Significant inaccuracies

Survey monograph on the Law of Patents rarely Previous published such a book was published in 1967. The past 10 years have been a period of intense renovation of patent laws, but information about it scattered on journal articles. And the long-awaited monograph. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of false and contradictory statements. Contradictions notice is relatively simple. For example, on p. 9 reported that the new patent law has been adopted in England, and in the near future will probably be adopted in the UK. Or with. 161 read that in Argentina and Colombia, the patentee is not obliged

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a documentary film




Soviet documentary pay attention to a lot of coverage of economic development and cooperation among the countries of socialism. However, generally, the tape is short. Because, of course, a significant event was the release of the big screen full-length documentary «The powerful force of the Commonwealth» (Scenario E. Kozyrev, director A. Opryshko operators V. Baikov and Nikonov, CSDF). He tells about the activities of the CMEA.

It is noteworthy that the film created in the year of the 35th anniversary of the organization after the meeting of the Economic — CMEA summit in Moscow. This is

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The climatic anomalies are not surprising

Still, many «disaster movies» in large numbers released in recent years, have had a positive impact on humanity. Not in the sense that we are careful with the outside world — and that began to quietly take him «surprises.» When the temperature in California, Nevada and southern Arizona has passed for fifty degrees Celsius (Fahrenheit and the figures are absolutely terrible — 120 and above), the local population, listened to warnings of the authorized bodies, sighed: Well could be worse! And many still do expect that will finally be broken record temperature at Earth’s surface, set July 10, 1913

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Ingenuity in the socialist countries

ORGANIZATIONAL through the introduction of new technology in HUNGARY

TOYS AND seriously

Vladimir Kirillov

In the USSR, the convergence of science and industry is shown, in addition to self-financing organizations in the form of research and production associations. Now there are about 200; in the current five-year plan is expected to create more such associations 200-250.

The CMEA countries are widely developed joint research and development activities, which involve several countries simultaneously. Over the past ten years, the volume of work has increased more than fivefold. Together innovators CMEA completed more than sixteen thousand theoretical and applied research, established

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CHINESE BOMBERS H-6 to make a flight along the border JAPAN

September 8 Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun announced that two Chinese H-6 bombers (reportedly the Chinese media, it was the aircraft modification H-6G — approx. «VP») made the trip to the area of ​​the East China Sea, without violating the air space land of the rising sun.   Air Self-Defense Force land of the rising sun rose toward a fighter-interceptor. It was the first case in which the Chinese bombers appeared on the southeastern coast of the country of the rising sun.   Japan has a group of fighters to intercept Chinese aircraft since September 11, 2012

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Human rights activists have issued a statement about the persecution of foreign people

The reason for the adoption of the statement was the forcible deportation from Belarus for 10 years businessman Alan Pliev Russian citizen.The statement said: "Belarusian authorities illegally persecuted not only the business of the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, other states. At times it is accompanied by the confiscation of their property and the public humiliation of pluses. "The organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression expresses strong protest against "Voluntarist action regime against foreign people." He urged governments of foreign countries and international organizations to defend the foreign people who are persecuted in

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Liberty Poll: No problems we have. Need only rejoice

Young Man: "First read about the dilemma of international relations. Our country needs to solve it. And about the lack of democratization inside our country . "Young Man: "I believe that we are not very good relationship with the adjacent countries, including Western Europe. We do not very Cancel internal policy, as there is no democracy. We have a bad economy, as the country is very low standard of living. Very many problems. "Man: "I would read on, it must achieve growth in the number of population, solve the problem of demographic. It is now the main thing. "Woman: "ecology.

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Why Belarusians have less to travel abroad?

Tsigankov: "Purely visually Minsk and other Belarusian town changed a lot in recent years. Much more was expensive cars, open new restaurants. But maybe all consumers of these goods — only a few percent of the population, for whom open new boutiques and sushi bars? Can have to answer this question is to follow the dynamics leave Belarusians abroad. How many Belarusians themselves allow for a leisure trip abroad? Does it make them more than, for example, three years backwards? "Plytkevich: "It is surprising, but they were less. Especially if associated with these 4-5 years ago. This is explained very

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Ya.Maksimyuk: Expanding the social base of the protest in Belarus no

Kalinowski: "Ian, please briefly prove own conclusion.’s The Belarusian opposition’re going to participate in the parliamentary elections, in other words, to act as a political force, not dissidents …"Maksimyuk: "Here the question is not in complete analogy, and in certain similarities. Saying that the Belarusian opposition was in the role of dissidents, I mean that its impact on the narrow circle ambmezhavany people, opposition to the regime, without any outer support.Everything revolves in the same group of people — it’s the same, what happened 1970-80-ies. among Russian dissidents nor the midst of dissidents other states Communist bloc. Their was no

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U.S. «collided» with the highest demand for the F-35 fighter jets from the Gulf earlier than expected, said a senior U.S. Defense Department report December 6. Washington has already approved the implementation of a new stealth fighter, including the Turkish Air Force, South Korea, land of the rising sun, and Israel, but exports to the Gulf countries requested more painstaking approach because U.S. policy in the region is to maintain high quality Israeli military an advantage in the Middle East. Discussions about the possible sale of F-35 countries such as the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in

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