Process with the administration of President Vl.Holadam bureaucrat will be closed

This was told in the press service Supreme Court. According to the press service, the case came to the court with the stamp, which provides for a closed process. When the process starts, has not yet decided.Vladimir Cold detained in late June. Bureaucrat presidential administration suspected fraud and incitement to bribery.According to these allegations Vladimir Frost threatens to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.Lukashenko freed from B. Cold work Tsentravykankame, 18:08:07 Penalty "Narodnaya Volya"25 million in favor of Proleskovsky, 2:10:07

Corruption fight, and it blooms?

Continues to grow international corruption rating of Belarus. If in 2004 the international organization «Transparency International» determines Belarus takes the list of 74-th row, the outcome of this year — the 150th place among 180 countries in the world.Explain that the highest line in the list take a country where corruption recognized small.This year, less corrupt recognized Denmark, Finland and The latest Zealand. By the way, they were favorites and three years back. But Belarus is in the company of such countries as Kenya, Tajikistan, Zymbabve. Index of corruption in their 2.1 points — One of the most unsafe.Meanwhile, Belarusian

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Symmetric measures against U.S. officials MFA

Belarus MFA has its own "Black list" of U.S. officialsFirst, in August, official Washington has expanded the list of Belarusian officials restricted arrivals in the United States. As explained by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Vanshyna in criteria such "one-sided unmotivated actions by the United States" Belarus is obliged to do so symmetric measures.Ms. Vanshyna clarified: the same as the U.S. drew up a list of banned Belarusian managers, "black list" of American officials there and at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:"Naturally, there is a list on certain categories of American officials. And, in my opinion, with this moment

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Sign up in the spring?

Bureaucrats Ministry of Justice did not say they registered human rights association "Spring". Head of Department public associations Oleg Slizhevsky said:"For you I will not give any comments and responses, while I will not have control orders."A day or two back the applicants met with the First Deputy Minister of Justice Alexander Petrasha. They passed a resolution of the UN Committee on Human Rights, who admitted illegal liquidation of the human rights center "Viasna" in 2003. Petrash explained to the Emperor: say, there is still time — and bureaucrats will send the decision to the applicants. Human rights activist Vladimir

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Svetlogorsk entrepreneurs decided to start from September 1 strike

After the release of August 6 to protest the marketplace to small businessmen executive committee want to hear the answer, if the fiscal authorities will end the practice of confiscation of products even for small violations. "The speeches Deputy Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Magazinshchykava and other officials had a lot of different disk imaging. But we have not heard the brain: when is discontinued shameless confiscation of our products, "- said Ira biznesmenka Sovateeva.In soon Ira, who is chairman of the personal business of shopping center "ARTIS" Tax and police seized products almost 3 million rubles. In individual traders amount

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What gifts prepared municipal bureaucrats in Belarus?

Last main control state legal council Presidential Administration Alexander Plaskovitsky reads receiving gifts bureaucrats Belarusian vertical regulatory acts. There is written, what amount should not exceed the price of the gift — one base value (30 thousand rubles). But at least some, even the most trifling gift for views lawyer can cost bureaucrat not only a place of work, and imprisonment:"Always there was a law on state service. He had several options, but they are regulated this question and it was always a small salary — the highest limit for such gifts to the address of officers. At the moment

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