roots of the Russian culture

The reprint of the author of the journal article "Young Guard», № b, 1991, without editorial cuts. The article with the primary title, "How many 1000-lety Russian culture?" Was written to prazdnichkom Millennium of the Baptism of Rus. In abbreviated form is reprinted in the book "The mythology of the old Slavs" and the magazine "Russian idea», № 1, 1991.

Echoes died away last chord festive overture, is crowned prazdnichek Goals, which the execution with unprecedented artistic power and brilliant craftsmanship immortalized own talent Evgeny Svetlanov. Gone brightest anniversary celebrations, not so long ago unimaginable. Having started with a massive

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The science of Feng Shui

Since ancient times, hair — Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional philosophy and science. Our ancestors built and settled in their homes are not in a chaotic manner, they all observed a strict system in housing. In all the ancient huts, the door is always cut in one direction, south.

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The cult of the sun, so it has long been known as the ancient Slavs,

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Hidden city of Petra online

I suggest everyone to watch a documentary film about the ancient, great city Peter (Accent on the first syllable).

Ancient City of Petra(That means "rock") — the capital of Idumea (Edom), later the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. Located on the territory of today's Jordan, at an altitude of over 900 meters above sea level and 660 meters above the surrounding area, Arava, in the narrow Siq canyon. Passage in the valley — a valley, located on the north and the south. From the east and the west, cut off by sheer cliffs,

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The modern factory equipment 5,000 years ago?

Egypt again, but this time we will talk not just about the pyramids, and that they were. And believe me — they are high-tech products, which are hand-it was impossible to create 5,000 years ago, and nowadays using modern equipment to do is not easy, and some things just can not be.

To get started is to remind the reader that the current Egyptology rejects what the builders of the pyramids had knowledge of wheels and iron, considering this period of "Bronze Age" and explaining the technological advances that civilization simple mechanical application

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SPACE CROSSROADS: Venusian next (Part 3)

The priests of ancient Babylon, as well as their counterparts Maya were also systematic observations of Venus because the planet was considered the "home" of their main goddess Ishtar. At the disposal of scientists are Babylonian clay tablets with cuneiform records of these observations. However, the periods are not recorded in days, in months. But, nevertheless, the invisibility of Venus near superior conjunction, according to the records of the Babylonian priests, astronomers, was three months, which is consistent with Maya (90 days instead of 50, as it is today).


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The lost city of the Incas watch online

A movie about one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the XX century, the perfect expedition Hiram Bingham, went to the Peruvian Andes in 1911 in search of the old Inca town of Vilcabamba and which found Machu Picchu.


The oldest buildings

Their manners: Bulgaria, Malta, Norway, watch online

Russian television geographic project "Their characters are" dedicated to the life, recreation, work habits and characteristics of the people of the state of the world. Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, Australia, — the inhabitants of these continents own inimitable originality and identity, ethnic flavor, long history and old culture. People and Faces, artisans and traders, markets and ancient town, monuments of history, palaces and poorest areas, temples, rituals and traditions, religious ceremonies and public kitchen — that's what first interested in the creative group applets "Their manners" and is a huge part of filmed material . Any example program consists

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Dungeons of ancient Moscow

Underground tunnels, bunkers, underground cities were built and will be built around the world, as long as there is a threat global catastrophe, whether it's a nuclear attack, the defeat of chemical or biological weapons. Perhaps one of the most "equipped" city in this sense is Moscow. Thus, dungeons of ancient Moscow.

The fact that there was a network of Moscow underground utilities that allow government officials to navigate through its extensive know of was given, but few have seen the tunnels, galleries, basements, which abounded in the underworld of

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The advanced technology in the construction of the pyramids.

Yesterday I posted an article about the amazing household utensils, which was found in the most ancient pyramid of Egypt, which create without specialized equipment, even today, is simply unrealistic, but today we will focus on the most difficult of the principles of sawing and drilling megaliths, which were used in the construction of the pyramids. Let's get started …

In pictures — general view of the east side of the Great Pyramid of Giza with consolidation plan. The square of the lot basalt sites with traces

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