Beijing sky became wet

More several days reversing the dream of "wet" the sky could be practically unattainable. Even here there is a perception that the rain in Beijing is a day or two or three a year. And here — pouring. Forecasters promised that the weather still remain … True, disgrace office of heaven can not be an obstacle to the conquest Awards XXIX Games athletes, especially the Chinese, who in a very short period could already 6 times get rich. Although at present the group race in the midst of the ladies, accompanied shower, Chinese and Korean cyclist counties majestically Chinese walls

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Americans are going to bring down its own satellite

Authorities claim that the operation on the basis of high technology could save lives. But there is a political dimension situation.Post Pentagon plot resembles a Hollywood thriller. South American naval vessels using massive radar look for warped spy satellite that the deadly rocket fuel slowly but inexorably moving towards Earth. In the next two weeks from the 1st of the ships will be released interceptor missile that shot satellite. He razlyatsitstsa into small pieces, most of which burn up in the upper atmosphere.Falling satellite could have tragic resultsAnother variant of actions can have tragic consequences. Satellite the size of a

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In Bali, approved a plan to establish agreements on climate

Experts and ministers of the environment with almost 180-nation of the world can take the final document only with the unanimous consent, which was achieved at the cost of compromise on some issues.European Union and a number of countries in the world ensure that advanced countries such as the U.S., declined until 2020, the emissions of greenhouse gases by 25-40%. But the highest requirements disagreed U.S., which once a year into the atmosphere emituyuts 5 times more vuglekislaga gas than the average country in the world.Through the position of the administration of President George W. Bush in a joint declaration

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Master of European journalism urged his colleagues to write more about Belarus

Sam Martin Polak "is not a supporter of tolerance and considers it outdated concept." By him, "Now is not a weak tolerance helps and inconsiderate."Senior correspondent for the German edition of «Der Spiegel», currently a freelance journalist, writer and translator, sharply criticizes conciliatory Western democracy and the media against the Belarusian situation."The political atmosphere in Belarus is very stuffy. But why is it that we Europeans know this much is not enough?" — Said during the ceremony of the Prize, Martin Polak. By him, "It is shameful for Europe, limited to such categories as" Europe’s last dictatorship "or" Stalin Museum

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Plasma weapon of the future

Plasmoid — plasma clot, limited configuration of magnetic fields and plasma

Nikola Tesla received spherical plasmoids in the resonant transformer with high-voltage discharges.

Experience with the heating of the atmosphere

In the United States planned to test the installation, which can be regarded as a model of plasma and climate guns. For the Earth, it can be catastrophic.

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PrehistoryIn the late 1980s, Misha Gorbachev proposed to U.S. President Ronald Reagan to sign the goodwill, reconciliation and mutual trust to co-op experience — tests of plasma guns. Offered to chip in and build a joint effort on

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Shirokoneizvestnye global catastrophe options and resources sector

All reference materials for the analysis of obtained from reputable sources proven time and impartiality in the provision of this kind and proven scientific information. Otherwise look like a provision of false information (Disinformation). Additional data can be gleaned from any official reference books, the subject "The Natural" … The first national educational magazine "Around the World" № 2 (2821) in February 2009 on page forty in the paragraph "The first interstellar message" claims in 1974 were present on the planet Earth — 4,292,853,750 billion people, has since been thirty seven years, the number of population increased by

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Climate change will add turbulence

April 11, 2013. Change climate by mid-century will make significantly more frequent in cases of aircraft hitting zone of turbulence in the atmosphere, which will increase the number of injuries, aircraft damage and increased economic losses of about $ 150 million, told reporters Sex Williams (Paul Williams) from the National Center for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, UK.

"We can expect that by mid-century, the average force of cases will increase the turbulence of 10-40% compared to pre-industrial values, with the proportion of the atmosphere, where at any time there is turbulence will increase from 40% to 170%,"

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Chelyabinsk meteorite. Power is equal to explode 20 bombs on Hiroshima!

News. Statement NASA appeared on the network in which they state that the meteorite 2012 DA14 , which flew past Earth tonight and Chelyabinsk meteorite , no connection between them. Here's another one of their calculations: power meteorite in Chelyabinsk, exploded in the atmosphere of our planet was 300 kilotons, which is 20 times more powerful than the Hiroshima blast!

Specialists space agency also found that the celestial body entered the atmosphere at a speed of 18 kilometers per second and exploded at an altitude of 19-24 km above the

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Atlanta is responsible for the sky

Installation, causing rain, mounted in Vladivostok

Author: Olga Zhurman, Vladivostok

This year at the largest reservoir Artem registered a record low amount of water for all the years of the waterworks. Scientists and experts are looking for ways to solve the problem: how to fill the reservoir with water Vladivostok? Recently, residents of Vladivostok pleased: it seems there is a solution

A set of tools and technologies of management of the atmospheric situation, the possibility of which, according to its authors, is truly unique. Setting named "Atlas" can cause and prevent snow, hail, rain, establish good weather and vice versa.

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SPACE CROSSROADS: Venusian next (Part 1)

The brightest (after the moon) light our night sky, Venus, was idolized by many nations of antiquity. In ancient China, it was called Typee, or Belolikov Belle. Venus Babylonians described as a "bright torch of heaven" and called her name Mother of the gods Ishtar. Its present name of the planet received after the Roman goddess of love and beauty Venus. A special place was given to Venus by the priests of the ancient Maya, Toltec and Aztec — she was considered the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl and other heavenly gods. It was from

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