Night Siege — 27 snezhnya

The forums portal application discussions are campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" the beginning of a two-week strike business on January 1. Comments:"I think a great utility from it will not. Consolidation once again will not take place";"To me personally it Time will need each firecrackers yes cowards ";"Just need to decide something strikes and not negotiations";"Strike — Stop it work. A cessation of work — this is what is required (power) of the business."The community discussions are minsk_by information website of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Russia that retiree from St. Petersburg Alexander Lukashenko has

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Atlantis — puzzle time!

For more than 2,000 years of humanity does not stop arguing about the famous island of Atlantis, which was famous for the city of Atlanta. Missing Mainland worried mind of one million people.

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The beginning of this mystery story by the philosopher Plato. In his dialogue "Timaeus" and "Critias," the

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Atlandida: Plato invented a myth or a reality all the same?

On the globe probably will not find a person who would not have heard of the mysterious island of Atlantis, which many centuries ago during the day "out" into the water, killing so mysterious advanced civilization of Atlantis.

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For over 10 centuries, periodically there are scientific debate about whether the stories about Atlantis

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Atlanta is responsible for the sky

Installation, causing rain, mounted in Vladivostok

Author: Olga Zhurman, Vladivostok

This year at the largest reservoir Artem registered a record low amount of water for all the years of the waterworks. Scientists and experts are looking for ways to solve the problem: how to fill the reservoir with water Vladivostok? Recently, residents of Vladivostok pleased: it seems there is a solution

A set of tools and technologies of management of the atmospheric situation, the possibility of which, according to its authors, is truly unique. Setting named "Atlas" can cause and prevent snow, hail, rain, establish good weather and vice versa.

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Mayans and Atlanteans — that connects them?

Modern man often hears of such civilizations as the Mayans and Atlanteans. In general, these represent a civilization, as people, are rich in spiritual knowledge, as well as the people who come upon a perfect science. But is it? Consider the article.

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Start small. At Atlantis was a drink that not only gave life, but also the strength and healing.

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