Symmetric measures against U.S. officials MFA

Belarus MFA has its own "Black list" of U.S. officialsFirst, in August, official Washington has expanded the list of Belarusian officials restricted arrivals in the United States. As explained by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Vanshyna in criteria such "one-sided unmotivated actions by the United States" Belarus is obliged to do so symmetric measures.Ms. Vanshyna clarified: the same as the U.S. drew up a list of banned Belarusian managers, "black list" of American officials there and at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:"Naturally, there is a list on certain categories of American officials. And, in my opinion, with this moment

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Gennady Pear: We came back again in 1986

"For the current government officials as not, then — no!"(Ira Kocharova, Mogilev) "Non-governmental organizations are deprived of our recovery activities kids. This — the fruit of a conscious practice of the authorities aimed at municipal monopoly even in this sphere. What to do in just such stringent criteria and complete control restrictions?"(Pear 🙂 "What is happening the last three or four years, it is difficult to realize. Numbers on the recovery, which the government appeals reflect practically kids stay on their school grounds. Unless other words healthy? With all this really almost destroyed public charity. For the current government officials

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