Navapolack: Detention public activist

Yaminovich taken to Novopolotsk City Council, where he made a report on violation of the Electoral Code and Art. 9 and 10 KoAPP.From June 27 to July 27 in Novapolatsk conducted sanctioned by the authorities against pickets cancellation of privileges socially vulnerable citizens. During pickets gathered signatures Novopolochane for review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who voted for the abolition of the mentioned benefits. There were collected 3020 signatures. They were taken to Minsk and transferred to Presidential Administration.Now the authorities blame activists who collected signatures in violation of the Electoral Code. According to activists had book activities of the

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Milinkevich required to correct the Electoral Code

Society The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich called the House of Representatives to adopt the amendment to the Electoral Code, which guarantees the candidates' representatives participated in the vote count.A letter addressed to the chairman of Milinkevich House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko, the press service of the Movement.

Milinkevich recalls in his address that the country is still a postymperskaya threat of loss of independence. In order to protect the sovereignty and develop the economy, the country needs to reform the system of political, economic and social spheres. The main partner in the transformation, according to the

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