Some results of the Working Committee, elected XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers May 26, 2009

The Working Committee elected 19 people, including the FA Lyachin, VS Kotelnikov, MA Waxman, BF Violin, VA Silence, VV Samokhin, VM Mamasuev, AA Tzolkin, PA Polyudov, EM Voloshin V. Dyabdenkov, EV Agafonov, IB Goransky, TN Ermolaeva, EI Kaiser, VN Perminov, KF Shmakov AV Zaitsev, NV Bogdanov.

These dear people in the elevator community elected XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers unanimously to implement the decisions of the Congress. None of the elected members of the Working Committee recusals not ask, thus, expressed a desire to work in it and to make a contribution to solving the pressing

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

I-st MEZHDUNARODNYI Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), organized in 1948. His goal — the solution of international problems of preservation and restoration of natural resources and promote development in the world of research, advocacy and practical activities in the field of nature conservation. Currently, the IUCN is 196 member organizations from 62 countries.

The Soviet Union is represented in the IUCN Commission for the Conservation of Nature in the USSR State Planning Committee (since 1956) and the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (1960).

Every two or three years, the IUCN General Assembly and carries both technical

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Shklovschina: empty lot unattended

In Kastusyou village came to see the how the vote here. On the table lay a sheet of paper the Commission with fruits preparatory voting sovereign states Kastusyou:"There was a figure of 23.1 percent of voters in the area. According to the same report Shklou District Commission, voted early for the District 7 to eight percent. Together with me were journalists" Belsat ", they removed it at the camera. On the site I was more 20 minutes. All this time anyone in the polling was not. I called the chairman of the electoral Shklovsky Lyudmila Glyakova neighborhood. After 20 minutes,

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Care that Lukashenko asks the elections

"In Belarus, the other day before the elections as not enough progress in the field of human rights and democracy," — said in a statement issued by the co-chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Congressman Alcee Hastings and Senator Benjamin Cardin."The situation has recently elections in Belarus remains disappointing. Hitherto not many signals that the elections on September 28 will be significantly different from previous elections that failed to meet OSCE standards," — written policy. They express concern that the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko claimed the West to recognize the election results as a "democratic" and

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T.Sevyarynets will agitate for election boycott

 "When I came to the district commission — came very early to catch before the early voting — saw Ms. which already came with a passport. Asked:" Where are you going so fast and so early in the run? "And she says," And that all -still do? We were in kindergarten number 67 gave the order to make sure we immediately voted early! "And another violation: preliminary voting began at 7 minutes 10. Sent a note I have here on this Jesuit trick: hanging standard bulletin as it needs to fill. There are two fake names — for reference, because

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Dzevyatouski Tikhon yet remain in medal

The other day there was held a meeting of the Disciplinary Commission of the International Olympic Committee against Belarusian hammer throwers suspected of doping. Recall that in Beijing Dzevyatouski on the basis of performances captured the silver medal, Tikhon — bronze. By the results of hours of meeting athletes the opportunity to mid-October to provide clarification regarding the Commission their suspicions commissioners Global Anti-Doping Agency used illegal product. Before leaving the Hammers in Lyazanu National Olympic Committee of Belarus conducted an internal investigation into the incident and concluded that the allegations in the address Devyatovskiy Tikhon invented. Athletes also cast

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Mogilev tribunal upheld complaints activist Tatyana Bulanovoj

Tribunal through activist tried to cancel the decision of the administrative committee of the same district, which fined her June 11 at 155 thousand rubles. Arbitrator Ira Soroka not found a reason to cancel this penalty.June 11 Leninsky district administrative committee decided to punish Mogilev Tatyana Bulanov for what it is, allegedly violated a presidential decree "On the rules of ordering and content of urban areas."In the night from 16 to 17 April Tatyana Bulanov and 3 of her friends held ensign of militia Andrey Savitsky. He accused Tatyana Bulanov in putting up posters on poles "Freedom to Dashkevich." His

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Who were shot in the forest near Gomel?

In a letter addressed Deputy Chairman Executive Committee, head of the regional commissions in the study and reburial Natalia Aksenova authoritative co-chairs of the organizing committee write it must find out who committed the massacres. Applicants believe, what you need look, if it can be executed names.In this case should take into account evidence of local residents, say the signatories of the application."From previous experience of similar excavations (near Minsk and in other areas) we know about the attempts of certain persons zaidealyagizavanyh and even fabricate the results of research institutions," — said in the letter.Co-chairs of the organizing committee

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CEC examines complaints

Candidates for deputy this sovereign Leschun, who goes by the Logoysk constituency and V.Syamashka (Lenin Bobruisk area) will stipulate warning own district commissions.CEC also see the question "about the implementation of electoral legislation in the formation of the district election commissions. "The main issue of this meeting, the CEC — the registration of candidates for the Board of the Republic.

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V.Schukin remains at large

Valery Shchukin recognized guilty by the 189th article of the Criminal Code.For written defamation and pluses members of the district and regional commission that worked in the last local elections, he was fined one million 240 thousand rubles, or 40 baselines.Shchukin also must pay court costs — 93 thousand rubles.According to materials criminal case, victims of abuse Valery Shchukin recognized chairman of the district committee number 52 Alla Kolesnik, Deputy Chairman Tatiana Vkrazhenku, girlfriend Commission Hope Ageev also regional girlfriend Election Commission Tatiana Buevich.The leaflets, which gave Valery Shchukin, argued that these Mrs. falsified the results of local elections.But Mrs.

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