Catch the last 7 days

So imagine living a normal life, learn, work, go on dates. Rejoice in the mirror. But a week later loomed megavazhnoe event. And you jumped pimple face was dull and languid blue under the eyes. Take urgent measures.

We offer to make some targeted killings of nouveau trouble.

Dim complexion

The first thing that comes to mind to solve this problem, — massage, beauticians and agree with us. After all, the main reason for unhealthy complexion — congestion, and for the improvement of such a procedure could not be better suited. Do traditional massage courses in 10 procedures, but in

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Why is there no monument to warriors who died in Chechnya?

The police summed up the celebration on August 2, the 81st anniversary of the creation of the airborne troops.

The biggest clash took place in Astrakhan. Former paratroopers came to the city market, where are trading in the main Caucasians and built there a pogrom. Those resisted. In the course went sticks and stones. In the melee of bruises and wounds received 20 "fighting", while most of the attackers themselves and the police. Hospitalized 12 "fighters", and 25 "heroes" were taken to the police station cools.

In Kazan nedavneshnie "muster" number about 70 crushing market stalls and scuffled with

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What are your plans for today?

What to do when bored smoking? Difficulties began to health or smoking just lost all meaning?

In any case, when a person decides to give up the addiction, before it invariably raises a problem: enough power to deal with it yourself.

But who says that you need to face it all alone? Common sense and British scientists have long known: Running complete with a glass of alcohol a cigarette (or cigar) do not exactly give coolness and failure the endless "smoke breaks" at work will not create single image. So it can be solved easily! And then

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Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease)

What is it?

Lyme borreliosis, or disease Lyme— An infectious disease transmitted by ticks.

The causative agent of Lyme disease — a type of Borrelia (Borrelia burgdorferi), from the family of Spirochetaceae. This — the only kind of Borrelia, pathogenic to humans and is widespread in the temperate zone.

In Russia you can get infected with Lyme disease after a tick bite in the forests of the Leningrad, Tver, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kaliningrad, Perm, Tyumen regions. In the Urals, Western Siberia and the Far East ticks that carry Lyme disease are found in the pastures. Depending on the season, the

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Smear cytology of the vagina

Smear on vaginal cytology (Pap smear, Pap test, smear on the abnormal cells) — laboratory microscopy, which allows to identify deviations from the cells of the cervix.

What does the smear cytology?

In cytological smears are estimated size, shape, number and nature of the arrangement of cells, which allows you to diagnose the background, precancer and cancer of the cervix.

What are the indications for delivery smear cytology?

This analysis is prescribed for all women 18 years of age every year, as well as:

planning a pregnancy; infertility; menstrual disorders; genital herpes; obesity; human papilloma virus; taking hormonal contraceptives;

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The protracted battle

This event took place April 9, 1944, the war was nearing its end, and the forces of Nazi Germany grew weaker day by day. On that day, Lt. John Walker on his plane was accompanied by the British heavy bombers, "Lancaster", which was soon attacked by Nazi planes.

Engaging in a fight, Lt. John Walker and his team began a cruel fight. His plane P-40 "Tomahawk" confidently maneuvered by destroying enemy planes, and suddenly the right wing came under machine-gun fire of enemy aircraft, engine died and the plane began

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TV and mental development of the child. Destructive relationship!

Have you ever thought about why some children talking incessantly, while others grow silent type? Dr. Victor Strasburger always determine what the child's parents read books as a child and who has been given to the care team, nurses + TV.

This topic has been raised on the site. Article and video about the dangers of cartoons for children, can be found here

Children who read a lot, become talkative, and of those that the day-to-day silence sitting out front of the TV, and it is difficult to

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What is better 31st 30th?

Company's true that Alexander Lukashenko has changed birthday on August 30 on the 31st? How is this connected with the birthday of leader of the country's youngest son Kolya? That mention the celebration of the birth of Alexander Lukashenko people that occasionally worked with him? Does the law change birthdays?

The text of "Biography" on the official site Alexander Lukashenko now states that he was born a day later than previously thought still, — August 31, 1954. Other official sources have not been able to change the date of birth of the head of Belarus.

A source in the Administration

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Picket in Amsterdam

Society On the International Day of the Disappeared in Amsterdam held a rally held by the "We Remember". The action lasted for an hour on the central square of Amsterdam's Leidseplein. The participants held portraits of the disappeared Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky, Yuri Zakharenko and Dmitry Zavadsky posters. The action was part of Amsterdam music.

Web site, "We Remember" reminds us that "enforced disappearance — is severely impaired Human Rights, which affected tens of thousands of people and their families. To prevent enforced disappearances December 20 2006 The UN General Assembly adopted the "International Convention for the protection of all

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Even today, 26 August

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 


…and colder. Temperature: 13-18 C. 

Do not pass:

In the club "Graffiti" act "StepHall" and "Zyuzka and Brunnhilde." Beginning at 19.00. 


Kazakh Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev in China.

In Astana, the international conference on the subject of nuclear disarmament.

In Moscow International Motor Show. 


In 1880 was born Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet of Belarusian origin (d. 1918).

In 1910 was born Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun of Albanian origin, known for his work in favor of the poor

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