On the night of January 19, 1730 in Moscow, the grandson of Peter the Great, died 14-year-old Emperor Peter II. The young man died suddenly from the black pox, on the eve of her wedding and coronation and, of course, did not leave a will. Supreme Privy Council decided to invite the Russian throne Dowager Duchess of Courland Anna Ivanovna, niece of Peter I, the daughter of his brother Ivan V.

Childless Anna Ivanovna for all 10 years of his reign, did nothing to formally appoint the successor, and in 1740 the greatest chance to become a Russian tsar,

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Eagle’s Nest Middle Ages.

The architectural appearance of the Middle Ages is hard to imagine without a feudal castle. He is — an integral part of the lifestyle of a medieval lord. The first is — to strengthen, where they could hide from the attacks themselves lords and placed under the protection of their vassals. There is life, subordinate harsh laws of his time. However, the castle — not only housing and fortification, and center of secular culture: castles were jousting tournaments, jugglers, and were organized competitions of singers; here created material culture, satisfies the tastes and needs of the feudal lord.


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Grodno in ancient castle decoys should not build

Creator of the restoration project Grodno old castle is Vladimir barrels. Now some experts at criticizing the project. In the first half of 1990 years wasand supported by an eclectic concept: the main thug transformed into a Renaissance style that was manufactured at the request of King Stefan Batory at the end of the XVI century, and also to build a church tower, images of which have not survived.How Republican Scientific and Methodological Council is currently considering a draft Vladimir Bochkova? Says Deputy Managing Protection Agency historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky:"To support

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Part Radziwill castle was demolished. What’s Next?

In most fresh newspaper "Evening Brest" reporting of day-care for young disabled Metropolitan district of Brest. Guys come here every day to against their disease embedded in society. They can not be called the children — because they are adults. But for many of them to the universe nedavneshnih been limited view from the window. And at this point in day stay they learn shytstsyu, skill panels."They themselves invent stories for his own works, — told the special social work Tatiana Ivanova. — Arts and panels like the girls, and boys. There is also an incentive to work — already

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World staged Mozart Belarusian

So makarom be deployed another page of the history of Belarusian musical theater era of classicism. New performance rely summer show in Mir castle, and later to keep unchanged the theater’s repertoire.Comical opera "Strange heritage nobody is" Ian David Golyand did in 1795. German by birth, a huge part of the composer own life held in Belarus. For 20 years he served kapelmaystram Nyasvizh Radziwill at the court, and after a doctor music Vilna Institute, where he taught composition "Philomath Filaret."

Member of the Arts Council of the Belarusian Opera, Honored Artist of Belarus Victor Skorobogatov (Photo) knows that the

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On the work of the hidden courses of the castle Fridental

March 15, 1942, at a meeting in Berlin, Adolf Hitler announced that by the summer of this year, the Russian campaign would be well over Germany.

— We dismember Russia and forced her to kneel down — as if cutting the air with his hands, Hitler was saying. — The border will be in the Urals?

He pinned his hopes on the success of the coming of the Caucasus, the breakthrough to the oilfields of Baku, the severity and Maikop, access to the Volga and the blockade of this important artery aqua Russian European Union, on which the uninterrupted flow

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Little-known Russian war the country: Russian-Swedish war of 1495-1497 years.

After the majestic Prince Ivan III of Capital in 1478, added to his possessions giant land of Novgorod, the Metropolitan Government inherited from the fallen veche republic long border with Sweden. The boundaries between majestically Novgorod and Sweden were established Orekhovskiy world from August 12, 1323. The border ran from the Gulf of Finland on the river's sister, in the north to Lake Saimaa and then north-west to the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.

During the wars between Moscow and Novgorod Swedes tried to consolidate his power in Karelia, constantly provoking the clashes at the border. Once

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Grodno authorities ignored Grunwald exhibition

Society In Grodno in New Castle today opened an art exhibition dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. It was organized by the Historical and Archaeological Museum, which occupies now both former royal castles — New and Old.

"The Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko.  

Among those who are interested in the exhibition, could see the Consul General of Lithuania in Grodno Rimantas Latakas, but local officials could not see. In the previous Senatorska hall were hung with copies of famous paintings, in particular — the "Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko, reconstruction and original paintings.

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South Gate Russian Empire

"Out of the crimes I deeds in this life find fundamental base of the town and the port to which the will of the sovereign is given a wonderful name — Odessa — a trade route linking the peoples of the exchange of works of their hands and mind."Admiral Joseph M. de Ribas

According to the views of many historians, the first in the area of the modern Odessa there were Greek tribes. In the ancient era, but directly to the VI-th century before our era, they came to the northern Black Sea region, founded a large number

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Chateau d’If / Le Chateau d’if watch online

If. Who does not know about this place with such a mild title, followed by still hides many historical events around which the action of the 1st of the most exciting adventure novels. There are castles, like Versailles or Combourg, one title already says it all — the window into the world of luxury, or the kingdom of poetry. Ifs dry, laconic, silent, as befits a bullpen that does not want to open up its secrets. The build-up, worthless bedding, according to the dictionary. Unerring word selected Dumas island, which is built castle, very nature, intended to be the

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