Central Tibet — FIRST STEPS

Himself flight lasted just over an hour and passed without incident. We took off to the left on the board (try to sit on this side) passed shrouded in clouds of Everest (or, as it is called in Tibet Chomolungma, which means «Mother of the Snows»). Enjoy spectacular views of different mountains and lakes of the porthole, down along the valley of the Brahmaputra River, landed at the airport Gongar. Immediately felt the altitude — 3,600 meters above sea level, the thin air caused a slight feeling of weightlessness and vertigo. It took several careful and picky searches various Chinese

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The Chinese delegation will assess the Su-35

Presentable Chinese delegation will hold talks in Moscow on the purchase of new functional Russian Su-35 fighters and get acquainted with aerobatic capabilities of this machine in Kubinka near Moscow, where they will be organized on Wednesday a special demo flights, told «Interfax» on Tuesday, a source in the structures associated with arms exports. «Russian and Chinese spices started consultations on the supply of the Chinese Air Force advanced functional Su-35 fighters. In the current time in Moscow is the Chinese delegation, which acquainted with aircraft performance characteristics of the aircraft, will have a look at his flight and will

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China conducted tests of the new fifth-generation fighter J-31 — Media

  The new Chinese fighter fifth-generation J-31 («Jian-31»), which is made the first test flight, reported on Thursday the newspaper «Huanqiu Shibao».   The flight took place on Wednesday in Liaoning Province and lasted 11 minutes. Chinese media emphasize in this regard that China has now become the second after the United States Power, which is developing two models of fighters immediately 5th generation — J-20 and J-31.   According to experts, judging by the pictures on the Web vserasprostranennym, J-31 — Traditional combat fighter medium size with 2 engines. Overall length is 16-17 meters, wingspan — 10 meters. The

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According to media reports, on Wednesday, the layout of the second type of Chinese stealth fighter J-31 made the first flight from the airfield industrial Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC, Liaoning Province). The flight lasted about 11 minutes.   English Aviation Combat Aircraft Monthly magazine said that this layout resettled Russian engines with «average thrust,» but in the future will be equipped with Chinese WS-13 turbofans.   Past deputy editor of the magazine Aviation Aviation World Weekly Bai Wei (Bai Wei) said that, as the South American F-22 and F-35 fighter jets Chinese J-20 and J-31 will complement each other.


The Many Faces of the Su-27 in the Chinese Air Force

  In many years, the PLA Air Force were armed with obsolete second-generation fighter F-7 and J-8, which is the key element in the defense of the PRC. While the need for third-generation fighter was trivial to 1990 such plans do not open a discussion. After pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 that ended the oppression of speeches in Tiananmen Square, the West limited the scope of cooperation with China. Sino-Soviet conflict went on the decline, so makarom PRC turnover towards the USSR. But the end of the war cool and collapse of the USSR, together with the continuing tensions with Taiwan,

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Beijing surprises — the weather

In general, while on academic veslavanne as if some evil fate sent down a curse. Yesterday the shuttle bus route from athletes from Greece vyaslyarny channel Chinese minibus crashed. As a result of this accident, according to the latest disk imaging, two people of "Vans" died. Observed the accident and within the Olympic Village, where there are journalists.In general, the topic of traffic on the Beijing Olympics remains topical. Then recognize that the Chinese are friendly enough without hunting rules of the road: pedestrians can just go to a reddish signal lights, and drivers trivial "undercut" the official transport, which

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2008 Olympics: China against the rest of the world?

Many refer to today’s competition "Chinese Olympics" in which contestants athletes from the PRC certain modest place. Yet the management of the State Olympic Committee expects the most successful performance of his team in history. NOC President Alexander Lukashenko personally ckiravav Belarusian athletes in feats by giving municipal services.At the Beijing Stadium "Bird’s Nest" in the presence of a huge number of top officials of the World — monarchs, presidents — celebratory opening of the XXIX Olympic Games. Accompanied by younger son Nicholas watched the ceremony and head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir ParfenovichTrehkratny Olympic favorite in veslavanni Parfenovich notes

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CHINA RAISED four prototypes of fifth generation fighter

Chinese Chengdu Aircraft manufacturing companies gathered four layout promising fighter J-20, the program of flight tests that began in January 2011. As reported by Jane «s, at the present time only two models of aircraft with tail number 2001 and 2002 make the flights, while others are participating in ground tests. One flight of the prototype uses two different motors. Presumably, some of them — the Russian production. It can be a power plant AL-31F or AL-41F. In 2011, China had acquired 150 powerplants AL-31F and AL-31FN. Second engine — WS-10A China. On another airfield layout engines installed Chinese

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At the Beijing Olympics will be three Bangalore

The decision to make so called "Protest zones" in 3 public parks in Beijing — Chinese authorities attempt to answer those critics who they say that this country absolutely no freedom of speech. However, to get permission to protest must be previously apply where be based on the theme of protest, the names of the organizers and participants.

Creating a "protest zones" — a departure from the previous policy of the Chinese authorities, if any demonstration dissidents were forbidden

Guests sporting events is unlikely to see these protests, because all three parks far from the places which will going competition.

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Chinese dragons against the Japanese samurai

«The Japanese currently have hard times in China», «The Japanese are fleeing from China.» About titles such replete global press these days are. And the reason for the hectic life of the Japanese China associated with the islands of the Senkaku (Diaoyu), which is discussed controversial status and Beijing, and Tokyo all soon. On «Military Review» has published several pieces dealing dilemma archipelago which the authorities consider their China and Tokyo made a step towards the nationalization of these territories. All saying that the authorities of both countries did not lure the rocky land several islands lost in the

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