The dark side of Google Glass

The latest invention of Google — augmented reality glasses, known simply as the Glass, — has not even gone on sale, but, apart from the interest excited by the opportunity to look into the future, they cause a hot controversy. Around Glass launched a campaign «Stop cyborg» in West Virginia has drafted legislation banning their use while driving, the device is already banned in a bar in Seattle.

Eight thousand users, Google Glass-equipped glasses and wearing the title of «testers Glass *, ready to begin experiments to find out what you can and can not do with them; their reactions

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Automation of train control on the subway.

An urgent problem is the technological development of underground development and implementation of automated process control system (APCS). These include control system: the movement of trains, escalators, power supply and other devices.

The greatest effect is given an automated train control system to improve the accuracy and intensity of the movement, release the driver of the large number of management operations by train, using the optimal modes of trains and reduce operating costs.

Currently, the Leningrad subway operated a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUP), and in Moscow — a complex system of automatic train control (KSAUDP). Each

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People will be patient with players in ten years

If before a hearing problem often associated with old age, but now they are increasingly suffering the youth. Why spoil a rumor? How to check? What about those who can not hear? These and other questions are answered Avdienko Elena, otolaryngologist, audiologist Scandinavian Medical Center.

— Elena, why people can not hear?

For some it is a congenital abnormality. To blame genetic abnormalities or it may be due to the mother during pregnancy suffered an infection. Adults who may lose their hearing because of exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics such as streptomycin or geptomitsin.

In addition,

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And instead of the heart — cold titanium

Artificial mechanical organs — perhaps the most realistic way to fix the order of today wear and tear the body, which will not help traditional therapeutic "repair". As other methods, organ transplant donor shortage complicated and biological incompatibility. A stem cells, which are so much talk, unfortunately, are too far removed from practical application.

The first artificial organs, apparently, is considered as dentures. Later, surgeons have implanted metal joints and ligaments, and then appeared and electronic prosthetic limbs. But to call these devices "a revolution in artificial organs" may be a stretch. Of course, they improve the quality of

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Hooliganism, terrorist attack or provocation?

If you witness an explosion hostsi of your relatives suffered write rferl.minsk @, call 280 37 81 (Minsk city) 650 52 98 (Wellcome).40 injured in clinics, 3 of them languid state  

As said the Ministry of Health, as a result of the explosion "Minsk — Hero City" for medical help addressed 54 people.Refined data on victims:, " 46 people injured

54 people turned to doctorswith different complaints, "- said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Alexander Kosinets.Shushkevich: "Protection draws first person from the scene"Would protection chapter will allow the country to remain in a dangerous place after an explosion

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System precision weapons APKWS will be posted on unmanned aerial vehicle

For the first time, modern precision weapons APKWS system will be located on an unmanned aircraft, reported on the website of the company BAE Systems September 17, 2012. The company, which has developed and is developing a control unit laser-guided missiles, recently received a contract from the U.S. Navy for the installation of the system on unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-8B Fire Scout. Assembly on said carrier is performed in response to an urgent operational (operational) requirement and prepared for deployment frisky. Company BAE Systems will support work on integrating the frisky means performing system analysis and modeling based on

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FRENCH SAM «Mistral»

Based on the foreign press in recent years, command the armies of the western states, first included in the brutal NATO, taking into account the experience of modern local wars and exercise, more attention is paid to strengthening the position of army air defense, development of new tools to combat aircraft performing combat missions small and maximally low altitudes. For maximum protection of troops against low-flying aircraft and combat helicopters are needed, as noted in zabugornoy press, not only anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems capable of solving puzzles defense large groups of troops, and vehicles engaged in a specific

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Pentagon picks Android

South American military will change Blackberry phones on Android

News service CNN, citing a source close to the project, said about the recent state program there in which South American military programmers working to improve the safety of the mobile platform Android. The first batch of devices that will be the introduction of the higher municipal bureaucrats and the U.S. military for storage of classified documents for the past few months. It is planned that the first step of the South American bureaucrats will be able to use tablets and phones for receiving and sharing inside information.

Director of the

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A New Tool for the U.S. Navy Seals

"Seals" — U.S. Marine Special Forces — is constantly equipped with the most zamudrennymi kinds of tools and devices for effective combat. That's only part of those who are in service with Navy SEAL, see catalog of firearms.

Combat knife 150BKSN Marc Lee "Glory"

This knife is dedicated to Marc Alan Lee, the first American "lion" who died in Iraq. 154-mm heavy-duty stainless steel blade planted on brown corrugated handle, very comfortable for your hand.

Assault Rifle LaRue

Rifle LaRue 7.62 mm has excellent performance for the most complex special operations: the weight of a little more than 4

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Flightless brainchild Roskosmos

2011 can safely be called one of the worst years for the Russian astronautics. Four large gallakticheskih disaster in February 2011 — the loss of the geodetic satellite "Geo-IK-2", August 2011 — two outright disaster — the loss of a communications satellite and falling cargo ship Progress, and here's another tragedy — the conclusion to an unplanned orbit (in other words, the loss ) device "Phobos-Grunt". In this case, specifically the loss of "Phobos-Grunt" is a devastating setback Russian Astronautics, because this project started its development since the last century, and it was spent on an unlimited number of resources

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