Moon — some interesting facts

Scientists adhere to the theory that the formation of the moon occurred in the collision of the Earth and an unknown planet the size of Mars. Unknown planet is broken into several fragments, which formed a belt around the Earth. A little later, the ring turned into a clot, and connect with each other and formed our satellite — the Moon.

In the distance of the Moon from the Earth at a maximum distance (apogee) weather conditions on the planet are unpredictable, and in extreme close-moon (perigee) weather on Earth

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Someone visited the asteroid Vesta

Asteroid Vesta, scientists are studying intently. Dawn probe as close to the asteroid and it was an artificial satellite. This is a significant event for the entire space.

The asteroid Vesta is located in the zone of Jupiter and Mars. On average, the size of Vesta is about 530 km. This is a fairly large asteroid, which has almost no doubles. Vesta can open many secrets of the cosmos.

The first pictures that made the satellite on the asteroid, showed that the asteroid has craters. These craters

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Astronomers have discovered on Mercury Mickey Mouse

Astronomers have discovered on Mercury silhouette of Mickey Mouse (PHOTOS)

Probe U.S. space agency NASA Messenger, launched in 2004, and in March 2011 exploring Mercury, captured on the surface of the planet silhouette of Mickey Mouse, according to Universe Today.

Image of Disney's famous little mouse, placed on the official website of the space mission are three craters: the central crater — 105 kilometers in diameter — on the sides decorated with two smaller craters that resemble ears rodent. The very same crater Mickey Mouse is to the north west of the large crater Magritte, located at

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