I saw the Datsun!

Just the thing — not allowed to take anything. All this reminded anecdote about the blonde, which is prompted for the account in the amount of words genuinely indignant: «How is it I figure you write letters?» We have before us the task even more difficult, «letters» have to write a design of cars. However, a couple of sketches that are suitable for publication, we still have provided. But before describing the design is to voice a few postulates, from which came the creators of the new brand. At least in order to compare the result with the original promise.

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SUCKS on the march

And bored and sad, and there is no one face stuff — for this blatant hack to proprietary kazualov.

I have seen many attempts to make populist" RPGs ever since the Decembrists awakened Herzen. But long been disturbing the public view of a third person can not take root, constantly causing unhealthy association with the citizen L. However, when we face defiles shapely young woman in a negligee, it is still possible to understand and even, perhaps, to forgive, but jumping antics and the guy with the ax personally, I have been vomiting.

Local, sorry kruzadёr — man (if

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The introduction of more stringent environmental standards in Russia — is already a reality. We will understand the peculiarities of operation of diesel engines with EGR and SCR

This statistic is calling for action. According to another theory, a person is able to work only 10 percent of all possible emissions that affect the state of the atmosphere. For example, the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily or any other in Iceland, Kamchatka may lead to irreparable consequences. Here fit to calm down and hope for a favorable arrangement of the stars in the sky, count on ETC …

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To press on a grand scale

How and where to start?

Riddle. Flour. Laceration. Either write that

Carmageddon for their energy, excellence and impact on society can be compared only with the first DOOM’om, or mint that pretty, but crude (very slow) SVGA-schedule release of an existing completely deprives us (formally present) High Definition? A .. Maybe we should sort through all "krivost" This SVGA? .. or limit the whole correct formula: the game quietly lives, live and wins even in 320×200? Mast …

God knows. The situation is aggravated by the fact that among the readers may show the aliens, do not know what

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In step with the times

Vertical mechanized car parks

The design of the lifting device for the multi-level parking area, developed by JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» and NPTs-47, «Power», meets all the requirements of Russian customers. It has a high mobility, it is simple installation, 90% of the lift is made up of parts of the domestic production. Such equipment can be efficiently and inexpensively serve Russian organizations specializing in elevators. Its main advantage over domestic and foreign counterparts — a favorable price-quality ratio, ease of maintenance, and — very importantly — a new multi-level parking structure perfectly adapted to the harsh climatic conditions

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In «KUGE» second.

The second generation Ford Kuga just quarreled with his son Dmitry Sirotkin are presenting to your attention a fascinating account of his hatred, confusion and sleepiness.

This machine I will remember for a long time: Kuga is the first car that drove me to distraction. And all thanks to the trunk opening without using their hands. My three year old son Roma view opens with a wave of his legs back door led to such an indescribable joy that pull him from the continuous kicking rear bumper crossover was not easy: a child raised wildest op as I tried

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«We need to move the brand forward ‘

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In Lukhovitsy presented the new MiG-35

In June 2013 Russian company «MiG» must sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply new features of the MiG-35. For three years scheduled for release almost 30 such aircraft. New company is ready to fight funny day and NIGHT MODE immediately hunt down up to 30 targets and 6 storm of them. Recently the MiG-35 is presented in Lukhovitsy near Moscow. New multi-purpose fighter, the MiG-35 was taxiing to the runway. Small run, luxury takeoff and descent for a small climb — «loop», «barrel», aerobatics. Behind the wheel — CEO of «MiG» Sergey Korotkov, second pilot —

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In Zhlobin police took Comrade newspaper

According to the source, more recently, police detained two private cars — Marat Viktor Afanasyev and Balyankova. Sovereign Afanasyev police said, as if in a car of drug trafficking. At night, the car remained in the structure Zhlobin police and activists released.Now day Marat Viktor Afanasyev and Belyanko applied to the local prosecutor’s office to complain about the illegal actions of militia. Meanwhile police cars began screening and later confiscated goods."We received a certificate of the amount confiscated copies of the newspaper" Comrade "- says Marat Afanasyev — and all other requests are ignored. Policemen warned that any explanation will

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Belarus rarely amuses the audience for new weapons and military equipment, because each occurrence of a new standard is befitting response. Middle of May and the month of agency reporters «BelaPAN» managed to make some pics of the new armored car, built on one of the Belarusian companies. Unmarked car symbols and state number plates move on one of the highways in the car, accompanied with spetssignalami. This little «sequence» walking down the highway with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in the direction of Minsk. Reporter «BelaPAN» managed to make a few shots of the new successful armored

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