Monthly penya for gas for Belarus may be up to 5 million dollars

The press service of "Gazprom" now refused to call Radio Liberty certain number of probable loan and interest for the use of them — say, this question is not yet settled.But confirmed information that we have already passed — it was really about the penalty, and Belarus is ready on certain criteria to satisfy."Gazprom’s facilities twice as expensive as those for which the government expects"Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk said: Belarusian side tightens negotiations to reduce the rate by 12% per annum, although, in his opinion, the Russians could invite and 20, and even 30%:Romanchuk: "12% in foreign currency

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West Minsk opens a window of opportunity

And even wider — increasing the chances of the best affairs of Belarus and West. "In the unlikely event there would be no logic Belarusian side, stepping on the throat of his song, unleash political prisoners, to do any other steps. With On the other hand U.S. rush to give a carrot official Minsk, despite the fact that real democratization here still does not smell. Because I would have made a very cautious optimism. "According views A. Klaskouski, currently generally aggravated geopolitical "struggle for Belarus":"With one side Moscow turns Minsk hand, and on the other — there is now intrigued

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Foreign Language — Secret and non-public

"We can confirm that the quantitative characteristics really discusses the … But it kanfidentsyynym "- said the emperor Popov.Commenting on the U.S. Department of Municipal Representative of the inadequacy of action Belarusian side, Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Some expressions are not associated with a lot of diplomatic practice, but let it remain on the conscience of the author.""We want to highlight the subsequent Acts Belarusian side disposition and response are adequate to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. But the South American side, imposing sanctions, violated a number of diplomatic documents ""Proposals Belarusian side Reduction diplomats remain in force, as

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Ambasadartsy U.S. handed protest notes

Karen Stewart presented the official note of protest."The Belarusian side again representatives of the United States recalled that such acts violate international security, trade relationship between Belarus and the United States, "- said today at a briefing Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov."The Belarusian side zdtsmae with all the responsibilities that have appeared or may appear on the location U.S. and vksladae them to government United States"- Said Foreign Ministry spokesman."Belarus side considers unacceptable from the point of gaze of international law economic pressure on Belarus" — allocated Popov. "The Belarusian side emphatically claimed that the United States and returned assets

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Sidorsky offers to help Russia

Society Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky announced a proposal Belarus' help in fighting forest fires in Russia, as well as in the recovery of lost property in the fire.These proposals Sidorsky made in a telephone conversation with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Interfax reports.

The conversation was initiated Belarus'.

Vladimir Putin thanked him for the offer. The Heads of Government agreed to coordinate the details of the lines of specific departments.


Russia, Sidorsky fire

The Belarusian side has not received proposals from Kerimov to buy a stake in Belaruskaliy

Society Offers to buy shares in the "Belaruskali" from the new shareholders of the Russian "Uralkali" has been reported.

About This was reported Director of the State Property Fund of Belarus Natalia Zharnasek, reports "Interfax".

Have been reported and no other offers. The Belarusian authorities have not yet conducted formal evaluation of the market value of "Belaruskali". The Belarusian side not yet started to prepare "Belaruskali" not for sale at the competition, no substantive negotiations with potential buyers.

Earlier, Russian media reported that one of the new shareholders, "BRIC" Suleiman Kerimov, on behalf of "Vralkaliyu" offered President of Belarus

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Foreign Ministry denounced the U.S. and

Society The Belarusian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with the introduction of U.S. sanctions against the official Minsk.

"The Belarusian side believes the U.S. government's decision to impose restrictive measures against Republic of Belarus unreasonable and unjustified step. This solution returns to the bilateral relations factor of tension and mistrust.

Washington's decision to openly violates the U.S. commitment not to apply in respect of the Republic of Belarus coercive economic measures, which were recorded in the current Memorandum Budapeshtskim 1994.

Methods of pressure and coercion are absolutely hopeless.

We reserve the right to reciprocate the

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Demchenko: Belarus is no proof of guilt has not demonstrated

Society Today released the second citizen of Ukraine who was arrested in Minsk on December 19. As the "Ukrainian Truth" First Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko, "The efforts of the second MFA Ukrainian citizen who was detained during protests on December 19, was released on December 31 for about three hours of the day."

This was made possible thanks to the fact that previously was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador of Belarus in Kyiv Valentin Velichko, "which was made insistence on the Ukrainian side to free the citizens of Ukraine."

Demchenko said The Belarusian side "of the

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