Icebreaker RUSSIA (2)

In 1978, on the Northern Sea Route were four of large ore carriers of the new series 6"Dmitry Donskoy". "Dmitry Pozharsky". "Alexander Nevski". "Peter the Great", The Swedish construction. In total 13 units were built. Ac 1981 fleet Murmansk Shipping Company started to replenish a new type of court "Michael Strekalovsky"Built at the shipyard "Warnemunde" in the GDR. Vessels designed for the carriage of bulk cargoes, ores and container. The main difference between equipment cargo cranes. Overall length is 162.1 m; width of 22.86 m; 9.88 m of sediment; Power 200 hp EI 11; displacement of about 25 OOO

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Evicted from the rented office.

That will help protect the interests of the tenant


How to catch the landlord on the violation of pre-trial procedures

When you can not pay the rent payments

Why fail claims about misuse

In practice, there are occasions when the landlord is trying to terminate the lease of non-residential premises and evict the tenant. However, court practice shows: there are certain mechanisms to protect the rights of the tenant of the landlord’s unreasonable demands. In this article we will present the materials of judicial practice, which will help protect the company from legal counsel early out

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«The prosecutor in the Constitution even appeared before a judge more closely.»

— Recently, the Russian and foreign media Russian prosecutors called new power unchecked authority. But few people noticed that lawlessness on the part of the prosecutor’s office would not have been possible without the approval of the courts of iniquity. What, in your opinion, the true relationship between prosecutors and the court? Whether due to their mutual love of the provisions of the law «On the Status of Judges in the Russian Federation»?

— An article on the prosecutor’s office is placed in Chapter 7 of the Constitution, that is, in the chapter on the judiciary. Therefore, the prosecutor’s

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Title Belarus — is sacred offends public opinion

An activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko received the decision of the court Nesvizh that she, along with Artem Dubski of Asipovichy must pay 931 rubles a thousand fine for inscription on the wall of the building: "Belarus — is sacred." Another 300 thousand members of the Young must pay as compensation for the harm caused by the real. August 25 employees Nesvizh police detained activists of "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko, Artsyom Dubski, Alexander Zhukov and Anastasia Palazhanka. Detainees in police drew up reports in which the police wrote that the word "Belarus — is sacred" idea

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Continues judicial assembly flow in Brest

Initially Tribunal returned protocol on completion of the offense to the police department of the Metropolitan District of Brest. Protocol police altered crescent. Later examination transferred in connection with the urgent courts over other activists.Referee Smirnova decided Only now, after lunch. Youth activist Yuri Bacourt believes that Tribunal over Catherine dishonest:"She goes to the third part of the same Article 23.34, which was judged by Paul and Andrew Sevyarinets Sharenda. But now Sentencing police were not present. Other words, they knew that one day it will not put."Human rights activist Vladimir Maley commented so the current Tribunal:"The arbitrator has already

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Freedom movement will not be registered

Samolyuk referee decided that the creators of the "For Freedom" made several violations of the law.Ministry of Justice saw violations and views on the Supreme Court, had reason to refuse registration.Lawyer Olga Smolianka, Graduate Institute of Humanities Euro helped activists of the unregistered movement in this court. She calls the current decision "rather formal":"Denied a formal reason — the creators of the motion court fee paid is not in the budget. But they later corrected the error, which has been proved in a court document. If you look at only the formal side, the tribunal could not refuse. He did.But

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The Constitutional Tribunal has stood up for the Belarusian language

The arbitrator said that the Constitutional Court did not once got a complaint that the courts do not accept applications written in Belarusian. "I myself beheld resolution:" Rewrite the application to normal language, "- said Grigory Vasilevich. He recalled that according to the Constitution of the country and the two municipal language because such a resolution — it’s disrespectful to the municipal language.As another example of such a case the chairman of the Constitutional Court referred to the case of Sergei Semenov Gomel, which at the border crossing of customs declaration form asked for whiteRussian language. In response to it

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Another criminal case for graffiti

Victor Parnachov student Minsk Pedagogical Institute, still at large, but avoids contact with the press. Recall, the police detained him NIGHT MODE after, as a building Baranovichsky ships appeared inscriptions: "Freedom to political prisoners" and "End the persecution of MF".At the same time, Man detained far from the place where there were inscriptions.Victor has found a knapsack in spray paint. According to police, it proves that the detainee participated in the action.Jaroslav Hryshchenya told "Radio Liberty" that the watchman Court Tipo identified him as the 1st of the protesters. Yaroslav said "Freedom":"Initiated criminal case on the fact of political graffiti

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Tatiana Seviarynets through tribunal reaches reinstatement

Business Tatiana Seviarynets belong to so referred civilian affairs — through the tribunal she wishes to reinstate the secondary school № 40. Teacher Russian language highest category with 35 years of experience Tipo fired for absenteeism, but Tatiana Seviarynets believes that she was fired for political reasons. During the process, which began on June 6, she more than once emphasized that the former head of the department of education of conversations more than once advised her not to engage in politics and opposition to change their eyes.In late March, Tatiana Seviarynets wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense,

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The court convicted rallied supporters

When Anastasia Palazhanka, Zmitser Fedoruk, Haretski and Oleg Korban together with relatives and friends entered the courtroom, a few 10’s of youth activists in a number of steel structure in front of the court.They held a banner with the inscription "Belarus for Christ," a white-red-white flag, balloons and flowers. More than 100 people were waiting near the protesters.Paul ran Seviarynets action:"Today, to pass sentence" The young front. " This front future! And we are the sounds: "Ma-la-da front!"Fifteen minutes later through SMSes protesters said the results of the sentence.First for Belarusian Freedom of the sentence commented Alexander Milinkevich:"For our struggle

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