MOSCOW — to grow flowers — blooming

Flower on the palm and around the blue of a cloudless sky …

In this symbol, there is probably an exaggeration. Moscow is considered one of the cleanest capitals in the world. It has become customary fishermen with fishing rods in the capital’s embankments, parks and gardens, full of flowers and greenery. For each Muscovite today have an average of forty-five square meters of green space, more than double the accepted norms. But Moscow is not only the center of science, art and culture, but also the largest industrial center. No one was surprised that nature coexists peacefully with

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Technique accumulation of Cultures — one of the most powerful methods available to the microbiologist. To highlight certain microorganisms from natural sources can be used almost infinite number of combinations of various external factors, both chemical and physical. The methods allow the desired enrichment to allocate certain types of microbes, using their specific needs. These methods can be infinitely varied in order to isolate and study not previously described organisms capable of growing in the conditions created by the researcher. Here, we briefly describe a number of methods of preparation, which can be used to isolate natural sources of

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Isolation of pure cultures in liquid media

Methods of seeding on plates usually give satisfactory results in separation of bacteria and fungi, since the overwhelming majority of these organisms grow well in solid media. However, there can not be successfully cultivated on solid media, some bacterial species with larger cells; Many protozoa and algae can also grow only in a liquid medium. Although in recent years for the virus isolation techniques used seeding cup, many viruses are much easier to distinguish from the liquid medium. Of course, there never get pure culture as viruses — obligate intracellular parasites. In this case, the objective is to obtain a

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5 million euros for the same best environment in Belarus

The European Commission, which is the executive branch of the European Union, wants Belarus had spent five million euros. How best to use these funds, representatives of the European Commission to decide after meeting with bureaucrats of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. First such talk was accomplished yesterday. But the Europeans were present at her at full strength — because of bad weather, not all members of the delegation were able to fit arrive in Minsk. Europeans can not ignore the municipal officials, as funds allocated under TACIS applets. And at least some of this project certainly

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Habitat. What is silent fish watch online

More than half of fish products on the tables of Russians — from the Pacific Ocean. But after the explosion at the Japanese plant "Fukushima-1" Quiet ocean radioactive elements were — cesium, strontium, plutonium. There was a real threat of infection fish, and human means. Correspondents applets "Sphere habitat" visited the markets and shops of Vladivostok and the Pacific fish tested for radiation hazard.

Food and products

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Habitat — How much gold ring watch online

Recreation. It is not only expensive, and dangerous. Medical insurance is not enough to heal. Instead of the hotel you are housed in a chicken coop and theater tickets are sold 10 times more expensive. What did "run wild" recreation differs from the civilized? And so. November. It's time to plan where to meet the New Year. A third of Russians prefer to spend New Year holidays away from home. According to estimates tour operators for their winter season hotter than summer. Because for us, and earn as much desire as a fully legitimate entrepreneurs and crooks.

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One more step to the technology of flying saucers

Scientists from the Samara branch of the Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences received a revolutionary data simulation of shock waves in non-equilibrium gas phase, that they believe will significantly advance plasma aerodynamics.

Emerged a few years ago, plasma aerodynamics (the term was proposed by Russian scientists) studies the interaction of the plasma with a subsonic or supersonic gas flow. One of the main issues, most researchers are interested in right now — is a shock wave in a non-equilibrium gas-plasma medium. It is a surface discontinuity moving

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Habitat — Repair as a natural disaster watch online

Repair — this whole event. It always short of funds. Almost everyone who starts repair, think about how and what can be salvaged. But the Law of Cheops — builder of the famous Egyptian pyramids — says no project is completed on time and do not fit into the targeted budget. This rule has been working for several thousand years, but the programm "Sphere habitat" has decided to find a way to break it. And invited the various teams of builders to ensure that they have made estimates for the repair experienced experts in the flat-builder. We'll see what

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