The opposition put forward in the Commission about 150 candidates

Press secretary of the UDF Yuri Potemkin said "Freedom", which completely exact figure can not be called nominees. Wishing to work in the district commissions offered not only political parties, yes and public organizations. In addition, there were activists who, without the help of others collected signatures to run for county commission — says the Sovereign Potemkin:"And if it all generalize, we obtain a figure somewhere in sizes 140-150 candidates to district election commissions."Yuri Potemkin associated with the situation, which was four year reversed, in the last parliamentary elections. Then nominees from the opposition was under two weave. But now

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Opposition candidates scare removal

During the conversation with the chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina Mrs. Schmidt, also an employee of the department of politics Pirkko Tapiola asked a lot of specific questions relating to the fall of the National Assembly elections. By As the last, motivate them, how to create different levels of election commissions, eligible nominate candidates and etc. Representatives of the European Union, the meetings in Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Favorites of the United Democratic Forces during a conversation with guests from Brussels told about how the election campaign started. Opposition recalled I didand three

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Saturday’s selection of Georgia

Observers called Saturday’s presidential elections in Georgia — a vote of confidence of the Rose Revolution and the man who eventually of the revolution came to power — Misha Saakashvili. In the forecast of analysts dominated world that Saakashvili is elected for the second term. Opposition skeptical Saakashvili likely victory in the first round, but is ready to listen to the conclusions of international observers.According to the Constitution, during the election campaign run by the state parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze.In the presidential elections in Georgia — 7 candidates. Past President Mikhail Saakashvili is running for a second term. He suggested

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The opposition says it is ready for any election date

Society Given that the next meeting of the special session will be held on September 14, probable time, which can be assigned to the elections, is the period from 19 December 2010 to 6 February 2011. What date is considered more convenient for themselves potential presidential candidates from the opposition?

One of the leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front Kastusyou Gregory says he is ready to ensure that elections will be appointed today, and that he had already prepared a list of the initiative group to nominate a presidential candidate. Mr. Kastusyou convinced that the opposition are more convenient

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