Russian battalion guns 1915-1930 gg.

In Russia, anti-tank guns appeared in the autumn of 1914. No, this statement is not a typo or creator zeal to prove that our homeland is the "home of elephants." Just PTP had at this time a different purpose struggle with the enemy machine guns and armor penetration is not no tank and machine-gun guard. And it is worth noting that the armor of old times 47-millimeter cannon was such as Russian and 45-millimeter guns or German 37-millimeter RAK.36 in 1941.

To explain the situation to make an excursion into history. In the past 80 years there has been controversy

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UAE make punitive battalion

Abu Dhabi makes punitive battalion of mercenaries, the government of the United Arab Emirates signed with private military company Xe Services (formerly sad popular Blackwater) contract price of more than 0.5 billion dollars.

"Black Water" is to cook subdivision to suppress unrest in the country. The contract was signed in late 2010 and the head of the company's founder Erik Prince and the hereditary prince Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. About this announcement told The New York Times, citing the company's employees, its documents and the representatives of the American authorities.

FAQ: "Blackwater" ("Black Water"), after the February

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On law enforcement. A special report by Alexander Sladkova

Domestic troops Interior Ministry. They are also referred to as the warring armies, since some of their units and sometimes do their work in the North Caucasus. But even in the midst of their special place is occupied 46-th separate team operational designation, which is constantly on the terrain of Chechnya.

Severe City, 6:00 am, Mon. Obschegarnizonnaya physical charging — it's a tradition. Certainly an orchestra: it seems that without the trumpeters and drummers in any event in the team can not do.

This is the greatest team in the world, it's time to have a Guinness Record Book. Soldiers

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In the Caucasus, Dagestan creates a brand new army

In Dagestan, put together a first state battalion. Soon there will be two more. Specifically on their gathered to bet the federal government in the fight against the underground. According to unofficial data, the training "students" are participating specialists from Chechnya.

In the division scored 300 local residents. The total number of battalions should reach 700-800 people. One of them is near Makhachkala, the other will go to the north and south of the country. The compounds will be involved in the hunt for militants. Dagestani attributed to the BB, but in fact they are managed by the head

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Moscow akbar!

Chechen rebels on Russian service

More one last Chechen underground worker legalized. The country has ignored the process, has long since become irreversible, and coming to his own logical finalization. Survivors Dudayev and Maskhadov returned to the Stern and again received an instrument from Russia.

Good post in Grozny mayor's office took Bai-Ali Tews. He was appointed deputy head of the town on religion. Tevsieva fascinating personality. The fact that the 1999-2000-m, then there is under Maskhadov, he was the Mufti of Ichkeria. Specifically Bai-Ali then personally declared jihad (holy war), the Feds. After the Russian division occupied Chechnya, had

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Carrot to a donkey. NATO does not accept Georgia, but it still takes a battalion to Afghanistan

NATO does not accept Georgia, but it still takes battalion for AfghanistanYesterday in Georgia ended a two-day visit of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. At a joint press conference with President Misha Saakashvili the head of the North Atlantic Alliance, said that the issue of Georgia will open a discussion at the summit favorites NATO next spring in Chicago, but how will it is made of, as yet to be resolved.

Saakashvili blamed Rasmussen: "I placed his hopes that you would bring me at least a NATO jacket, so do not stay out in the cold without a

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Defense Battalion disbanded Donguzskaya destruction of missiles

Donguzskaya battalion destruction of ammunition will be disbanded. This RIA "News" told the assistant commander of the Central Military Area (CVO) Jaroslav Roschupkin.

The remaining shells, which were to be killed at the site, redirected to other polygons neighborhood. Where specifically, the agency did not elaborate.

The dismantling of the battalion for ammunition disposal related to the incident, which occurred in the morning on October 9. Then unload the shells of the train occurred spontaneous explosion ammunition.

Soared into the air four thousand tons of ordnance, including 400 bombs. The blast wave reached the Orenburg which is 40 km

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Penal in war

Considers an enemy — we morally weak. For him and the forest and the town burned. You better chop wood for coffins — In a breakthrough are penal battalions!

Vladimir Vysotsky's song "Penalty Battalions" was written in 1964. The poet was the first to speak about the penal battalions during whole voice. Legal ban on the disclosure in the works of topics penalty box at the time was not on their just tried not to think, much less that the materials on all parts of the penalty-that remained secret. Naturally, during the war of culture on penal battalions did

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Lofty Russian war brought grief and tears in virtually every Soviet family. It has been almost 70 years since it began, and it seemed that we know the story from the beginning of the war until the bitter end it is actually quite, but there is a history of this disastrous action and white spots, which in many years, we were not even aware.

In 1941 , the Russian army was demoralized and under pressure from the Nazis was obliged to retreat, giving ground to the enemy.

In order to maintain discipline and morale at the end of June

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Three years, they first on the battlefield

The birth of engineer troops in Russia is considered to be 1701. This year, Peter I, as part of its military reform signed a decree on the development of the first engineering school.

Eleven years later, in 1712, all of the same decree of Peter I was assigned the organization of units of military engineers, determined and approved by the state and the number of engineering units in an artillery regiment. In the regiment cut in: pontoon team minernaya company and engineering team.

Peter I also launched a large-scale engineering education and training not only artillery regiments, and

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