The last bastion of paganism

As the palace of the Roman emperor became a Slavic city?

Emperor Diocletian — one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of ancient Rome. A brilliant military leader, successful reformer and statesman, finally, a person who voluntarily departed from the government and did not want to return to it. In modern Croatia Diocletian’s name is well known. This country owes him a majestic ruins of the palace, it turned into today in a unique tourist destination.

Croatia — amazingly beautiful country. Stretching along the coast, it is composed of many islands and picturesque bays, cliffs covered by

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On the night of January 19, 1730 in Moscow, the grandson of Peter the Great, died 14-year-old Emperor Peter II. The young man died suddenly from the black pox, on the eve of her wedding and coronation and, of course, did not leave a will. Supreme Privy Council decided to invite the Russian throne Dowager Duchess of Courland Anna Ivanovna, niece of Peter I, the daughter of his brother Ivan V.

Childless Anna Ivanovna for all 10 years of his reign, did nothing to formally appoint the successor, and in 1740 the greatest chance to become a Russian tsar,

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Kalyakin not expect a positive assessment of the OSCE election

"In almost all the places for the authorities for fraud is not enough even early voting."Prince Kalyakin gave the example of their own district, where observers at each site considered people who voted and almost everywhere the difference with official turnout fruits was 200 people."I do not think that the OSCE will give a positive assessment of these elections. Believe that the sovereign Ahrens cherishes his own reputation. Though some observers have arrived here with the installation of a positive finding. But the disappointment of many European politicians will be even stronger than we. Indeed we are accustomed to: Lukashenko

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Lithuania for alleviating the isolation of Belarus

"The position of the EU towards Belarus could change, because we have seen the new evidence, for example, the release political prisoners"- Said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Petras Vaitiekūnas."Lithuania and other EU member states, too, it is time to respond to these signals from Belarus", — said the emperor Vaitiekūnas.Speaker of the Seimas of Lithuania Česlovas Jursenas will offer the European Union to soften the policy of isolating Belarus."At the next meeting of heads of parliaments of the eight Nordic and Baltic countries in Jurmala (Latvia) I would suggest to think whether to continue

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Beat the active group members S.Bogdankevicha

The incident occurred during collecting signatures for ex-chairman of the State Bank, the noble chairman Stanislav Bahdankevich UCP. Sergei Kastylenka, near the entrance to several people approached him and began to ask for those who collected signatures. Suddenly one of the guys pounced on collecting signatures, hassle ensued. Eventually the emperor Fabisheuski damaged face, and the emperor Kastylenka — leg. Stanislav Bahdankevich comment: "This is a repressive country’s repressive government. Such almost every day happening in Belarus. We held on Sunday Congress Joint civilian party. We will open a discussion and this question, if during collecting signatures such willfulness occurs.

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Oleg Trusov: Stalin in one band does not go far

Oleg Trusov — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Sun on education, culture and preservation of historical heritage. Oleg Trusov offered to cook our correspondent transfer on the theme: "Return our values: the difficulty of restitution." Why this issue has become a burning?

This year for the first time in the President’s speech sounded restitution issues

Ulitenok: "Sire, Oleg, that realize what is happening with the restitution now, let’s recall the background prepyadstviya?"Pant: "The Republic of Belarus has been perhaps the only country in Europe that at the municipal level hardly dealt with

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The fall of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire

May 29, 1453 the capital of the Byzantine Empire fell under the blows of the Turks. Tuesday, May 29, is one of the important dates in world history. In today ended its existence the Byzantine Empire, made back in the year 395 as a result of the final division of the Roman Empire after the death of Theodosius I the ruler of the western and eastern parts. Since her death ended a long period of human history. In the lives of many people in Europe, Asia and North Africa has come a radical change due to the establishment of

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Missed revenge Napoleon

Steel shutter speed and error ruler after the accident on the Berezina

Napoleon after the capture of Moscow and months of fruitless waiting in her wish for peace made the decision to leave the devastated town. Capital trap big game, staged in chief of the Russian Army Prince Kutuzov Misha Golenischev-in which hit ruler of France has fulfilled its function. During the time spent in a deserted and burnt Pervoprestolnoj Bonaparte had lost not only the hope of a noble world, but have not received even an insignificant truce. He remained only an illusion.

Alexander I, frankly weak military leader,

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And you, Brutus? — World History betrayals. Betrayal of loved ones to watch online

Documentary-game movie with virtual effects on historical facts from the life of famous people who have betrayed themselves — and were betrayed. Prince Andrew Kurbski, General Henri Philippe Petain, the opera miracle Maria Callas, the billionaire Aristotle Onassis, the priest Joseph ben Mattathias politician Vyacheslav Molotov, the Roman governor of Claudius, the ruler of France, Napoleon, the ruler of Great Britain Henry VIII … 48 most recognizable betrayals in the history of the world's population and 48 reincarnations actor Igor Petrenko. Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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The myth of the Decembrists — Knight without fear and without reproach

December 14, 1825 there was an armed rebellion so-called. "Decembrists".

Through the efforts of pro-Western liberals, social democrats, and later historians Russian Union was created by the myth of "a knight without fear and without reproach," which decided to kill "the tsarist government" and to build a society on the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

But studying this period, not superficial, and closely pop up details that are one hundred percent inverted representation of the "Decembrists".

Background: The Decembrist uprising — Municipal coup attempt, which was held in St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire, 14 (26) December

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