CEC saved elections

"There was a significant saving money," — said the chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina reporters in Minsk. "Saved about 4 billion rubles, which were intended for the second round. Saved in the first round estimated about 2 billion rubles."Parliamentary elections in Belarus for the first time held in one round. Four year reversed Second tour came in handy for the 1st electoral neighborhood. In 2000, the second round took 20 surroundings.

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Cockroach Races in U.S. elections: racing around 50%

Over the past few years have emerged stereotype associated with the fact that though what is actually on Becoming a severe problem in the world to push for the only plausible point of view — the point of view of white houses, the Municipal Department and those of monetary forces that these organizations face. Under the terms of defending itself sharpen UN meeting, international economic forums and other international areas that are at its original purpose should lead to finding a consensus on the basis of numerous points of view.

This brand-new form of global democracy, when practically the

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The Company is not ripe for revolution, and Lukashenko — the evolution

Society Events on December 19 — the crackdown by the authorities of demonstrators who gathered to protest against the rigged presidential election and the subsequent political repression in the country — the main theme is almost free for almost two months.

I will begin today's discussion with a new letter from our old friend Constantine Syrelya of Ushacha. The listener believes that the Belarusian society is not yet ripe for a change in his state — so namagannni all those politicians who were in the area of people and as a result ended up in prison bars — were doomed

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Do we have a choice? (To the 359 anniversary of the reunification of Russia)

Have you thought of that majestic lurking over our language, that lies in the word "polonization?" What does it mean? What is behind it? The very spirit of the word, it would seem, does not leave us other interpretations, excluding 1st — polonisation. But put aside the Latin suffix and look closely at the root. We will reveal the original true: polonenie, captivity. Polonius in the old days was called the prisoner. Open the dictionary — and we will see that the word "full" served as obsolete, although it survived as a Ukrainian translation of the Russian "prisoner" and

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Egypt, your … Democracy!

"PACE welcomes the election of the first civilian president in Egypt as a result of the elections, which are generally considered to have been free and fair and that open the way the country's transition to democracy" … This — the resolution. This very PACE … Do not subtract, not add. This — the diagnosis.

Egyptian election "first civilian president" — essentially a carnival already izymatelstvo of all humanitarian and democratic platitudes, all accompanied by a torrent process unhappy "Arab Spring." At first, with the choice to shoot all of the real favorites, though Islamists, though liberastov. During the presidential

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One of the candidates for president will be less

Society At a press conference in Minsk, one of the applicants to participate in the presidential elections pensioner Peter Borisov announced that he was ready to vote for co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian demokratiiVitaliya Rymasheuski.

With today Initiative Group of Peter Borisov will work Vitali Rymasheuski. In what format it will happen — not yet decided.

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