Varicose veins is sealing, sklerozirovanii or surgical removal of varicose veins on the legs. Since no one in this world likes to be operated, we actively encourage you to: watch your feet and memorize the rules of prevention, so that at least once a day, in his free time, to give pleasure to their tired feet.

The essence of the varicose veins that weaken the walls of veins are stretched and blood flow to the extremities is difficult. Used by stagnation of blood can form clots, and if the disease does start, it comes to trophic changes of tissues.

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Mogilev donors appealed to the Council of Europe to explain

In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Assembly Matteo Sarynasu Igor Kovalenko asked for clarification of the Belarusian donor policy Council of Europe about blood donation and plyazmy. Letter from the Secretary General of the Assembly Council of Europe Matteo SarynasuIts request Kovalenko argues that those Belarusian bureaucrats justify canceled benefits for donors requirement Council of Europe.In June, the symbol protest against the abolition of privileges Mogilev group donor week strike. In the end, the authorities have acknowledged cancellation of privileges, and later declared the preservation of the benefits to donors.In September, it became clear that the

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A blood test for syphilis

Analysis blood syphilis (RPR, Wasserman (RW) — laboratory testing, which allows to identify antibodies to Treponema pallidum (Treponema pallidum) — pathogen infection.

What are the indications for blood test for syphilis? 

casual sex; preoperative preparation; planning to become pregnant; sores on the genitals, heavy discharge from the genital tract; swollen lymph nodes, rash on the skin and mucous membranes; bone pain; preventive care.

What kind of training is needed to study? 

The analysis gives up in the morning, on an empty stomach. Not allowed for 8 hours (preferably 12) before putting the food intake analysis, are excluded juice, tea,

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Society One of these days, "Nasha Niva" pleased kanibalska and linguistic history, which took place in Bashkiria. On the shelves of local stores appeared sausage called "Boiled children." It turned out that the manufacturers have simply forgotten a single word in the product name: instead of "balalar oson asherelgen" ("Cooked for children") wrote "balalar asherelgen" — that turned a delicacy for Cannibal .

Is this possible in Belarus, where the use of a patriotic order of the Ministry of Health of the Bashkir language on labels is strictly prohibited What is there sigh native cannibal, who already have a

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Yushchenko is under criminal investigation?

Gennady Moskal, past associate of the former president, Yushchenko asked to draw the falsification "of dioxin poisoning"

Victor Yushchenko despise even former colleagues. Gennady Moskal, Verkhovna Rada deputy from the block "Our Ukraine — People's Self-Defense" (the one that has been a mainstay in Yushchenko's presidency), asked the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka to open a criminal case against former Ukrainian President for what he said is not true in the pre- 2004 poisoning of their own.

"As you know, the temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, made in 2009, found that there was no poisoning of

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Vampires. Fiction or reality from the past?

Vampires. Tales of them exist in almost all nations. In fact — this zombie, blood lust that appears immediately after the resurrection. Do they exist in reality and what's the story?

He — The Prince of Darkness, the resurrected dead, who returned to this world for revenge and terror, he — Dracula. Many have tried to destroy it, but the result remained the same. He always revived again. Perhaps the most famous character from the world in which are valued gold, or money, and human blood.

Many of

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Mysteries of History: Hitler and the spear Jesus / Hitler and the Spear of Destiny watch online

A documentary film about the famous lance Fate, which had been dug her warrior Rome in the body of Christ. This legend strolled around the world for many centuries and lance was the aim of the despots of the conquerors of all times and peoples, including Hitler and Napoleon. Scientists have spent many hours over the deciphering of Enigma spear, his stories and real. The Gospel of John tells us about the representative of the proconsul of Judea, Pontius Pilate named Gaius Cassius, which not only was on executions "troublemaker Jesus Christ, and pierced the body of the crucified

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A marvel of engineering (02.06.2013) Watch online

— Who is the last? Will mobile banking to avoid queues? — Scooters come: what are their advantages over other modes of transport. — Blood for blood: Soup able to overcome the mosquito?

The magic of technology — a series of programs

Questions of blood in the nature of nationalism

Researchers state the question in a major analysis of world history have concluded that political leaders aimed at cultivating a brutal state patriotism, often no relation to the title of civilization or the other countries do not have. One evidence of this rather unusual trend today stands head-wing French Emperor Le Pen. Incidentally, his daughter Marine Le Pen is a candidate for the presidency of the 5th Republic, and maybe today will be severe konkurentnst French President Nicolas Sarkozy. This confrontation can safely be called confrontation "Vikings" for the highest office in the country. After all, Ms. Le Pen ethnic

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