Oil may disappear from the stores?

Rising prices for oil Ministry of Economy explains the increase in raw material prices up to 40 percent or more.In September, the shops did oil, which cost over 30 percent. To curb prices, the Ministry of Economy ordered reduce trade gain from 30 to 15-20. But the price tags in stores practically not changed.In Minsk store "General Market" Oil prices reached 4980 rubles per liter. Lena met store manager explained:"It was an order, so. But we were getting oil before disposal — got 10 boxes. And like oil we old. With 30 percent. Revaluations we did not spend. Later it

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Weaker and weaker. It — about a buck

Now the dollar even more haggard on background euro and the British pound is worth more than a 2-bucks. South American currency against the backdrop of unrest slabla the U.S. mortgage market, which caused a narrowing of credit and may spread to the broader economy. It seems that there are still no hope for return to the old rate of the dollar. Analysts wonder what caused such a small rate of the U.S. currency against the European single?Economists, for example, a reduction in the August astounded U.S. jobs are in agriculture. Yang Stenard with BNP Paribas — a bank in

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Browser «Economist» E. Lucas mode keeps everything under control

What should be done Belarus to reduce effects of appreciation of Russian gas?Lucas: "I fully understood that? Belarus has to do. During 1-x, shall be removed from energy-intensive types of production, use gas more elaborately judiciously. Other countries, who buy gas at high cost, try to use it more sparingly. Due to the eccentric manners Lukashenka board Belarusian economy failed tribute restructuring. The Belarusian authorities had a lot of time to restructure the system of energy, but they did not. And now to pay for it. But still likely. Highest gas prices force people, and it is excellent, be more

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Gap between politics and economics — a threat to countries with economies in transition

The report notes that the growth in gross domestic product in the 28 countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union reached the in Last year a record 7% in Belarus, he even exceeded 9%. At comparable low level of inflation in the region is kept — least 7% per year on average, just 7% — in Belarus. Foreign direct investment in the region amounted to Last year 108 billion dollars, increase compared with the 2005ohms at 40%.But these undeniable economic success, the report says, are mixed with a number of policy challenges — the crisis in the politics

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Our homeland and rush to market business. With everyone.

Alexander Surikov a couple of times drew attention out Our homeland that runs across all countries without exception on market relations:"We’re talking about a competitive market economy. And it can not exist in obscure preferences and subsidies. And our homeland, and Belarus will uniformly cross on world prices and availability rates. "Salting noted that during the second half of the year is no utility Belarus will not — Our homeland already does almost everything that the Belarusian economy has not suffered:"For we have agreed to the gradual adaptation of the first half to get from Belarus only 55 bucks for

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In the Presidential Administration of the Government are not satisfied

"It was a movement, but a chaotic, uncertain. He had faster temper patching after the facts that have already occurred than true reconciled act to prevent the negative aspects," — said Anfimov used to work at a meeting with the president, which considered the results of socio-economic development in the first quarter. He said that "now is underestimated, and perhaps even incorrect assessment of the situation in the economy. It lies in the base of the government’s decisions to remedy the situation in the real economy" — said Anfimov used to work.

Will Belarus Globe?

Now the weekly "Our word" reports positive results subscription second quarter. More rooms Publishing sent at this point in Grodno, Zhytkavichy Gorki. Total increase in circulation — 400 copies. Follow the freshest theme issue of the newspaper "Our Word": why Belarus has no geographical globes with symbols in their native language? On economic study that begins now "Our word," says Stanislaw Sudnik Editor: "At Last year Belarus 3 million tons of rotten apples. And all the juices in the stores — Ukrainian. The problem is defined by the fact that our apples are not stored for a long time. Of

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Will the government essentially privatize large enterprises?

How SUR» severe intentions of the Belarusian government to start privatization of large companies in the country? Are independent experts are skeptical about the prospects for a similar, as are convinced the government for any scenario does not give control over strategic enterprises.Bureaucrats regarding privatization plans "do not know"Official proof of privatization plans get failed.Press secretary of the Council of Ministers Alexander Timoshenko:"I beheld this document. Communications beheld, but the document — no. As for this fact, we refer to the source in the Ministry of Economy. But I would not wish to comment on some sources. Because I respect

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N.Korbut: In 5 years we will have a different economy

He singled out, Belarus does not want to increase the economical disadvantage reduce social applets and renounce its plans concerning growth of salaries. Now the budget is formed with the expectation of shortage of 1.5 percent of GDP, and if possible to implement the plans, this lack of increase is not necessary, said the emperor Korbut.By him, Belarus is able to overcome the negative consequences of a significant increase in the price of energy, while preventing all this padeyannya standard of living and the economic slowdown, which 2006 was about 10 percent, and 2007 scheduled at 8 percent, reports BelaPAN.

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Charhinest: On the front foreground economy

Chairman of the International Commission of the Republic Nikolai Cherginets in an interview with "Freedom" said: "This meeting has shown willingness to 2-presidents to solve issues of the Belarusian-Russian cooperation, based on the realities, relationships, such as those that have already been established and the current realities of the Days". By Nicholas Charhinets views, "he temper meeting allows to conclude that the country will develop a business based on the Contract of the Union State of 8 December 1999. But apparently now extends across front plan issues such as those to nedavneshnego time sounded. This — Constitutional Act, the single

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