Vyachorka: Europe lost the duel with Lukashenko

Vyachorka"The machine is afraid even to retreat from knurled mm path. My observations — those people who have four year reversed supported Lukashenko ran to discharge aggressively indifferent — "are not going anywhere, will not vote." This is a fundamental shift. Lukashenko freed support in the midst of these people. But part of democratic society will not go away. And it is crucial for European politicians. Some foreign observers really "seek out positive" Maybe find because the areas clean, swept, chairman of the commission smiling. After, as our people were not included in the district commissions, could not talk about

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Observers complain about violations of Vitebsk

By Boris Khamaida, which conducts surveillance on site 34-Vitebsk Railway Area number 19, now in the morning members of the commission said that the vote at home expressed a desire to 300 people, but written statements from their show refused. According to the list, this is the third part of voters registered on the site."At 9:40 am and took the portable urns are going to go. Observers to question how much people will to vote at home. Said that about three hundred, but the lists are not shown. Statement was made to the prosecutor, the prosecutor came and talked with

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In the district commission ballots printed on Xerox

"During my visit to the district commission number 108 there was a soldier with the rank of colonel (likely, chairman of a local commissions) and said chairman Botian MA, that they do not have papers. On my sight these ballots printed on Xerox. If I am not mistaken, they came in handy as much as 107 — said watching the BPF in the district electoral commission Kalinowski neighborhood number 108. — With all this guy defiantly said chairman of the commission, so she did the act that the ballots were to reprint "- report to" Human Rights Defenders for Free

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Who will count the votes?

In the composition of election commissions 6,485 a day of elections of deputies House of Representatives State Assembly will work 69845 people, learned reports. Among them Ladies 47092 (67.4%) and 22,753 boys (32.6%). Of them older than 30 years — 61 872 (88.6%) of man, and the young 30 — only 7973 (11.4%).In the district commissions include representatives of:• People — 36,071 (51.6%)• Operating companies — 21,869 (31.3%)• Public associations and political parties — 9193 (13.2%)• bodies forming the Commission — in 2712 (3.9%).

Gender composition of members election commissions

Age of members of election commissions

Which includes representatives

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The courts are not willing to consider electoral affairs

In a letter to the district court judge Russian Murentsovoy reported that these organizations refused to initiate proceedings on the formation of a civilian precinct election commissions nepadvedamstvenastsi because its courts.Lawyers refer to Article 34 of the Electoral Code. It defines the order of creation of district election commissions. Allegedly, this article also other provisions of the Electoral Code does not provide for complaints on the formation of election commissions for elections the House of Representatives.Representatives of the UCP and PKB — Anatoly Lebedko, Lena Skrigan, Vladimir Romanovsky and others — complained that the formation of election commissions violated the

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Opposition journalist denounced in Klecka kiberzlodeya

Sergey Ponomarev said Radio Liberty, that in Last year began to receive Tipo inflated the amount of payment for services Kletsk regional communications hub. "In December 2006, when they sent me a bill for 1 million 675 thousand rubles, I appealed to the district police station. And said my name probable robber password to access the web. Reminded police that an employee of the local shops selling computer hardware Dmitry K. repaired my computer and could steal your password ", — says Sergey Ponomarev.Suspicions were justified. Police filed criminal case on the computer pirate. In July the tribunal. Dmitry K.

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CEC examines complaints

Candidates for deputy this sovereign Leschun, who goes by the Logoysk constituency and V.Syamashka (Lenin Bobruisk area) will stipulate warning own district commissions.CEC also see the question "about the implementation of electoral legislation in the formation of the district election commissions. "The main issue of this meeting, the CEC — the registration of candidates for the Board of the Republic.

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Levinau candidate offered repeat television appearance

Vitebsk district commission Chyhunachny neighborhood candidate number 19 reports that his speech can be repeated in the evening on September 12, and that the Ministry of Communications and teleradyekampaniya lead unutryvedamasnuyu check why there was a failure in broadcasting.By Andrew Lyavinau, of the CEC, he got an answer other content: he was told about the opportunity to repeat the air than the entire projection, but only those 30-40 seconds that have passed without a sound. But the CEC did not specify the decision taken by the district commission, repetition TV air about a hundred percent.Candidate Levin scheduled for September 12

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Talachyn: massively fallen ill students

Status kids doctors is satisfactory. According to the head doctor Tolochinsky regional center of hygiene and epidemiology Ludmila Rakovskay, all children have the necessary medical assistance.The school number 1 and the complex of anti dezynfektsyynyh events.At the scene left experts at the district and regional sanepidtsentrav also employees of the Ministry of Health.Kids with symptoms of infection more — First patient was hospitalized yesterday morning, and three 10-ka kids got to the clinic within the next day.Prerequisites for the infectious disease will be called only after three days when the test results will be known.

Bykhovskaya libraries do not receive newspapers

According to the official disk imaging, cultural institutions Byhovsky district guilty "Belpochta" more than 14 million rubles.Management District found out about such a dilemma just now. Chairman of the Executive Committee promised to solve the problem of more and not to violate the subscription campaign.Librarians to meet the demand of guests, these two weeks have brought to their work papers.

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