Many Altai beekeepers know Ivan Osipov from the farm Srostinskogo Krasnogorsk rayona.- His name has repeatedly been among the leading edge of the area and beekeepers. Did you see him in the stands meetings where he spoke about his experiences and the work in the apiary, where you do not just come bee experts. And all who are familiar with Ivan Vasilyevich, saying that he has much to learn.

Even a cursory examination of the apiary of visitors affects what powerful family increases the beekeeper. He begins to prepare them in the autumn of the previous year.

Apiary Osipova IV

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Rising prices severely affected by any fifth Belarusian family

September 3 by an average of 7 percent more expensive telephone discussions increased the monthly fee for the use of a telephone and a radio. Earlier this week rose by 20 per cent transport fare in Minsk now costs 600 rubles instead of the previous five hundredth Ministry of Economy said that in September, planned to see the price of milk, bread, flour — socially important productsDuring the year four times increased fuel prices for cars in This year it has risen in price by 15 percent. Price increase was observed in virtually all areas. According to statistics, tourist and

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How do we explain the Chernobyl children?

July 31 at Allen Dulles airport in Washington, our family tearfully said goodbye to Sasha (12 years old) and his sister Angelina (14 years). It was the sixth summer, when the pair of beautiful, savvy kids made happy our family own kindness and zhytstsyaradasnastsyu. They come to the humanitarian project, which began a couple of years after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, thousands of kids leave their homes and move to Belarus on a summer holiday in the country as guests with untainted air, good food, and severe medical service.

Tanya Kozyro family ZapataThese kids do not live in orphanages

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Vika Moroz in Italy until flew

Until last summer boarding pupil Vileika Vika Moroz once traveled to Italy for a vacation to the family-Bornachin Giusto. In Last year home the couple decided not to give back the orphan in a boarding school. Within 20 days of both spouses mother hid Belarusian orphan in the Alps, but ultimately had return. At the end of last year the Belarusian authorities in custody arranged Vick family Zhodino Vassilievo. Coupled with devchenkoy brought up in the family and her brother. In This year Giusto family-Bornachin again invited Vick on vacation. August 2nd girlfriend met in Cogoleto …Vika Moroz exactly that,

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Vika Moroz adoptive ancestors — my aunt and uncle

If members of the family of Cogoleto in its own lawsuit guided New York and Strasbourg Conventions rights kid, the representatives of the Belarusian State adoption center referred to the respective lines of the Hague Convention.During the press conference, Managing the State Center adoption Natalia Paspelava Hague voiced subsequent lines of the document: "The child, the family built on the ground of its own country of origin and citizenship, can not be sent for international adoption." In family zhodintsev Lena and Sergei Vassilievo Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz was arranged last year on October 30. It came out about a month

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Adoption of a new procedure saves similar connection?

Earlier adoption for Belarusian toddler Italian families through their local association adoption had to contact the National Adoption Center at the Ministry of Education of Belarus.From the center of the export documents received for signing the Ministry of Education — in the last instance this issue.Now, according to the government decree of 24 February, the order of adoption has become more complex. In general procedure appeared one more chain — regional welfare authorities. Specifically, in these local structures on the location of certain of the institution, and must apply foreign family to include a specific baby in a special list

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Figure a day or 30 Belarusian orphans adopted by foreigners in the past year

Number of international adoptions has been drastically reduced after last year’s scandal with failure to return from an Italian family ward Vileika orphanage Vicky Frost.Radkov Minister expects that in This year adopted by foreigners Belarusian orphans will rise to 150 — 200. For each such adoptions need a personal sovereign Radkova resolution. It states that Belarusian authorities I wish that orphans or abandoned babies largely remained own country. New permits for foreign adoption will go through tougher rules, apart from the fact, authorities will be kept under control, as adopted Belarusian citizens live in new homes, the sovereign said Radkov.Under

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The diet of the family again, it becomes an important fat

Many Grodno expostulate that the increase in prices was creeping, and it is nowhere written. Every time you come to the store and see what the price of milk for cheese and all the other constantly grow — then 20 rubles, the two converge on. Grodno Romanovich family tends to give birth to yourself such a situation, as All other. Alla Romanovich works as a teacher, and in them, as you know, is not very huge salary, it reads:"So, it has become difficult. This also applies to payment of utilities: even on the water, we have registered five people, the

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Svetlana Zavadskaja: Power does not get the best

2nd day hunger strike continues Alexander Kozulin, who asked to be released to the funeral of the deceased on February 23, wife of Ira. Now joined the hunger strike policy daughter Olga and Julia, and his friends at the party. Appeal to Svetlana Zavadskoj with the question: is there a possibility that power satisfy the request Kozulin? "I was not hitting, authorities so doing. They have long been just treading water for us. Very hunt to whether it izymatelstvo

I was not striking, authorities so doing. They have long been just treading water for us

or completed. To it was

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Sri Lanka floods return

January 10, 2013. A week later, on about. Sri Lanka are back rainstorms that trigger the next flood. Evacuated islanders, who recently returned from temporary camps at risk again they prove to be received small a break for New Year holidays. The death toll from the high water also continues to grow, reaching 46 man. Seven are still missing from the list.

After the rains in the central part of the island were flooded several towns, including the city of Nuwara Eliya, which has immense popularity among tourists. Persistent rains cause a risk of large landslides and increase

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