Central Tibet — FIRST STEPS

Himself flight lasted just over an hour and passed without incident. We took off to the left on the board (try to sit on this side) passed shrouded in clouds of Everest (or, as it is called in Tibet Chomolungma, which means «Mother of the Snows»). Enjoy spectacular views of different mountains and lakes of the porthole, down along the valley of the Brahmaputra River, landed at the airport Gongar. Immediately felt the altitude — 3,600 meters above sea level, the thin air caused a slight feeling of weightlessness and vertigo. It took several careful and picky searches various Chinese

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Strategy. Verdict: Green residue.

Civilization: call to power.

First impressions.

The surprises began even in the installation phase: "minimal install" I asked the 400 MB space. Maximum — more. If you have not, it is best to the maximum, because otherwise each time the library of the sweet sounds of the African chants and other pretty good (in the first two days of play) tracks will end up with the relentless crunch. Surreptitiously wiping away a tear after watching the video (epic creation), I suddenly heard a strange sound. For monitor someone croaked clearly, openly and brazenly pohryukivaet racked bushes. Especially strange to hear

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Tips on passing SimCity game

So, my friends, the world — world war — a carrot. We have enough to do some fighting, they shot, killed — it’s time to know and honor. From now on, we will create a utopian society is a happy city. For, every self-respecting man should be in my life to plant a tree, raise a son and build a city ….

The financial crisis and how to get out of it

The usual situation. Anyone who has ever played in the «City», always faced with this problem: I want to build a just and much as the money runs

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Education abroad, from personal experience

We decided to share with readers the story of Valeria Bannikova — Russian schoolgirl, who is studying in England.

I thought about studying in England when I was in 9th grade ordinary high school. Then this idea was more of a dream than a reality. In the same year I went to another teacher of English, and the idea turned into a dream, and then to the target, which I carried out in October 2011. I went to State College in southern England. The college called Chichester College, located in he West Sussex — the city of the same name,

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ANCIENT political center KHAZARIA

The remains of many of the Khazar towns and villages identified in Seaside Daghestan, as well as an extensive archaeological material obtained in their research can determine the original center, and gradually expand to the south boundary of khanate. They enable the formulation and solution of a number of issues related to the problem of the Khazar. Among the most interesting and controversial to this day remains the problem of localization of the ancient political centers khanate. The only sources in the investigation of the matter remained until recently, contradictory and scarce attention medieval Arab authors who spawned a

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Belarusian petrodollars: where, how, who and what

Weekly "New Era" publishes articles on parliamentary elections Ukraine also provides political portrait of Viktor Gonchar in category "New History in the people.""Belarusian petrodollars: where, how much, to whom and for what" — so called Another publication in which to analyze the circuit use a cheap energoelementov Belarusian government. Editor Alexei Lord:"Change and loss are. To count them, you need to study very hitretskuyu scheme of work for the oil industry of Belarus 2007. That the scheme had a good all: government, "Belneftekhim" also Russian companies. "Is independent newspaper "Free City" of Krychaw prints an article devoted to the agricultural

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World outraged forcible suppression of protests in M» yanme

Military Administration M» yanmy tool compresses peaceful protests going on the second week. Closed center naikrupneyshgo country town Yangon (last name — Rangoon) and blocked all roads in the city. Local inhabitants of one hundred percent do not have access to the web. Security forces took five major Buddhist monasteries in the town, hundreds of monks arrested. Specifically Buddhist monks took the lead daily demonstrations against the military junta and its economic policies.Now troops again opened fire against demonstrators in the streets of Yangon. But it did not stop the action — now out on the street about 2 Yangon

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Grodno: referendum on the old town reconstruction will not

Coordinated the process of creation active group and preparation for registration dakumentva Vadim Saranchukou managing urban branch of the BPF. Either did not disappoint his misfortune?Locusts: "No disappointment. Refusal of registration — further evidence of the horror of the authorities to at least what all dissent and public protest, because that activities of the group, we filed a registration was quite small. "Was the reaction of a specific control active group the Referendum doctor of historical sciences Ales Smolensk:"The authorities just hunt preserve the passivity of the majority. Because they are essentially a manifestation of sabotaging public activity."May be worth

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Chernobyl: possible victims — 5.5 million people

Specialists of the Institute determined the town, zabruzhanasts which impacted on people’s health. Considered such danger — from asthma to premature death. Certain rating — from first to tenth — Institute does not offer, as there is no reliable disk imaging on human health in countries that are developing.5 and a half million people — potential victims of Chernobyl circles. This is the greatest figure in the list of Institute Blacksmith. The reason — the radioactive dust from uranium and other metals. In 10 of the most unsafe places for people’s health comes Azerbaijan Sumgait, which potentially caused harm to

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Wish to thank Valentin Zhdanko for very severe and intelligent comment letters

Man: "I would never have thought that the so called favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, owed is in opposition to the current government. Specifically about this, he said now, when almost an hour near the microphone raspinavsya Belarusian Radio. Enough for all of it: and Milinkevich, and students who are studying abroad for programmke Kalinouski, and many others for what they are and spend some money there. In this regard, I wish to ask Sergei Haidukevich as himself "roll the" pocket opposition for the role? Since the real opposition to the Belarusian radio on a gun shot

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