Stepan Razin. The anniversary of the capture of

In 1630, a family of wealthy Cossacks born Stepan Razin. First documentary mention of Razin dated 1652, in connection with his petition for leave to make a pilgrimage to the Solovetsky monastery. He was one of the Cherkassy Cossacks, who in 1658 was sent to the capital Ambassadorial order. And then doing the fundamental T. Stepan order of the Russian government. Together with Ivan Isakov, the Don and the Zaporozhye Cossacks in 1661, Stepan Razin was involved in negotiations with the Kalmyks to stand together against the Crimean Tatars and Nogais. In 1663, Razin led large Cossack squad with Don

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The Russian Cross

Orthodox-patriotic forces of the public and law enforcement officials in Moscow have been prevented acts of vandalism against the Orthodox shrines

Your Cross worship the lord ofAnd the glory of Thy holy Resurrection!

Becoming more and more natural that our homeland is in terrible danger. Her spirituality, as the last stronghold of statehood, were under a severe blow by her haters.

Public chopping icons dispensation blasphemous exhibitions, samples of education programs in schools, corrupting kids, promotion of perversion under the guise of gay parades, dances feminists in the temples — all this negative consequence of these processes, in the way

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Cavalry Third Reich

Knowing about Lofty Russian war only on Russian and Russian films, the citizens of the Russian Federation actually know nothing about — Wehrmacht cavalry.

The people in the minds of the Germans were always on bikes, armored personnel carriers, trucks, tanks, and only dismount in order to poobizhat farmers, or when keeping defenses. Wehrmacht motorization is very exaggerated, since in each infantry division was purely cavalry Squad — reconnaissance unit.

Its staff size was 310 people — were supposed to have on troop 216 horsepower, 2 bikes, 9 cars (or armored). This cavalry squadron reinforced 75 mm field guns

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Verdict idealist. General Krasnov watch online

Peter Krasnov — chieftain Troops Don, Crown Cossack, Gen., a writer. He was treated badly by Russian authorities and never going to make any compromises with it. When, in 1918, Lenin asked him to withdraw from St. Petersburg to the Don Cossack Host Krasnov led the Cossacks, not so much from-for Lenin, both because of the Don Cossacks themselves — let them live. Later, in exile in Paris in the 20s and 30s, to Krasnov not weakened the attention of the Kremlin and Stalin's agents — he feared not the case. In 1941, the septuagenarian Gen. became associated with

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