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Next year will be twice as many applicants

As reported by the state news agency BelTA draft decree reflects the main proposals of the Interagency Commission on the analysis of general and secondary education, which is headed by Anatoly Rubinov. The Commission considers it appropriate to establish a 11-year general secondary education. According to the commission, it is more appropriate to the needs of the Belarusian economy, provides a rational implementation of budget funds and meets the wishes of most people. Training will be conducted on the total for all applets.In most European countries, including those in neighboring countries Belarus,secondary education students receive in 12 years.The structure of

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In the new year, Romania will shake more than usual

January 1, 2013. According to the forecasts of seismologists, which began 2013 year Romania will be marked by earthquakes. According to conservative estimates, in the month on these lands will be an average of 15 tremors with a capacity of up to five on the Richter scale.

This high seismic activity is alarming scientists. In their view, such a number of aftershocks, though not a large force, it may cause a lot of changes on the surface of the Romanian territory.

As the researchers of the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Romania, they can only make predictions of

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Meteorologists recorded a record in the Arctic temperature anomaly

January 11, 2013. Meteorologists recorded in the Arctic temperature anomaly record — for the first time in the waters of the Arctic Ocean have been reported average temperature deviation from the norm is 7 degrees, the director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

"In 2012, there were registered very unusual records. For the first time in the waters of the Arctic (positive) anomaly average annual temperatures reached 7 degrees. This is a fantastic value. Even when the average daily temperature different from the norm by 7 degrees — this is a significant event, but the deviation the average

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Cheap dairy products have disappeared, leaving only expensive

Society Our constant listener Hope from Minsk expressed her opinion about the average salary figures:

"In our case, the numbers do not correctly display the average wage, because the difference between the lowest and highest salaries are so high that it is several times larger than the very figure of the average wage. When scientific approaches to these conditions, you can not output the average figure, it still does not reflects.

And these promised $ 500 government will end the year with no problems by reducing the number of employees. At the same time, the growing army of the

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Habitat. A lot of meat out of nothing to watch

Meat. The average inhabitant of the Russian Federation in the year eats this product about 70 kg. Although in reality in our diet is almost twice less meat. For example, instead of 1 kg of pork we get a pint of chemicals and only a pound of meat. About half of the meat sold in shops and markets — is to neuter the animals. All because most weight gives us something average between males and females. Grow a creature can be in this case, if a pig with food give little male sex hormones, and in front of the

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$ 500 salary in debt?

Society In Minsk, the average earnings figure reached $ 500, which before the election requires Alexander Lukashenko. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Borisenko. Is it possible to achieve such average salaries for equal?In the spring of 2008 in the message the National Assembly, Alexander Lukashenko said: "At the end of the five-year period we have to bring the wages, I am afraid to say, to $ 700, will not hold your hand. $ 500 will be enough. It should be 700 — the average salary in the country. Then we will

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The average pension — a couple living wage

Society In Belarus, the average pension in March amounted to 586.5 thousand rubles (about $ 192), pavedaelyae National Statistics Committee of Belarus. This is 2.2 times the subsistence wage for retirees.

According to the Council of Ministers, the budget cost of living for pensioners in prices in December 2010 per one month from February 1 to April 30 is 262.2 thousands of rubles

The average pension age in March was 612.7 thousand, disability — 538.2 thousands of rubles. The average size of social pensions totaled 253.6 thousand rubles.


money, the pension

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Kazakhstan will acquire 20 EC725 helicopters

European company Eurocopter (part of United EADS) May 10, 2012 issued a press release stating that at the time held from 3 to 6 May in Astana defense exhibition KADEX-2012 the Kazakh government signed a letter of understanding for the acquisition of 20 medium multi-role helicopters, Eurocopter EC725 Cougar for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic. Details of the agreement are not given, but states that helicopters should be collected in Kazakhstan (apparently made in the facilities of the joint venture in Astana Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering, which should also be collected helicopters Eurocopter EC145). It also reported that

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Salary of 500 dollars? A fairy tale for the gullible!

Society Alexander Lukashenko, speaking on the so-called All-Belarusian People's Assembly reiterated his earlier promise that the average salary in the country by the end of the year to reach $ 500. This statement caused a wide resonance in the region.

On what the real wages now receive live in small towns and villages, reporters found out "Freedom".

Vitebsk Region

"Salary for" Glass "- is the result of the fight, not the state's care"

Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets eve of the departure of the delegation of their region in Minsk take warning voice the size

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Anti-aircraft missile systems: the situation on the world market

Create air defense — an indicator of the level of development of the defense industry of the country

Modern wars have confirmed the importance of air and space attack towards the end of the military and political objectives of the armed conflict and the role of air defense / missile defense as a whole. This contributes to the intensification of the military procurement agencies of the world anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes (AAMS / SAM). The principal trend is the enthusiasm for the missile defense system to protect against tactical and operational-tactical missiles, and in the near future — and

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