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Anomalous zone will turn into an economic

"The News", 17.08.2002, Moscow, n146, page 3 Vor ufologists took the initiative to establish an area in the east of the polygon on the study of abnormal studies, and with it — a tourist center. This is the famous Novokhopersk tectonic fault zone in the floodplain of the Hopper, which for many years has been the object of attention of ufologists. "We started at the request of military pilots Sts flight school, located next — an abundance of UFOs in the area has become dangerous for their flights — said," Izvestia "Henry silane head of the research expedition" Hopper.

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The famous chair-killer

In the English Yorkshire inn located "Busby's Chair", which is notorious killer chair belonging to a famous murderer Thomas Busby. The chair was absolutely remarkable as his owner did not bloody maniac, for some unknown reason, cursed chair.

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This event occurred before the hanging of Thomas — he shouted that anyone who sat down in his chair, not die a

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The Testament of Leonardo. The Story of a robbery watch online

In December 2010, the world flies sensation: Italian scientists have found on the famous painting Leonardo "Mona Lisa"Mysterious signs. Vinchetti Silvano, president of the State Committee for the Conservation of the cultural heritage of Italy, I am sure that a message is encrypted picture Leonardo us, the descendants. Need to read it carefully as well as the texts of the Bible. Look for signs in the picture become another mystery famous painting Leonardo, all history which — like a tangle of mysteries and secrets. "Mona Lisa"Leonardo had for extraordinary value, it was his unique work — a synthetic fusion

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Titanic’s last secrets watch online

Recognizable director James Cameron gave the world the "Terminator," "True Lies" and "Abyss", but is more known for its real dive into the depths of the oceans, where lie the famous ships. In 2003, the year of his famous movie * Ghosts of the abyss * has revealed a new look at the remains of the majestic *Titanic*. Who inspired director and researcher vorachivaetsya to the sunken giant to reveal his past lurking. Unique equipment expedition Cameron and wonderful computer graphics posodeystvuyut us a glimpse into the plush rooms and cabins *Titanic and rare archival footage and

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Watch online cartoon personality

Here is a new comedy series, made in a very brand new to our television format 3D. The participants of this project are to overact images of famous people of Russia and the world. This businessmen, athletes, politicians, show business stars. Real people represented in this show, we know very well — they are known and predictable. But their animated counterparts can vytvorit quite unexpected things. The creators of the television series intensively respond to the most recent actions, what to work on the project had been hired 15 writers. Despite the fact that this is an experimental project

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Already Monday, March 28

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Weather …

… not the worst, just to the north-east of snow showers. Temperature: 1 .. 8


In London, "Amnesty International" has published an annual report on the execution of the death penalty in the world

In Budapest Summit of Ministers of Education held the EU

In Lisbon, begins an official visit to Portugal, Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla



In 1483 — the famous Italian painter Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)

In 1592

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Russian tanks

Beautiful shot in the shops "Uralvagonzavod" and on the range, "Miner". Kazakh BMPT, upgraded T-72B2 (as well recognizable as "Slingshot") and a lot of Algerian exports of T-90S.

Description: The absolute world record in tank has been made in the Urals. Since 1941, in Nizhny Tagil, was released about 100 thousand units of armored vehicles. Every third tank, participated in the battles second World War, was made at the Ural Railway Car Plant. In just 2 months of enterprise, designed for civilian production, turned into a huge military complex. Lower Tagil, where 12 plants were evacuated from the

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The great mysteries of the Nile watch online

Monuments of Old Egypt towering over the desert, reminding the world of fabulous wealth and power of civilization, which reached its own prosperity for thousands of years before the birth of Christ. Two enthusiastic treasure hunter devoted his life unraveling the mysteries, hidden in the strata of sand. Magical mystery Egypt lures to discover circus strongman Giovanni Belzoni, who dreamed to reveal his amazing lurking. The eminent British archaeologist Howard Carter was convinced that tomb King Tut is in the Plain of Kings. During the 7 years of it, together with its own team led unsuccessful quest to dig

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One with nature. Horned raven bird — Thunder watch online

In an interesting journey around the globe viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most unusual and rare specimens of fauna, find out all about their origin and the criteria for habitat. Author of "Alone with nature" — David Attenborough, recognizable English documentary. His most popular programm Undercover wildlife "existed at the Bi-bi-si 10 years. Attenborough travels a lot. His contribution to the modern understanding of nature is enormous.


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Mystery death of Pakhtakor watch online

Passledovanie death in a plane crash famous football team "Pahtakor". Nevedomye details and the new version of one of the worst crashes in the history of the USSR. Aug. 11, 1979 in the skies over Dneprodzerzhinsk faced two aircraft were eventually killed 178 people, including 17 players of the well-known command"Pahtakor"…


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