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Experience, paid with blood, Candace maksuz

Kandahar — the second largest city in Afghanistan, the administrative and religious center in the south of the country. During the war the center of the town was in the hands of days of official power, at night under the control of the armed opposition. The suburbs of Kandahar, is also compact set close to its suburbs villages, orchards, groves, vineyards, orchards, intersected by roads, trails, canals, creating the so-referred to as a greenish zone. Sad popular Zelenka was a stronghold of Kandahar Mujahideen. Located in the north of the big green stuff Kishlak Hodzhamulk was a transit point on

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Night ram Victor Talalikhina

Victor Talalikhin Born in the village Teplovka Saratov province September 18, 1918. My mother and father were farmers of the future hero. He graduated from the 7 years of schooling, then studied for a factory school, got a job at the slaughterhouse.

The family Talalikhina had two sons, both older than Victor, both served in aviation. It's dedicated his youthful enthusiasm — he wanted to become a pilot. First steps in aviation Talalikhin did the flying club. His instructor pointed out that the guy is flying well, but to increase the skills he needs a cool head. It is said

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At the front of the world: Hello, tovarish! (Time, USA)

Article posted May 7, 1945

Torgau is a small German town (population in peacetime was 14 000), but he had his own place in history for a long time until last week. It was the scene of the victory of Frederick majestically over Austria in 1760, and a region where the Austrian and Russian troops against Frederick the following year. Last week, history repeated itself in Torgau.

Early last week, the city was almost empty. Marshal Konev's artillery shelling it over the Elbe. Only a few Germans, very stunned to worry about what happened, found in piles of garbage

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People under the Topol

What wonders officer missile forces, when not pressed against the nuclear buttonTaman Division Strategic Missile combat power is the largest rocket mix in Europe. Her arms are famous intercontinental ballistic missile, "Topol-M" silo-based. Thanks to their charges in the world remains a strategic parity with our forces and the state at the very least continue to be neighbors in the planet. Correspondents "PP" learned how to perform service-TAMANTSEV missile crews and trembles whether their finger poised over the nuclear button.— Show the rocket, the rocket show well, the second hour of whining photographer "PP", referring to the officers. He knows

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Fliers telling about the arbitrariness of the commanders, suspended from flying

The resounding scandal in the old elite and the Lipetsk aviation center, where several military officers. How should one of a number of readings, the command of fleecing his own subordinates, demanding roll back to the officers' bonuses. How many dresses to take off?

For the fact that journalists have heard and recorded the stories of the elite pilots of the famous Lipetsk aviation center, majority of votes in the hall. Check-in part of the chairman of the commission of the Public Chamber to monitor the activities of law enforcement agencies Anatoly Kucherena gave the long-awaited opportunity to speak

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The pilots began to retire from the famous Swifts because of the scandal with the commander and humiliating obligations

Another disturbing evidence received word of members of the Public Chamber of Russia that Russian aircraft are facing collapse. Known aerobatic team "Swifts", which turned out not so long ago, in the center of the scandal began to leave the pilots. With military service leave two MiG-29 pilot from a reserve of "Swifts" said RIA "Announcements" familiar with the situation source.

One of them explained his decision by saying that after the July Kubinka removed the fighter pilots themselves were going to guard and do other functions that were previously done privates explained source.

On the situation in Kubinka, threatening

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Ethnic bullying

Most military analysts agree in outlook, that in the not distant future, the main problem of the Russian army will be ethnic bullying. The soldiers, countrymen, joining together in close-knit ethnic groups, build military units in their power vertical. In the main it is men called from the North Caucasus. Today, two million Dagestan delivers the same recruits as twelve million Moscow …

Another escape motivated etnodedovschiny happened not long ago in Samara. From a military unit of Internal Troops fled two soldiers. On the same day they gave a press conference at which he announced that their fellow

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Beliefs do not change the title to, or smallness of unrecognized heroes

As it happens, the birthplace of many of us call no particular government, and the entire area from Eastern Europe to the Far East. Separatist sentiments are unique individual, very stately smaller groups of post-Soviet community, but most of us still do not understand what happened separation. Not only the Slavs, and the population of the North Caucasus hitherto united people feel the post-Soviet space. We honor our common heroes and indignant cry from attempts to rewrite the history of the world of the twentieth century. The actual article is dedicated to not Russian, and Russian hero, who has a

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T-55AGM. Ukraine

Kharkov immediately offered several upgrade options that behalf to satisfy all desires of our customers.

So, the tank held profound modernization of the crew compartment will allow customers to install optional 125 mm gun or 120 mm KBM1 KBM2 (upgraded KBM1 to NATO ammunition). This gun can lead as ordinary fire missiles and missile systems, which gives the confidence to hit the modern MBTs at ranges up to 5000 meters.

By car to the back of the tower in an armored compartment mounted automatic loader. Due to this, the number of crew members in the tank was reduced to

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Special Forces soldier from God

Sixth of May this year there was an event that, for various reasons go unnoticed. Closed by the Decree of the President of Russian Federation, Colonel Evgeny G. Sergeyev was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).

Most people is the name of anything is not states. But not the GRU special forces veterans. After all, 25 years after the commission of the feat and 5 years after the death was given this title are worthy of dignity.

People like Jack, you can GRU spetsnaz counted on the fingers of one hand.

EUGENE G. Sergeev was born

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